Straight Seam Laser Welding Machine

Straight Seam Laser Welding Robot System

The straight seam laser welding system is a specialized equipment designed for long straight seam welding tasks, ensuring welding quality and efficiency through high precision, automation, and real-time monitoring systems. It is well-suited for manufacturing pipelines, enclosures, and other large-sized workpieces.

Automatic Straight Seam Laser Welding Machine for Plate Pipe

Welding types:
Straight seam laser welders specialize in welding straight seams, which is critical in specific applications such as fabricating pipes, boxes, or similar long straight seam structures.

Welding direction control:
Straight seam laser welding machines enable high precision welding along the direction of the straight seam of the material, ensuring weld quality and accuracy.

Suitable for long sized workpieces:
Due to its focus on straight seams, straight seam laser welders are often suitable for welding long sized workpieces, thus increasing application flexibility.

Automation and efficiency:
Straight seam laser welding machines are often integrated with advanced automation systems to efficiently handle straight seam welding tasks on large or continuous production lines.

Wide thickness range:
Laser welding machines often have the ability to accommodate workpieces of varying thicknesses, increasing their suitability for a wide range of applications.

Real-time monitoring and adjustment:
Straight seam laser robotic welding is equipped with a real-time monitoring system that allows for real-time adjustments to the welding process, ensuring consistent and quality welds.

Comparison of straight seam laser welding and TIG/MIG straight seam welding
1)Fast welding speed
2) No need to make up the welding (traditional tig welding need to make up the welding)
3)Welding spot is more smooth and beautiful

Laser Welding: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W options
Straight Seam Machine: Travel options of 600mm, 1000mm, 1500mm
Selection: Choose laser welding power based on material and thickness; select straight seam machine travel based on product size, welding length, and diameter.
Straight Seam Laser Welding System Components: Laser welding machine + Straight seam machine.

1) Servo control
2) Airbag type pressing
3) Weight: about 500KG.
4) Size: 60CM stroke, the whole machine size 1300*650*1300mm
5) wearing parts: beam copper pads, clamping plate copper rows

Industrial Applications:

Applications: drums, ducts, round barrel, boxes, square bars, square straight seam, etc.
Suitable materials: stainless steel galvanized carbon steel aluminum 0.5~3mm


NO.Part NameSpecificationRemarks
1LaserMAX MFSC150Power 1000-3000W optional
2ChillerSCL1500Power 1000-3000W optional
3CabinetDAPENG Customized/
4Industrial Oscillating HeadsDAPENG Customized LD30For 1000-3000W
5Laser Control SystemDAPENG Customized System/
6Straight Seam Unit and Servo Control SystemQF60Stroke 60cm/100cm/150cm optional

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