3 in 1 Handheld Laser Welding Cleaning Cutting Machine

3 in 1 Handheld Laser Welding & Cleaning & Cutting Machine

3 in 1 handheld laser guns can cut and weld metals and rust removal, clean, paint, resin, coatings, oil, and stains. Handheld laser welding and cleaning systems are fast, easy to learn and operate, and produce high-quality, consistent results in a wide range of materials and thicknesses. Pre- and post-weld laser cleaning capabilities optimize weld quality while increasing productivity.

3 in 1 Handheld Fiber Laser Machine for Cleaning Welding Cutting with Automatic Wire Feeder

Multifunctional 3 in 1 handheld fiber laser welding machine is composed of fiber laser generator, handheld laser gun, water chiller, and 3 in 1 control system, which is used for handheld welding, cleaning and cutting. Its handheld laser guns can weld, cut and metals and clean rust, paint, resin, coatings, oil, and stains. The product can be adapted to various brands of fiber lasers, and the optical and water-cooled design is optimized so that the laser head can work stably for a long time under 3000W.

  • Laser Welding:

This machine allows for precision laser welding of various materials, including metals like steel, aluminum, and copper. With the ability to deliver high-power laser output, it enables efficient and accurate welding operations. The handheld laser welding systems is easy to learn and operate, capable of producing high-quality welding results on various materials and thicknesses. The weld seams are smooth and aesthetically pleasing, requiring no secondary grinding or post-processing. The high-speed welding efficiency contributes to increased productivity. This handheld metal laser welding machine has 5 in 1 metal welding functions, including spot welding, seam welding, pulse welding, continuous welding and repair welding, which can meet a variety of welding needs.

  • Laser Cleaning:

The machine is also capable of laser cleaning, which is a non-abrasive method used to remove contaminants, rust removal, paint, and oxides from the surface of different materials. It offers a fast and efficient way to clean surfaces without damaging the underlying material.

  • Laser Cutting:

In addition to welding and cleaning, this machine can perform laser cutting operations. By focusing a high-power laser beam onto a specific area, it can cut through various materials with precision, including metals, plastics, and composites.

3 in 1 laser welding machine with triple functions of laser welding, cleaning, and cutting simultaneously. It can quickly and easily remove oil, rust, and coatings before welding, and clean debris and welding seam after welding, while performing various sheet metal cutting processes. It can conveniently and efficiently assist customers in achieving optimal work efficiency and meet the requirements of most working scenarios.

  • 3 in 1 Handheld Laser Gun
    The handheld laser gun offers welding, cleaning, welding seam cleaning and cutting capabilities through an intelligent controller. It facilitates flexible processing, is compact and portable, and comes with low operating costs due to it requires no consumables.
  • Mobile Use
    Handheld 3 in 1 welding gun, 10 m fiber optic cable length
  • Easy Function Switching
    Welding function converts to cleaning function by simply replacing the focusing lens and laser head.
  • Fiber Laser Generator Options
    Options for fiber laser generators include brands like Ruike, MAX, and IPG, which offer higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, lower power consumption, maintenance-free operation, and a compact structure.
  • Built-in Cooling System Design
    The built-in cooling system design eliminates the need for tangled wires, making it compact and portable for various production. It also provides excellent dust protection.
  • Intelligent Control Panel
    With an integrated parameter adjustment range and one-touch start feature, the intelligent control panel ensures simplicity and ease of use.

3 in 1 integrated Fiber Handheld Laser welder Features 

  • Portable design: These handheld laser welders are compact and portable, making them easy to carry and operate in different settings.
  • Three functions: These welders have three functions, including laser welding, laser cutting, and laser cleaning, making them versatile tools for different welding applications.
  • High precision: These laser welders are capable of achieving high levels of precision, leading to accurate and aesthetically pleasing welds.
  • Wide range of metal weldability: These handheld laser welders can weld a wide range of metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, and others.
  • User-friendly control panel: Most 3 in 1 handheld laser welders feature a user-friendly control panel that is easy to understand and use, making it easy to adjust power and frequency settings.
  • Safety features: To reduce the risk of accidents, these handheld laser welders come equipped with various safety features that prevent damage to the machine or injury to the user.

