The compact and flexible fiber handheld laser welding machine of DPLASER has an integrated structure, built-in integrated control system, laser system, and cooling system. Portable hand-held  laser welding machine easy to carry, good welding effect, simple to operate. It adopts an ergonomically designed and widely used in the industries such as advertising signs, hardware products, racks, ovens, stainless steel doors, windows guardrail, auto parts, craft gift etc. Handheld laser welding system can be perfect for welding thin stainless steel plates, iron plates, galvanized plates and other metal materials. It replaces traditional argon arc welding for metal materials. Handheld fiber laser welder are portable machines that are designed for precision welding large area material or hard-to-reach areas.

Features of Handheld Laser Welding Systems:

  1. Portability: The compact and lightweight design of handheld laser welding machines makes them highly portable.
  2. High precision: These machines are capable of soldering with high precision, making them suitable for welding small parts or intricate components.
  3. Fiber optic cable: These machines use a fiber optic cable to deliver the laser beam to the workpiece. The fiber optic cable is flexible and allows for easy maneuvering, allowing for the laser beam to be directed precisely where it’s needed.
  4. Adjustable focus: The laser beam can be focused to a very small point, allowing for welding with high precision. The focus can also be adjusted to different depths, making it possible to weld materials of various thicknesses.
  5. Easy to operate: Handheld laser welders are typically easy to operate, with a user-friendly interface that allows for quick and simple adjustments.
  6. Multifunction: Laser welding cleaning cutting machine with 5-in-1 function, includes 5 wire-feeding copper nozzles, 1 copper nozzle for outer corner welding, 1 dual wire-feeding copper nozzle for weld bead cleaning and 1 copper nozzle for cutting. The hand held laser welding machine is equipped with 6 copper nozzles, aiming to provide greater flexibility to meet various welding angles, materials, and effects.

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