Laser Rust Removal Robot

Automatic Robotic Laser Rust Removal System

Laser rust removal robotic uses robotic arms and laser technology to remove rust from various surfaces. It employs the use of high-intensity lasers to heat and vaporize the rust, effectively stripping it away without damaging the underlying material. The robotic arms are programmed to target specific areas affected by rust and can navigate complex shapes and contours. This system offers an efficient and precise method of rust removal, especially in industrial settings where manual labor may be time-consuming and labor-intensive.

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Laser Rust Removal Robot

Robotic laser rust removal system is a specialized auto system that employs robot arms and laser technology to remove rust, oil stain, paint layer, or oxide layer from various surfaces. This system offers an efficient and precise method of rust removal, the robotic arms are programmed to target specific areas affected by rust and can navigate complex shapes and contours.

Robotic laser descaler machine is usually also equipped with advanced sensors and control systems. These sensors monitor the degree and shape of rust on the surface, and then adjust the power and focal length of the laser based on real-time data for optimal rust removal.

Laser Rust Removing Robotic Features:

1. Precision and Selectivity: Robotic laser rust removal systems can be programmed to remove rust with high precision, targeting only the rusted areas while leaving the underlying material intact.

2. Non-contact and Non-abrasive: Laser rust removal is a non-contact process, meaning it doesn’t involve physical contact with the surface being treated. This reduces the risk of damage to the substrate and eliminates the generation of abrasive waste materials.

3. Environmentally Friendly: Laser rust removal is an environmentally friendly method as it doesn’t produce harmful chemicals or waste, making it a cleaner and more sustainable rust removal process.

4. Increased Efficiency: Robotic systems can work continuously and with high speed, increasing efficiency and productivity. They can operate in hazardous environments without putting human operators at risk.

5. Versatility: These systems can be used on a wide range of materials, including metals, concrete, and other surfaces susceptible to rust and corrosion.

6. Reduced Labor Costs: Automating the rust removal process with robotics can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for manual labor.

How Does a Robot Laser Rust Removing Machine Work?

  1. Laser System: The laser rust removal system comprises a high-energy laser source, typically employing fiber laser or carbon dioxide (CO2) laser technology. These laser sources are capable of generating high-energy laser beams, enabling the instantaneous removal or vaporization of surface rust, coatings, and oxide.
  2. Robotic Arm: A robotic arm, often equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras, is used to manipulate the laser head and position it accurately on the rusted areas.
  3. Surface Scanning: The robotic system scans the surface to be treated, identifying rusted areas and determining the optimal path for laser treatment.
  4. Laser Ablation: The laser is directed at the rusted areas, where it heats and vaporizes the rust, removing it from the substrate.
  5. Waste Collection: The system may include a mechanism for collecting the rust particles and residue produced during the laser ablation process.
  6. Quality Control: Sensors and cameras may be used to monitor the process and ensure that rust is effectively removed without damaging the underlying material.
  7. Programming and Control: Operators can program the system to follow specific patterns and paths, and the entire process can be controlled remotely.


The robot laser rust removal machine is a high-precision, non-contact, and highly efficient corrosion removal process with a wide range of diverse applications. In the equipment maintenance and repair, it is utilized to eliminate rust from industrial machinery, restoring their performance and reducing maintenance costs. In the automotive manufacturing and repair sector, it delivers effective surface cleaning, enhancing the quality of automobiles and extending their lifespan. Moreover, in the construction industry, it upholds the strength and sustainability of metal structures. Furthermore, the technology benefits cultural heritage preservation, as well as marine and coastal facilities, by offering a gentle, non-destructive method for restoring ancient metal artifacts and safeguarding infrastructure against corrosion.

Technical Parameters

Degrees of freedom6 axis6 axis6 axis6 axis6 axis
Max working radius1550mm1840mm2010mm922mm1400mm
Max load12kg25kg12kg5kg10kg
Robot body weight170kg260kg185kg22kg40kg
Robot control cabinet weight60kg80kg60kg//
Robot rated power4.5kw4.5kw4.5kw24V/1.5A24V/1.5A
Operating temperature0~45°C0~45°C0~45°C0~45°C0~45°C
Applicable laser power1000-3000W1000-6000W1000-3000W1000-3000W1000-3000W

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