Advanced Laser Source

User-friendly and efficient, achieving faster and more precise results than TIG/MIG welding!

laser source

Digital Control System
Adjust welding parameters with ease, and switch between multiple welding modes at will! From precise spot welding to continuous welding, ensure you get the best results and quality every time you weld. The operation screen has a user-friendly touchscreen. It enables quick startup for users at any skill level.

welding control center

Humanized Design

Our hadheld laser welding gun is lightweight, ergonomic design weighs just 0.8kg. It’s built for comfort during long hours of work.

handheld laser welding gun

HandHeld Laser Welding Mode


Various Metal Materials

laser welding aluminumlaser welding carbon steellaser welding stainless steellaser welding copper
laser welding aluminumlaser welding carbon steellaser welding stainless steel

laser welding copper

Laser Cleaning VS Traditional:

  • No damage to substrates, better appearance of molded.
  • Laser cleaning machine is the high efficiency, energy saving metal laser cleaning equipment.
  • Simple operation, can be hand-held or with manipulator to achieve automatic cleaning.
  • Flexibility, removes almost any organic material
  • Laser cleaning since rust is removed with greater precisionis, it is a great alternative to manual and chemical cleaning methods.
  • Non-contact 360° cleaning, not limited by space and location, environmentally friendly without consumables.
  • With universal casters, it is easy to move and install.

3 in 1 Handheld Laser Welder Cleaer Cutter Applications:

It was applied to steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, aluminum plate, hardware sheet metal, copper, etc. Laser non-contact enables cleaning, welding and cutting processes. The Multipurpose laser equiment is used in manufacturing including bracelet earrings necklace customization, advertising industry, building material, lithium battery, mining, farms, clothing stores, machine shops, manufacturing plants, construction engineering and other industries with complex welding, cutting and cleaning processes.

Why Choose DPLASER ?

Quality Management

According to the IS09001 quality management system, our company controls the finalized products in their incoming materials, processing process, complete machine and shipment to ensure the performance and quality of the shipped products. Several product series have obtained EU CE certification.

Service Network
The company has set up a marketing management center, sales and service network.
The network covers the whole country, all over the world. DPLASER has established a complete production, sales and after-sales service system, established a laser industrial park in Nantong, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Wenzhou, Suzhou. We more than 20 offices in major domestic industrial cities and regions office, each office has equipment display, process proofing, sales and after-sales service, resident technical service personnel, to provide customers with timely and comfortable pre-sale, sale and after-sale support and services.

Rich Product

DPLASER provides a complete set of laser solutions and related supporting facilities for foreign customers. The main products include: laser marking machine series, laser welding machine series, laser cutting machine series, green laser demonstration series, PCB laser drilling machine series, linear There are more than 200 kinds of industrial laser equipment and supporting products in multiple series such as motor series. Widely used in electronic circuits, integrated circuits, instruments, instruments, printed circuits, computer manufacturing, mobile communications, auto parts, precision instruments, building materials, clothing, urban lighting, gold and silver jewelry, craft gifts, printing plate making and other industries.

3 in 1 handheld fiber laser welding machine 3 in 1 handheld fiber laser welding machine samples

1. Are you a factory?
Yes, we have laser machine factory and the price is very competitive. We have after-sales technology to provide 24-hour service.

2. Which model should I choose?
Please tell us your materials, thickness, size, and the cutting objects (plates, tubes, etc) then we will provide you with professional suggestions.

3. If I do not know how to operate the fiber laser machine, how you can help me?
First, we have a detailed user manual and videos for your learning. Second, our engineers will provide you with technical support in time. If you want, we can provide you with training door to door.

4. How about the price? Can you make it cheaper?
The price depends on your configuration and requirements (function, size, quantity). We will quote you the best discount after receiving your inquiry.


