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DPLASER is a comprehensive solution provider for robot laser applications involves offering a comprehensive range of products and services to meet the needs of customers looking to integrate laser technology with robotic systems.

We understand customers specific needs and customize configurations according to their requirements and application scenarios. We always focuses on developing high-quality, high-performance laser equipment solutions, including laser equipment selection, system integration and optimization.

DPLASER has rich experience in laser device development and can provide customers with customized robotic laser application development services. Whether in industrial automation, automobile manufacturing & repair, electrical appliance manufacturing, metal processing, medical equipment, hardware manufacturing, electronic parts etc., our professional team can help customers realize various complex laser application needs, including laser cutting, laser welding, laser cleaning and rust removal, etc.

Advantage of Robotic Laser Applications

  • Clean edges, clean weld paths, no grinding required
  • Fast laser processing speeds
  • Flexible cutting of any 3D object surface with automatic navigation
  • Large dimensions (orbital integration)
  • No distortion of the workpiece
  • Optimal material utilization

Robot Laser Applications Samples

Robotic Laser Equipment Customization

robot laser welding machine
Degrees of freedom6 axis6 axis6 axis6 axis6 axis
Max working radius1550mm1840mm2010mm922mm1400mm
Max load12kg25kg12kg5kg10kg
Robot body weight170kg260kg185kg22kg40kg
Robot control cabinet weight60kg80kg60kg//
Robot rated power4.5kw4.5kw4.5kw24V/1.5A24V/1.5A
Operating temperature0-45°C0-45°C0-45°C0-45°C0-45°C
Applicable laser power1000~3000W1000-6000W1000-3000W1000-3000W1000-3000W
Material (carbon steel, stainless steel)0.5-5mm0.5-10mm0.5-5mm0.5-5mm0.5-10mm
Applicable material (aluminum)0.5-4mm0.5-8mm0.5-4mm0.5-4mm0.5-8mm

Automatic laser welding robot for hardware sheet metal, metal window and door frames, chassis, control cabinets, electrical boxes, hardware lighting, hardware furniture, automotive manufacturing, solar energy, energy storage and other industries.

Laser Handheld Welding VS Robot Laser Welding Machine

ItemsLaser Handheld WeldingRobotic Laser Welding Machine
AssignmentHand work24 hours work, saving labor
QualitySmooth surface with little or no grindingLess or no grinding, smooth surface, more stable quality
Product surfaceLow distortion, contact weldingLess distortion, contactless welding
FillingWirefill weldingNo wire feeding for small weld seams, saving wire
Apply toSmall quantities, irregular productsMass production, stable product quality

Fiber Continuous Automatic Welding VS Robot Laser Welding Machine

ItemsFiber Continuous AutomaticRobotic Laser Welding Machine
AxisStandard 3-axis + 2-axisStandard 6 axes + 3 axes (extended)
FlexibilityLinkage cost is high and not flexible enoughCan realize more angle welding, wider application.
Large workpieceGantry structure, expensiveHigher efficiency, more choices, the same table can weld multiple products.
Degrees of freedom6 axis
Max working radius1840mm
Max load25kg
Robot body weight260kg
Robot control cabinet weight80kg
Robot rated power4.5kw
Operating temperature0~45°C
Applicable laser power1000-6000W
Material (carbon steel, stainless steel)0.5-10mm
Applicable material (aluminum)0.5-8mm

The industrial robotic laser cutting machine, with its high flexibility, precision, and efficiency, is the ideal method for processing intricate, complex, and diverse metal workpieces.

For cutting various types of curved and contoured pipes such as bent pipes, rectangular pipes, round pipes, and irregular pipes, including hole drilling, slotting, and bevel cutting; components like electrical enclosures, frames, and heat sinks; metal frames for architectural doors and windows, curtain wall support structures; hardware components like stair handrails, fences; automotive chassis parts, suspension system components, seat frames; various brackets, connecting rods, flanges for machinery equipment; pre-processing or hole punching of fasteners and connectors.

Traditional Metal Mold Cutting VS Robot Laser Cutting

ItemsTraditional Metal Mold CuttingRobot Laser Cutting Machine
ProcessForming, punching, blanking, and trimming requirementsOne machine can produce independently after blank molding
CostThe cost of the press machine is high, and the cost of molds is also high; different products require the development of different molds, and the mold development cycle takes 3~6 months.Low equipment cost, simple process. Short preparation time, fast production speed. Easy adjustments, can be operated by one person.
ApplicabilitySuitable for super large batch production of single varietySuitable for new product development and multi-species small and medium batch production
Degrees of freedom6 axis6 axis6 axis
Max working radius1550mm1840mm2010mm
Max load12kg25kg12kg
Robot body weight170kg260kg185kg
Robot control cabinet weight60kg80kg60kg
Robot rated power4.5kw4.5kw4.5kw
Operating temperature0~45°C0~45°C0~45°C
Applicable laser power1000-3000W1000-6000W1000-3000W
Degrees of freedom6 axis6 axis6 axis
Max working radius1550mm1840mm2010mm
Max load12kg25kg12kg
Robot body weight170kg260kg185kg
Robot control cabinet weight60kg80kg60kg
Robot rated power4.5kw4.5kw4.5kw
Operating temperature0-45°C0-45°C0-45°C
Applicable laser power100~300W500W100-300W

Robotic laser cleaning & rust removal is widely utilized in manufacturing, construction, and mold industries. It ensures high-quality and precision by precisely cleaning, stripping paint, removing rust, and pre/post-weld treatment of metal components. In the mold industry, it refines rubber and plastic molds, prolonging their lifespan and improving product quality. In the construction, it can remove rust, oil and other contaminants from large metal sheets and structures. Through 3D visual positioning and automatic navigation, robots execute precise operations on complex surfaces and hard-to-reach areas, boosting efficiency and quality in manufacturing.

Degrees of freedom6 axis6 axis
Max working radius922mm1400
Max load5kg10kg
Robot body weight22kg40kg
Robot control cabinet weight//
Robot rated power24V/1.5A24V/1.5A
Operating temperature0-45°C0-45°C
Applicable laser power1000-3000W1000-3000W
Material (carbon steel, stainless steel)0.5-5mm0.5-10mm
Applicable material (aluminum)0.5-4mm0.5-8mm

For various precision hardware parts, such as electronic components, electrical appliance shells, precision instrument frames, hardware tools, architectural hardware, furniture hardware, etc., collaborative laser welding robots are able to carry out fine welding and realize high-precision welding, which is especially suitable for welding thin-walled materials and complex shaped parts to ensure the precision of dimensions and aesthetic appearance.

Customizable Components

Single Axis Positioner

Single Axis Positioner

Dual Axis Positioner

Dual Axis Positioner

Horizontal Axis Positioner

Horizontal Axis Positioner

underground railway track

Underground Track

Visual Tracking Systems

Three-dimensional workbench

Three-dimensional Workbench

Laser Robotic Industrial Application

laser robot application in auto industry

Automotive Industry
With our robotic laser solutions for the automotive repair and production industry you are ready for Industry 4.0.

laser robot application in new energy

New Energy Manufacturing
Robot laser system ensures structural stability and safety in battery module assembly through precise welding, enhancing battery production.

laser robot application in electronics industry

Electronics Industry
Robotic laser applications drive miniaturization and automated production with high accuracy and consistency for precision machining, accurate assembly and high quality welding and cutting.

laser robot application in chassis manufacturing

Chassis Manufacturing
Laser welding and cutting robot in chassis and household appliance casing manufacturing can improve production efficiency, while achieving precise control over welding depth and cutting position, enhancing product processing quality and appearance.

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