Metal bending machines are industrial equipments used to shape and manipulate metal workpieces into various desired shapes and angles.

1. Metal Fabrication: Used in the manufacture of metal parts, panels and structural components, widely used in the metal fabrication industry.
2. Refrigeration and Ventilation: Used to manufacture pipes and metal components to ensure the proper functioning of HVAC systems.
3. Shipbuilding industry: used to manufacture metal parts such as hulls and cabins to support the construction and maintenance of boats and ships.
4. Furniture and appliance manufacturing: used to manufacture metal components for furniture, appliances and fixtures to achieve the desired shape and design.
5. Art and sculpture: for artists and sculptors to create intricate metal sculptures and decorative elements.
6. Custom metal fabrication: for custom metal work for architectural projects, signage and decorative metal features to achieve unique and creative designs.
7. Energy and power generation: for the fabrication of metal components for energy infrastructure projects such as power plants and wind turbines.
8. Electrical equipment enclosure fabrication: for manufacturing electrical equipment enclosures and control panels to ensure the safety of electronic components.

DPLASER offer a variety of metal bending machines to meet various metal panel bending needs. Explore our press brakes for efficient, precise and reliable metal bending solutions to increase your productivity.

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