Cobot Laser Welding System

Automatic Cobot Laser Welding Machine

Collaborative robot laser welding machine enhance laser welding by improving flexibility, efficiency, and welding quality, reducing labor needs, addressing skill shortages, and boosting production and profits. Suitable for precision welding in industries related to metal sheet fabrication, cabinet enclosures, control cabinets, electrical enclosures, metal lighting fixtures, and metal furniture, solar, and new energy storage.

Collaborative Robot Laser Welding Machine

Cobot laser welding system combines the collaborative robots with laser welding system to create a more intelligent, precise, and efficient welding solution for automotive assembly lines and electronics manufacturing. Cobots are generally smaller, safer, and equipped with sensors and software. Suitable for batch production of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheets, and other materials in the thickness range of 0.6-5mm, for industries including machine casing and cabinets, hardware, furniture, lighting fixtures, railing gates and windows, new energy, electronics products, and more.

  • Flexible, efficient, and versatile welding process
  • Improved welding stability and consistency
  • Aesthetically pleasing welds that require no post-weld grinding
  • Ability to adjust process parameters as needed

Advantages of Industrial Cobot Laser Welding

Labor Savings: L-shaped loading on the left and welding on the right, with continuous machine operation.
Replacing Traditional Welding: Reduces the need for grinding, with a 2-5 times faster speed.
Flexibility with Six Axes: Six-axis welding allows for welding at different angles, such as pipes, motorcycles, spouts, kitchen utensils, and furniture.
Higher Collaborative Efficiency: Two robots can collaborate in welding large products simultaneously.
Cost Savings for Precision Products: Welding of seamless or minimally seamed sheet metal parts. No need for wire feeding, saving on welding wire costs.

6-axis Collaboration Robotic Arm

Collaborative robot arms can effectively handle laser welding operations and help achieve flexible, efficient and free welding processes which is responsible for holding and positioning the welding tool. These robots are programmed to follow specific welding paths.

Laser Welder

Small deformation, beautiful welding seam with no need for post-weld grinding. Parameters can be adjusted according to material and process, making it versatile for such as Internal fillet welding, external fillet welding, splice welding, spot welding, fish scale welding. Suitable for welding common metals like iron, stainless steel, galvanized alloys, and aluminum alloys.

lightweight fiber handheld welding machine
Automatic Laser Welding Head

They offer the advantages of speed, accuracy, and minimal distortion in the welded material compared to traditional welding techniques, making them a valuable tool for modern manufacturing processes.

Laser Source

All key components are sourced from globally renowned companies, and production follows international standards and production processes within the international laser industry, ensuring reliable guarantees for product quality and stability. The specially designed optical resonator and gas flow system, combined with high-precision laser optical components, guarantee high reliability.

Cooling System

The chiller is designed for laser cutting, laser welding, laser engraving, laser marking and other equipment. It can provide cooling medium for the above application scenarios.

Welding Control System

Intelligent control system, stable and reliable, easy and convenient setup, and rich in functionality. It supports modular, automated, and information-based welding solutions.

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Laser Robot Applications Brochure

Technical Parameters

Items F10-05 F14-10
Degrees of freedom 6 axis 6 axis
Max working radius 922mm 1400mm
Max load 5kg 10kg
Repeatability ±0.02mm ±0.05mm
Robot body weight 22kg 40kg
Robot control cabinet weight / /
Robot rated power 24V/1.5A 24V/1.5A
Operating temperature 0-45°C 0-45°C
Applicable laser power 1000-3000W 1000-3000W
Material (carbon steel, stainless steel) 0.5-5mm 0.5-10mm
Applicable material (aluminum) 0.5-4mm 0.5-8mm


NO. Parts Name Specification Quantity Remark
1 laser system Cabinet DAPENG Customized Cabinet with Platform 1
2 Lasers MAX 2000W(optional) 1
3 Chillers SCH-2000 1
4 Welding heads Handheld welding head 1 Hand held welding head
5 Wire Feeder DAPENG Customized 1
6 robotic system Body Six-axis robot 1 arm span 922mm;load 5KG(optional)
7 Control System Mating Robot 1
8 Plate Operator Mating Robot 1
9 Connectors DAPENG Customized 1
10 Air blowing device Built-in welding head 1
11 Electrical components Electrical circuit control 1
12 Tubes Water and gas fiber optic casing 1
13 Protective lenses Welding head standard 3 Consumables
14 Welding wires 304 stainless steel 1.0 1kg/roll Consumables
15 Protective glasses Laser protection as standard 1


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