6 Axis Laser Cutting Robot System

6 Axis Fiber Laser Cutting Robot

6 axis CNC laser cutting robot is a specialized robotic system equipped with a fiber laser cutting machine. It is designed for precision cutting and shaping of various materials, such as metal, plastic, and composite materials.

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6 Axis 3D Fiber Laser Cutting Robot

The 6 axis laser cutting robot system integrates a robotic arm with a fiber laser cutting system, making the positioning of the laser cutting head and workpiece more flexible. The robot’s six degrees of freedom enable it to position the fiber laser cutting tool precisely in three dimensions, allowing for the efficient and accurate cutting of complex 3D shapes in a wide range of materials.

  • Combining industrial robots with fiber laser technology for 3D cutting, it enables cutting, perforation and edge trimming of sheet metal parts.
  • An independently developed PLC system, in conjunction with the flexible and rapid motion performance of industrial robots, allows programming for different products and trajectories. This system is particularly well-suited for processing irregular shapes in automobile 3D components, making it widely applicable in the locomotive manufacturing industry, including locomotive parts, car bodies, door frames, trunks, roof covers, and door edge seats.
  • The 3D fiber laser cutting machine has a small footprint, is easy to operate and maintain, and has low maintenance costs. It is an advanced 3D fiber laser cutting device that combines high stability, high precision, high performance, and high speed.

Why Choose 3D Robotic Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal?

  • 3D Cutting Capability: 3D robot laser cutting machine can efficiently handle complex automotive sheet metal parts, including hoods, rear trunk lids, radiator frames, bumpers, fenders, doors, as well as chassis components like subframes, control arms, rear axles, and more. This capability allows for multi-dimensional trimming and punching operations.
  • Avoiding Traditional Processes: Traditional methods such as die stamping, plasma cutting, or five-axis machine tool laser cutting typically require mold manufacturing and numerous processes, while laser cutting robots can reduce these cumbersome procedures and improve efficiency.
  • Precise Trimming: Laser cutting robots can perform precise trimming operations, especially when dealing with structurally complex oblique cuts, punches, or folds in large automotive molds. This reduces the need for repeated trial and adjustment, thus reducing the workload for welders.
  • Material Compatibility: Industrial laser cutting robots can effectively handle different types of materials, such as alloy steel (e.g., Cr12, Cr12MoV), without the need for multiple welds, reducing the risk of material cracking and mold scrap and lowering production costs.
  • Flexibility: Robot laser cutting system offer higher flexibility in the mold-making process, especially in cases of low-volume or prefabrication stages. They can quickly adapt to different design requirements, reducing the cost and lead time for mold development.

Technical Parameters

Number of axis 6-axis
Movement radius 1840mm
Payload 25KG
Protection class J1 J2 axis IP56 (J3. J4. J5.J6 axis IP67 )
Mounting method Floor Stand/Upside Down
Power supply capacity 4.5KVA
Input/Output Signal Standard 16-in/16-out 24VDC
Robot weight 260KG
Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.08
Motion range
1-axis S ±167°
2-axis L +92°~ -150°
3-axis U +110°~-85°
4-axis R ±150°
5-axis B +20°~-200°
6-axis T ±360°
Movement speed
1-axis S 200°/s
2-axis L 198°/s
3-axis U 163°/s
Dimensions 650(W)*495(D)*580(H)mm(including protrusion)
Weight 80kg
Cooling method Direct cooling
Power supply specification Three-phase AC380V 50/60HZ (Built-in AC380V to AC220V isolation transformer)
Grounding Industrial grounding (grounding resistance of 100Ω or less dedicated grounding)
Input/Output Signal General signals; input 16 output 16 ( 16 in 16 out ) two 0-10V analog output
Position control method Serial communication mode EtherCAT.TCP/IP
Memory capacity J0B:20000 steps, 1000 robot commands (total 200M )
LAN (upper connection) Ethercat(1pc) TCP/IP(1pc)
Serial I/F RS485(- one) RS422(- one) RS232(- one) CAN interface(- – one) USB interface(one)
Control method Software <Position control
Drive unit AC servo package (total 6 axes); external axes can be added.
Ambient temperature Power on:0~+45°C,Storage:-20~+60°C
Relative humidity 10%~90% (no condensation)
Altitude The maximum ambient temperature decreases by 1% for every 100m increase in altitude above 1000m, and can be used up to 2000m.
Vibration Below 0.5G


Items M1840-25
Degrees of freedom 6 axis
Max working radius 1840mm
Max load 25kg
Repeatability ±0.08mm
Robot body weight 260kg
Robot control cabinet weight 80kg
Robot rated power 4.5kw
Operating temperature 0~45°C
Applicable laser power 1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W
Material (carbon steel, stainless steel) 0.5-10mm
Applicable material (aluminum) 0.5-8mm


NO. Part Name Specification Quantity Remark
1 laser system(220V) Cabinet H1260 1
2 Lasers MAX 3000W(optional) 1
3 Chiller SCH-3000 1 Hanli
4 Laser cutting head DP-SW20A 1
5 Control Cards DP-T1 1
6 Servo Follower System Roc Customized 1
7 robot system(380V) Body Six-axis robot M1840 1 arm span 1840mm; load 25KG(optional)
8 Control System Mating Robot 1
9 Demonstrator Mating Robot 1
10 Base Mating Robot 1
11 Connectors DAPENG Customized 1
12 Workstations DAPENG Customized 1 Optional
13 Shifters DAPENG Customized 1 Optional
14 Floor Tracks DAPENG Customized 1 Optional
15 Gantry floor rails DAPENG Customized 1 Optional
13 Fence DAPENG Customized Optional
15 Electrical safety accessories Three-color light Safety indication 1 Optional
16 Blowing device Built-in welding head 1
17 Electrical Components Electrical circuit control 1
18 Tubes Water and gas fiber optic casing 1
19 Protective lenses Cutting head as standard 3 consumables
20 Protective glasses Laser protection as standard 1

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