Desktop Jewelry Laser Spot Welding Machine

200W Jewelry Laser Welding Machine
Desktop design, built-in air cooling, small compact size, specially for jewelry spot welding.

200W Desktop Jewelry Laser Welding Machine for Jewelry

Jewelry laser welder is mainly used in perforating and spot welding of gold, silver, platinum, carbon steel. The spot welding process is thermal conduction. The laser radiation heats the surface of work piece, and the surface heat diffuses to the interior through thermal conduction and melts the work piece by controlling the width, energy, peak power and repeating frequency of laser pulse to form molten pool.


  1. Ceramic converging cavity is imported from UK. Good performance of corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant.
  2. Able to work for 24 hours continuously, stable performance. Human-based design accords with ergonomics, avoiding fatigue after long time working.
  3. Widely used in jewelry accessories, electronic components, glasses clocks and watches, hardware, precision equipment, medical equipment, auto parts, gifts and crafts, etc.

Jewelry Spot Laser Welder Advantages:

Fast speed, high efficiency, large depth, small deformation, small heat affected area, high welding quality, no pollution, high efficiency and environmental protection.

Laser spot welder is mainly used for filling and spot welding of gold and silver, and can also be used for cold welding of high alloy steel, hot forging high alloy steel, nickel tool steel, high grade steel, copper alloy, beryllium copper, high toughness aluminum alloy, gold, silver and other metal materials.

Standard Accessories:
1. Laser power supply, 1 set
2. Laser crystal rod, 1set
3. Focus mirror & beam expander, 1 set
4. Ceramic converging cavity, 1set
5. Microscope, 1set
6. Xenon lamp, 1set
7. Protective lens, 1set
8. Cooling system, 1set
9. Foot switch, 1 set



Laser power200W
Laser wavelength1064nm
Pulse frequency1-100Hz
Pulse width0.3-20ms
Spot size0.2-2mm
Power require single phaseSingle phase 220 ±15% VAC 50Hz 30A
Spot adjustmentManual
Cooling systemWater cooling
Laser power source8KW with touch screen
YAG Laser crystal rodΦ7*145mm
Laser Xenon lampΦ8*125*270mm
Ceramic converging cavityimport from UK
Focusing mirrorF=110mm
Beam expanderThree times
Protective lensΦ20mm
ConsumablesXenon lamp, protective lens
DimensionMachine:60*100*121cm Chiller:47*60*88cm

Application Video