Robot Laser Cleaning Machine

Industrial Robotic Laser Cleaning Systems

Laser cleaning robot systems are advanced tools designed for the removal of contaminants, such as rust, paint, grease, and other undesired materials from various surfaces. These systems combine robotics and laser technology to provide an efficient and precise method for surface preparation and cleaning in industrial settings.

Laser Robot Applications Brochure v.2023

Automated Robot Laser Cleaning System

Robot laser cleaning machine is an advanced automated cleaning technology that combines robot arms and laser technology for cleaning rust, paint, grease, dirt, coatings, etc. from material surfaces. It provide an efficient, highly accurate and environmentally friendly cleaning solution that reduces human error and labor costs and improves the consistency and quality of the manufacturing process.

Six-axis Robotic Arms: The six-axis robotic arm possesses precise control and flexible motion capabilities. The robot is configured to perform various cleaning tasks, operating at different angles and positions. Its precise motion control capabilities make it suitable for complex geometries and large components.

Cleaning Laser Head: The laser head is a fundamental component of the system, performing cleaning using a high-energy laser beam. Laser cleaning technology employs a focused laser beam to remove dirt, oxides, coatings, and other impurities from the surface. This cleaning method typically eliminates the need for chemical cleaning agents, making it more environmentally friendly.

Control System: The robotic laser cleaning system is equipped with a robust control system, allowing operators to easily configure cleaning parameters such as laser power, scanning speed, cleaning mode, and cleaning area through a user interface. The control system is also responsible for monitoring the robot’s movements to ensure cleaning accuracy and consistency.

Industrial Laser Cleaning Robot Features:
  • Non-Contact Cleaning: Laser cleaning is a non-contact method, which means it doesn’t require direct contact with the cleaning target. This prevents wear and damage and is suitable for applications with stringent surface quality requirements.
  • Precise Control: Operators can precisely control laser system parameters to adapt to different cleaning tasks and materials, ensuring consistency and quality in cleaning. The straight-line nature of laser beams and precise control over movement make them suitable for tasks that require intricate and accurate cleaning.
  • High Efficiency: Laser cleaning can rapidly remove dirt, coatings, or deposits, thereby improving production efficiency. It is often faster than traditional cleaning methods. Delicate cleaning without secondary treatment.
  • Cost Savings: While the initial investment in laser equipment may be relatively high, it can reduce labor costs and the use of cleaning agents, leading to long-term cost savings.
  • Versatility Across Materials: Laser cleaning systems are applicable to various materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites, broadening their industrial applications.
  • Diverse Applications: Laser cleaning systems find applications in various industries, including surface preparation, paint removal, coating removal, oxide layer removal, and metal cleaning.

Weld Seam Cleaning: In welding applications, the robot laser cleaning system can be used to remove weld slag and oxidation around the weld seam, ensuring welding quality and visual appearance.

Mold Cleaning: Used to remove residue from the surface of molds to ensure mold quality and lifespan during the manufacturing process.

Tire Manufacturing: In tire manufacturing, it can be used to clean asphalt, adhesives, and other contaminants from tire molds, treads, and sidewalls, ensuring tire quality and performance.

Electronic Component Cleaning: In electronic manufacturing, it is employed to remove dirt from circuit boards, components, and connectors to ensure the reliability of electronic devices.

Technical Parameters

Degrees of freedom6 axis6 axis6 axis
Max working radius1550mm1840mm2010mm
Max load12kg25kg12kg
Robot body weight170kg260kg185kg
Robot control cabinet weight60kg80kg60kg
Robot rated power4.5kw4.5kw4.5kw
Operating temperature0-45°C0-45°C0-45°C
Applicable laser power100~300W500W100-300W

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