The jewelry laser welding machine is mainly used for repairing holes seams, and claw parts of platinum, titanium, gold, silver and other complex metals alloys.

Benefits of Using Laser Welder for Jewelry:

  • High precision:
    Jewelry laser spot welder is capable of welding with high precision, allowing for the creation of intricate and detailed designs.
  • No Damage
    Since the heat of the laser is highly focused, it does not cause damage to other parts of the jewellery.
  • Work Quicker
    Repair speed with laser welder for jewelry that are fast and efficiently, increasing the productivity and turnaround time of jewelry manufacturing.
  • Customize Easily
    Engraving and welding customized easily, even on rings, including complex graphics.
  • Strong and Durable Welds
    Laser welding produces stronger and more durable welds than other welding methods, due to the precise and controlled nature of the laser beam.
  • Minimal Finishing Required:
    Laser welding produces clean welds with minimal finishing required, saving time and money in the jewelry-making process.

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