Laser Welding Machine for Jewelry Repair

200W Laser Welding Machine for Jewelry Repair

Jewelry laser welder is specifically designed for spot welding, perforating, repairing, retipping and resizing of gold silver titanium platinum, jewelry, glasses frame, mould and gap bridging of small accessories. Jewelry laser welder is specifically designed for spot welding, perforating, repairing, retipping and resizing of gold silver titanium platinum, jewelry, glasses frame, mould and gap bridging of small accessories.

YAG Laser Welding Machine for Jewelry Repair

The portable laser welder for jewelry is a compact size welding machine purposely designed for repairing or welding jewelries. The welding process is faster and neater than any other form of jewelry repair. The heat used on every welded item causes no discolouration of the welded spot.

The jewellery laser soldering machine achieves high precision and perfect soldering results. Parameters such as frequency, pulse and spot size can be adjusted automatically. A binocular microscope and a video camera allow the user to observe the welding process and prevent errors.

  • Laser Power: 200W, Laser Wavelength: 1064nm, Voltage: 220V Single Phase, Welding Depth: 0.1-3mm, Pulse Width: 0-20ms, Laser Frequency: 0-50HZ, Spot Size Adjustment Range: 0.3-3mm, Cooling System: Built-in 1P Water Cooler
  • 200W jewelry laser welding system is a high-precision welding method with a fine laser beam (spot size 0.1-2mm).
  • It operates at high speed with a frequency of up to 20HZ and is equipped with a 10x specialized microscope observation system.
  • The laser pump chamber features imported ceramic reflectors that are corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and have a high electrical/optical conversion rate.
  • The machine includes a built-in ring-shaped, shadow-free, and adjustable-brightness LED light, ensuring a clear welding area to meet the requirements of delicate welding.
  • Designed specifically for the welding of gaps, bridging, spot welding, perforation, repair, flanging, and size adjustment in gold/silver/titanium/platinum jewelry, eyeglass frames, watches, molds, and dental welding of small components.


High Efficiency: this laser jewelry repair machine utilizes a high-quality YAG laser source, enabling fast welding with minimal deformation, small solder joints, and a limited heat-affected zone.

CCD Monitoring System: the CCD observation system provides clear visibility of the welding workpiece and joints, facilitating micro-sized processing and enhancing welding accuracy and efficiency.

Easy to Use: featuring a color touch screen for easy operation and universal wheels for convenient mobility,

Wide Range of Adaptability: this jewelry laser spot welding machine offers multiple welding modes with adjustable parameters to meet diverse demands.

Humanized Design: its consumable-friendly design reduces the need for frequent replacements, and the ergonomic layout minimizes fatigue during extended operation.

LCD Touching Control Panel: easy observation of water temperature and water level of xenon lamp. 20 sets of parameters can be preset, directly input the serial number when using.

Digital Control System: adopt digital control system, capacitive touch screen, parameter interface is more sensitive, humanized

Microscope: adopt 10x microscope viewing system, helps to achieve extremely fine workpiece welding.

Gas Blowing Tube: by blowing nitrogen or argon gas,the workpiece is prevented from oxidizing and blackening and the angle of the blowing pipe can be adjusted at will.

    Microscope and camera system

Binocular microscope, microscope and CCD synchronous display, very convenient for real-time observation of the welding effect of the sample.


Color touch screen, friendly man-machine interface, just simply set the parameters, easy to operate.

Water cooling system

Aluminum alloy material, more powerful heat dissipation, the best cooling system to reduce the use and maintenance costs.

Air blowing tube

The angle of the blowing tube can be adjusted at will. Compact design saves studio space. Prevent oxidation and blackening of workpiece by blowing nitrogen or argon gas.

Foot switch

External foot pedal controls laser emission, click once, light out once, easy to use and change control.

High productivity

Fast welding speed, noiseless operation, much higher welding efficiency and significantly reduced welding time.

The jewelry laser spot welding machine uses high-energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in a small area. The energy of the laser radiation diffuses to the inside of the material through heat conduction, and the material is melted to form a specific molten pool. Laser jewelry spot welders can weld the same or different materials together. It was widely used in jewelry, gold and silver jewelry hole repair, spot welding seam pattern, inlaid parts and claw feet, etc.

Sample of Laser Jewelry Welder:

Wider range of applications: such as gold silver platinum, copper titanium stainless steel etc. And jewelry such as ring, earring bracelet, necklace, watch, dental welding etc. And some electronic components, glasses clocks and watches, hardware, precision equipment, medical equipment, auto parts, gifts and crafts also can use laser spot welding machine to improve production efficiency.

Jewelry laser welder is specifically designed for spot welding, perforating, repairing, retipping and resizing of gold silver titanium platinum, jewelry, glasses frame, mould and gap bridging of small accessories.

Standard Accessories:
1. Laser power supply × 1 set
2. Laser crystal rod × 1set
3. Focus mirror & beam expander × 1 set
4. Ceramic converging cavity × 1set
5. Microscope × 1set
6. Xenon lamp × 1set
7. Protective lens × 1set
8. Cooling system × 1set
9. Foot switch × 1 set

laser welding machine for jewelry


Technical Parameters

Laser wavelength1064nm
Focusing cavityImported ceramic concentrator cavity
Laser power200W
Laser sourceNd:YAG
Pulse width0.2-20ms(adjustable)
Laser frequency1-50HZ
Applicable wire diameter(mm)0.2-0.6
Spot adjustment range0.3-3mm
Cooling modeWater-cooled (1P)
Table travel(mm)X=150 Y=100 Z=150
Table load150kg (400kg optional)
Rated power6.5KW
Welding methodYAG Spot Welding


Component NameSpecificationQuantity
Cabinet200W jewelry spot welder cabinet1
Laser Power SupplySingle lamp single box common type power supply 6KW1
Laser RodYAGø7*1451
Focusing CavityCeramic spotting chamber1
Xenon Lampø8*130*270*51
Focusing LensLaser welding focusing lens F=150 (standard)1
Microscope20x magnification1

Application Video