Technical Parameters

Laser power1000/1500/2000/3000
Output fiber length10m (exposed 8)
Output power stability:<1%
Center wavelength1080nm
Laser SourceRaycus/Max/IPG optional
Pulse frequency(Hz)50-5000
Electricity demand(V)AC200-240/220&380V
Beam quality1.1
Cooling methodWater Chiller Hanli
Operating modecontinuous/modulation
Focus spot diameter(mm)Φ0.3-1.5 (adjustable)
Weight(kg)Machine net weight 200
Wire feeder size(cm)60*30*40


Laser Power1000W1500W2000W3000W
Laser SourceRaycus/Max/IPGRaycus/Max/IPGRaycus/Max/IPGRaycus/Max/IPG
Laser HeadHandheld 3 IN 1Handheld 3 IN 1Handheld 3 IN 1Handheld 3 IN 1
Fiber Wire Length10 Meters10 Meters10 Meters10 Meters
Laser Wavelength1070nm1070nm1070nm1070nm
Operate ModeContinuation/ModulateContinuation/ModulateContinuation/ModulateContinuation/Modulate
Water ChillerHanliHanliHanliHanli
Spot Adjusting Range0.1-3mm0.1-3mm0.1-3mm0.1-3mm
Repeating Precision±0.01mm±0.01mm±0.01mm±0.01mm
Cabinet Size950*750*1030mm950*750*1030mm750*1260*1110mm750*1260*1110mm
Machine WeightAbout 200KGAbout 200KGAbout 220KGAbout 220KG

Metal Welding Parameters

MaterialGas usedThickness(mm)Laser power(W)Wire diameter(mm)Wire speed(mm/s)Scanning speed(mm/s)Scan width(mm)Welding frequency(HZ)Duty cycleBarometric pressure(bar)Welding method
Stainless steelArgon110001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
1.510001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
215001.27530031000Hz10010Flat welding
2.520001.27530031000Hz10010Flat welding
320001.6603003.51000Hz10010Flat welding
430001.6603003.51000Hz10010Flat welding
Carbon steelArgon110001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
1.510001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
215001.27530031000Hz10010Flat welding
2.520001.27530031000Hz10010Flat welding
320001.6603003.51000Hz10010Flat welding
430001.6603003.51000Hz10010Flat welding
Galvanized sheetArgon110001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
1.515001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
220001.2753002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
2.520001.66030031000Hz10010Flat welding
330001.6603003.51000Hz10010Flat welding
AluminumNitrogen(N2)110001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
1.515001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
220001.2753002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
2.520001.66030031000Hz10010Flat welding
330001.6603003.51000Hz10010Flat welding

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the laser welding machine require gas?

A: Laser welding typically requires gases such as nitrogen or argon. These gases protect the molten metal from the effects of air and enhance the laser welding process. This is crucial for achieving precise and high-quality welds.


Q: What metals can the laser welding machine weld?

A: Laser welding machines, especially handheld fiber laser welding machines, have a wide range of applications and can weld various metals. They work well with common metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. The precision of handheld fiber laser welding makes it an ideal choice for clean and strong welds across various metal types.


Q: Is laser welding as strong as arc welding?

A: Yes, laser welding, especially when using tools like handheld fiber laser welding machines, can be as strong as arc welding and is more efficient, with over three times the efficiency of traditional welding. Laser welding generally offers better accuracy and cleaner connections.


Q: How to choose laser power based on material thickness?

A: The welding capability of our handheld portable laser welding machines varies with power output and can weld the following thicknesses:

– 1000w model: Can weld carbon steel and stainless steel up to 3mm, and aluminum up to 2mm.

– 1500w model: Can weld carbon steel and stainless steel up to 4mm, and aluminum up to 2.5mm.

– 2000w model: Suitable for welding carbon steel and stainless steel up to 5mm, and aluminum up to 3.5mm.

– 3000w model: High-power portable welding machines can handle carbon steel and stainless steel up to 7mm, and aluminum up to 5mm.

For the 3000w double-sided welding: Excels in welding thicknesses up to 15mm for carbon steel and stainless steel, and up to 10mm for aluminum.


Q: What size weld seams can the handheld welding machine weld, and is wire feeding required?

A: Weld seams can be welded, and generally, if the weld seam is larger than 1mm, welding wire is needed to provide melted material for filling the weld seam. The weld seam size should not exceed the welding wire size, so there is a certain limit to the material’s weld seam size.


Q: What functions does the four-in-one handheld laser welding machine include?

A: The 4 in1 handheld laser welding machine integrates various functions such as laser welding, laser cutting, weld cleaning, and laser cleaning, providing an efficient and versatile solution for metal processing.



Application Video