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Customized Industrial Laser Welding Machine

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DPLASER is a company that specializes in the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of laser welding machines. We offer both OEM and ODM services, we provide customized fiber laser welding machines that meet the specific needs and requirements for our customers. We have a team of experienced engineers who can design and develop laser welding machines based on the customer’s requirements, including the type of laser source, power, welding speed, welding depth, and control system. Even the size, shape, and features of the machine to suit your workspace and application.

DPLASER has a reputation for providing high-quality laser welding machines that are reliable, efficient, and easy to use. We also offer after-sales services, including installation, training, and maintenance, to ensure customer’s perfect experience.

Laser Welding Applications

Laser Welding Samples

laser welding stainless steel
Argon Arc Welding VS. Laser Welding
ItemsArgon Arc WeldingLaser Welding
HeatHigh heatLow heat
DeformationProne to deformationMinimal or no deformation
Weld BeadLarge weld beadSmaller weld bead, adjustable spots
AestheticsRequires processing, high grinding costsNo need for post processing and low processing costs
PenetrationSusceptible to perforationNot prone to perforation
Shielding GasRequires Argon gasRequires Argon/Nitrogen gas
PrecisionTraditionalHigh precision, Computer numerical control (CNC)
EfficiencyTraditional2-5 times faster
SafetyIntense ultraviolet radiationSafe irradiation, almost no harm
Skill RequirementsSkilled weldersNo technical requirements

Yag Laser Welding Machine

dplaser YAG Laser Welding Series

Fiber Continuous Laser Welding Machine

dplaser Fiber Continuous Laser Welding Series

Laser Welding Machine Customized Cases

robot laser welding machine

The automatic robotic laser welding machine can move the laser head in multiple axes and can be programmed to follow a specific welding path. This enables the machine to weld complex geometries and parts that may be difficult or impossible to weld manually. The laser welding robot can be used to weld a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and ceramics.

The robot laser welding system can also be equipped with sensors and vision systems to detect the position of the parts and adjust the welding process to ensure consistent weld quality and accuracy.

Robot laser welding are often used in industrial manufacturing fields, such as automotive, aerospace, and medical instrument, where precision and efficiency are crucial.

Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

The hand-held laser welding system is a portable welding device that utilizes a fiber laser to perform welding operations. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to use, allowing for greater flexibility and maneuverability in various welding applications.

The hand-held design allows welders to access difficult-to-reach areas and perform welding tasks with greater dexterity. It is particularly useful for applications that require mobility or involve large and complex workpieces. The portability of the machine makes it suitable for on-site repairs, field operations, and various industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.

3-axis automatic laser welding machine

Platform Automatic Fiber Laser Welding Machine

  • The automatic fiber laser welding machine boasts intelligent design, enabling both auto and semi-automatic welding, making it suitable for 24-hour continuous operation, catering to the demands of industrial mass production.
  • Controlled by a PC with specialized software assistance, it allows for easy learning and offers the flexibility to weld various flat shapes composed of seam welding, T-welding, overlap welding, edge welding, points, lines, circles, squares, or straight lines and arcs.
  • Beautiful welding seam, fast welding speed, high welding speeds, and zero consumable requirements, effectively replacing traditional welding methods.
  • Moreover, its user-friendly operation requires minimal operator skill, enhancing the quality, speed, and flexibility of welding applications while reducing overall costs.
  • With a high depth-to-width ratio of weld seams, minimal heat input, and little impact on the heat-affected zone and part distortion, it ensures fast and efficient welding.

Non-standard Custom Cup Laser Welding Machine

Cup custom laser welding machine is designed to weld components of cups together. The cups may be made of various materials such as plastic, glass or metal. The machine can be customized to meet the specific requirements, including the size, shape, and thickness of the material, and the type of welding.

With a cup laser welder, you can perform a variety of specialized welding applications to create unique and customized cup designs that enhance the overall aesthetic of the cup.

1. Laser etching – You can use the laser beam to create intricate and detailed designs on the surface of the cup, including logos, text, and patterns.

2. Laser cutting – The laser beam can be used to cut out intricate designs or shapes in the material of the cup.

3. Laser welding – You can use the laser beam to weld different types of materials together, such as plastic and metal, to create unique cup designs.

DPLASER can identify your requirements, provide design and development support, and customize a laser welding machine for you.


Advertising Laser Welding Machine

This advertising laser welding machine is designed for welding advertising application. This machine is used in the production of various advertising products, such as LED signs, illuminated letters, display racks, advertising logo and other similar items.

1. Welding of letters and logos – You can use the laser beam to weld letters and logos onto metal sheets or structures to create customized advertising displays.

2. Welding of 3D structures – With a multi-axis welding capability, you can create 3D structures or sculptures, such as brand logos, from metal sheets or pipes.

3. Welding of thin materials – The laser beam can be used to weld thin materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum, with precision and without causing deformation.

4. Welding of dissimilar materials – You can use the laser welding process to weld different types of metals, such as steel and aluminum, together to create unique advertising displays.

The customization process may include the material and thickness of specific components, laser source and power, selecting the appropriate welding method, designing and testing the machine, and training and technical services.

Air-Cooled Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Compared to the water cooling method, air-cooled laser welder does not require additional water cooling system, reducing the device’s size and weight, thereby lowering complexity and maintenance costs. Handheld air-cooled laser welding machine can be easily moved to different welding positions, enhancing portability and flexibility in operations. Its higher cost-effectiveness and greater adaptability have made it a key alternative to traditional argon arc welding, widely adopted in various industries.

