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Why Partner With DP LASER?

We’ve been in the laser equipment over 16 years and have learned how to build on success. Partner with DP LASER and we’ll work closely with you to build on yours. Not just by supplying laser welder, laser cutter, laser cleaner, laser marker, but also with customized non-standard devices, unmatched service, training, and on-going support. Trust us and helping you succeed.

Become a DPLASER Dealer

Looking to Sell Laser Equipment to Your Customers?

When you partner with DPLASER, you can expect more than just reliable Devices. You and your business will benefit from the whole package. Find out how we can serve businesses like yours.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Product technical training, pre-sales and after-sales technical training;

EXHIBITION SUPPORT: Engineers on-site technical support at the exhibition, and exhibition cost subsidy support;

DATA SUPPORT: Provide a full set of product manuals, technical solutions and other materials in local languages;

TRAFFIC SUPPORT: Global operations center base in headquarter provides local customer inquiry information to local agent;

REGIONAL PROTECTION: National agents will be protected by sales areas and are exclusive;

PRICE SUPPORT: Agents will be offered the most competitive price;

FACTORY SUPPORT: Factory visits, factory audits and other services upon customer request;

SALES REBATE: Annual sales rebate will be given based on the agent’s sales performance to increase the agent’s profit.

Contact Us for Opportunities in Your Area

If you have a physical location and online store where you’d like to sell laser machines, we welcome you to apply for our Dealer Program. Fill out the form and share your information, and we’ll contact you about the dealer program and special pricing.
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