YAG Automatic Laser Welding Machine

YAG Laser Spot Welding Machine for Jewelry

This yag spot laser welding machine is a specialized tool used in jewelry manufacturing and repair processes. It utilizes laser technology to weld and repair various types of jewelry metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and more. The machine offers precise and controlled welding, allowing jewelers to create intricate designs, repair delicate pieces.

YAG Laser Spot Welding Machine for Jewelry  Repair & Design

The YAG automatic spot laser welder is capable of performing automatic or semi-automatic spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, and seal welding. It is equipped with a four-dimensional ball screw table and an imported servo control system, allowing it to target complex plane straight line, arc, and any track welding. The machine is user-friendly, with the ability to adjust the current waveform arbitrarily. It offers high welding accuracy, fast speed, and produces effective results. Jewelry laser welding machine is mainly used in perforating and spot welding of white gold, platinum, carbon steel.


  • Large penetration ratio, small deformation, no pollution in solder joints, no air holes in solder joints, smooth and beautiful appearance, no need or only simple post-processing.
  • The output power of the laser is stable, the operation process of the equipment is stable and reliable, and the processing consistency is high.
  • Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high photoelectric conversion efficiency.
  • Laser energy, pulse width and frequency are adjustable, suitable for welding of various metals.
  • Fast speed, high efficiency, large depth, small heat-affected zone, high welding quality, no pollution of solder joints, high efficiency and environmental protection.


YAG jewellery laser spot welding machines can weld materials such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium and its alloys, electric nickel strips, etc. It can be used for precision welding lithium batteries, battery packs, electrodes, diodes and relays. In the electrical industry, laser spot welding is used to join air conditioner motor rotors, leakage protectors and silicon steel sheets. The kitchen and bath industry also employs this technology for the manufacture of kettles, faucets, plumbing fittings, valves, sinks and shower heads. In addition, the eyewear industry utilizes laser spot welding technology to join the outer frames of eyeglasses made of stainless steel and titanium alloys for a precise and efficient welding process.

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Technical Parameters

Laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm
Focusing cavity Imported ceramic concentrator cavity Imported double lamp gold cavity 140
Laser power 200W 400W
Pulse width 0.2-20ms(adjustable) 0.2-20ms(adjustable)
Laser frequency 1-50HZ 1-50HZ
Applicable wire diameter(mm) 0.2-0.6 0.2-0.8
Spot adjustment range 0.3-3mm 0.3-3mm
Cooling mode Water-cooled(1P) Water-cooled(3P)
Table travel(mm) X=150 Y=100 Z=150 X=150 Y=100 Z=150
Table load 150kg (400kg optional) 150kg (400kg optional)
Rated power 6.5KW 380V,13KW,20A


Cabinet Dapeng 200W spot welder cabinet Dapeng 400W spot welder cabinet
Laser Power Supply Single lamp single box common type power supply 6KW Dual-lamp dual box general type power supply 12KW
Chiller 1.0P 3P
Laser Rods YAG ø7*145 YAG ø7*155
Focusing Cavity Ceramic spotlight chamber Double lamp gold-plated laser cavity
Xenon Lamp ø8*130*270*5 ø8*140*280
Focusing Lens Laser welding focusing lens F=150 (standard) Laser welding focusing lens F=150 (standard)
Microscope 20x magnification 12V power supply, 1.2mm spot/3 meters
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