Laser Mold Repair Welding Machine

The mold repair laser welding machine is a professional device widely used in mold repair, mold processing, parts repair, cutting, and connection fields. It uses a high-energy laser beam to heat the metal surface, partially melting and solidifying it, thereby achieving precise metal welding and cutting.

The machine is easy to operate, just place the mold or part to be repaired on the device workbench, and set the working parameters through the control panel on the machine to start processing. It has a fast welding speed, high efficiency, and does not affect the internal structure and performance of the processed parts, and has a long service life.

At the same time, the application of mold repair laser welding systems can also greatly save costs, avoiding the problem of traditional welding methods requiring the remanufacture of molds, reducing production cycles and resource usage.

The jewelry laser welding machine is a professional tool for precision welding and repair of jewelry and small metal components. It provides precision control, high efficiency and quality welding capabilities for professionals in the jewelry industry and metalworking field.

Precision welding: The jewelry laser spot welder has the ability to weld with high precision, allowing for precise welding of tiny areas on jewelry and metal components. This welding method has virtually no heat affected zone, thus minimizing thermal damage to the jewelry.

Repair capabilities: The machine can be used to repair a variety of damages such as breaks, cracks and chips on jewelry and metal components. By using laser spot welding technology, the operator is able to repair in the original position without disassembly and reassembly.

Microscope system: Jewelry laser spot welders are often equipped with a microscope system that allows the operator to clearly view the weld area. This high magnification microscope helps the operator to accurately locate and control the welding process.

Parameter adjustment: The equipment provides adjustment of various welding parameters, such as laser power, pulse duration and frequency. This allows the operator to customize the welding settings for different jewelry materials and restoration needs.

Easy to use: Jewelry laser spot welders often have a simple and intuitive user interface that is easy to operate and control. Operators can easily adjust welding parameters and monitor the welding process.

Small and portable: Jewelry laser spot welders typically have a compact tabletop design that is suitable for small jewelry stores or laboratories. Its portability makes it easy to move and place in limited spaces.

Jewelry Laser Spot Welding Machine

Laser Welding


Fiber Handheld Laser Welding Machine Brochure

Fiber handheld laser welding machine is a portable machine that utilizes laser technology for welding needs. It's designed to be held by hand, offering portability and flexibility, allowing operators to perform welding tasks in various locations and positions. Often used in industries like manufacturing, automotive, electronics, and mold & jewelry repair.
Size: 7.74 MB

Handheld Laser Welding Machine Brochure-Spanish

This is the Spanish version of the fiber handheld laser welder brochure, which contains the product parameters, applications, samples, technical solutions, etc. of Dapeng Laser's full range of handheld laser welding machines. For more information please visit about Us.
Size: 8.46 MB

3 in 1 Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine Manual

3-in-1 Handheld Laser Welding Cutting Cleaning Machine is a versatile industrial tool that combines three different laser-based processes into a single handheld device. Each of these applications serves a unique purpose in various industries, and combining them into a single machine can offer flexible solution for industries that require precision and efficiency.
Size: 2.39 MB

Custom Laser Welding Machines

Dapeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with professional laser welding technical support and solutions. We will,

🌟Understand your needs:
We need to understand the specific requirements of your welding, welding materials, welding specifications and accuracy.

🌟Provide plan:
We can provide you with a professional laser welding solution, including equipment performance, technical parameters, price and delivery date, etc.

🌟Confirm order:
Once you confirm the laser welding machine plan, we will confirm the order and sign the contract with you.

🌟Manufacturing equipment:
Produce and manufacture the equipment according to the time stipulated in the contract, and keep in touch with you during the manufacturing process.

🌟Installation & debugging:
We will arrange professional technicians to install and debug the laser equipment on site to ensure operation of the equipment.

🌟After-sales service:
We will provide you with free technical support and after-sales service to ensure that your equipment normal and long-term use.

Optional Configuration of Laser Welding Machine

According to the user’s preferences and proficiency, several methods such as touch screen and multi-screen operation, improving production efficiency and easy operating. Before choose a affordable laser welding machine, it is recommended to have a detailed discussion with the us to determine the best configuration. The following are some configurations that can be modified to meet different welding needs, 

Handheld Laser Welder Power & Metal Thickness

MaterialGas usedThickness(mm)Laser power(W)Wire diameter(mm)Wire speed(mm/s)Scanning speed(mm/s)Scan width(mm)Welding frequency(HZ)Duty cycleBarometric pressure(bar)Welding method
Stainless steelArgon110001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
1.510001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
215001.27530031000Hz10010Flat welding
2.520001.27530031000Hz10010Flat welding
320001.6603003.51000Hz10010Flat welding
430001.6603003.51000Hz10010Flat welding
Carbon steelArgon110001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
1.510001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
215001.27530031000Hz10010Flat welding
2.520001.27530031000Hz10010Flat welding
320001.6603003.51000Hz10010Flat welding
430001.6603003.51000Hz10010Flat welding
Galvanized sheetArgon110001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
1.515001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
220001.2753002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
2.520001.66030031000Hz10010Flat welding
330001.6603003.51000Hz10010Flat welding
AluminumNitrogen(N2)110001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
1.515001903002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
220001.2753002.51000Hz10010Flat welding
2.520001.66030031000Hz10010Flat welding
330001.6603003.51000Hz10010Flat welding

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