Robot laser welding machine is an automated welding equipment that uses laser technology for welding. Compared to traditional welding methods, robot laser welding machine has higher precision and efficiency.

Features of robotic laser welding system:

  1. High precision: automatic fiber laser welding robot can achieve a high level of precision, resulting in accurate welds and a high-quality finished product.
  2. Faster welding speed: Since the laser beam is highly concentrated, it allows for faster and more efficient welding compared to traditional welding methods.
  3. Versatility & flexibility: Automatic robot laser welding machines are highly flexible and can handle a wide range of materials and thicknesses, including aluminum, stainless steel, and even plastics.
  4. Automated programming: Programming of the robotic laser welding machine can be automated, which means that it can be programmed to perform multiple welding tasks.
  5. Large work envelope: These machines have a large work envelope which allows them to handle large components and perform complex welding tasks.

DPLASER automatic robotic laser welding machine consists of fiber laser, robot control system, positioning sensor, laser welding head and cooling system. It has the excellent welding speeds, aesthetic appearance and flexible movement of 6-axis robot arm.

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