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Laser Industry Application

Since the establishment of DP LASER has tens of thousands of laser equipment in the hands of customers in many industries around the world, from small manufacturing enterprises to group companies, Dapeng laser products and services to help business manufacturing and industrial upgrading. 

We have planned and organized a series of real customer cases, and have centralized display here, in order to better showcase the outstanding performance of our industrial laser equipment to customers. These laser applications cover different industries and different scales of enterprises. They illustrate the astonishing achievements of our laser machine in various applications. We firmly believe that through the display of these cases, more customers will be able to understand the excellent performance of laser equipment and be more determined in choosing DPLASER. 

laser welding machine for lithium ion battery pack

New Energy Industry

Air-cooled Laser Welding

Furniture & Kitchenware Industry

Heat Sink Liquid Cooling Plate

Jewelry Industry

Metal Fabrication Industry

laser cutting cardboard & paper

Laser Cutting Cardboard & Paper

Art & Packaging Industry

aluminum sheet laser cutting

Aluminum Sheet Laser Cutting

Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry

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