Laser Mold Repair Welding Machine

YAG Laser Spot Welder for Mould Repair

Mold laser welding machine is mainly used for repair of large and medium-sized molds. It is widely used in mobile phones, digital products, automobiles, motorcycles and other mold manufacturing.

Mold Repair Laser Welding Machine

The laser mold repair welding machine can quickly and accurately repair the pores, slag holes, and shrinkage holes formed during the casting process. Suitable materials for laser repair include ductile iron, gray iron, stainless steel, etc.

The laser welding machine for mold & die Repair is specially designed for the mold industry and is utilized in the restoration of precision molds made of materials such as gold and silver. It finds applications in various mold manufacturing, including electronics, mobile phones, toys, automobiles, motorcycles, and other molding industries. The laser mold repair technology effectively addresses all welding and repair tasks for small components, overcoming the limitations of traditional argon arc welding techniques in repairing and welding fine surfaces. This mold repair welder avoids the challenges of thermal strain and post-processing, significantly reducing the mold production cycle.

Applications of laser welding industrial molds
1. Edge repair
2. Hole repair
3. Restoration of worn edges
4. Welding of small components
5. Addition of shim materials
6. Tool maintenance
7. Porosity repair

Laser Mould Welding Machine Advantages:
1. By welding workpiece axis X/Y/Z/D for stepping drive, meet the needs of the big trip.
2. Repeated positioning precision, fast welding speed and high efficiency.
3. Automatic focus and rotation function weld products of any shape 3D space.
4. Tailored four axes linkage control system for laser welding, stable performance and easy for beginner.

1. Processing speed is fast.
2. Small thermal deformation and heat affected zone (suitable for processing high melting point, high hardness, special materials)
3. Local heat treatment of the parts.
4. It can process complex shapes of parts and small parts, and can also process in vacuum.
5. No noise, no pollution to the environment.
6. Combine with computer technology to facilitate automation.
7. Improve the quality of the workpiece.
8. No pre-heat treatment is required, and the workpiece will not anneal after welding.
9. deformation-free collapse, no pores and trachoma.
10. can be used for cracks, collapses, corners, sand holes and repairs after use of the mold.


Fiber laser welder for mold repair can be used on titanium, nickel, tin, zinc, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver and other metals and their alloys, as well as steel. Welding of the same material of such alloys as felling alloys may also be applied to copper-nickel, nickel-titanium, copper-titanium, brass-copper and other heterogeneous metal welding.

Mold industry
1. Injection mold
2. Stamping die
3. Die-casting die
4. Rubber die
5. Copper alloy die

Foundry industry
This welder also has a good performance in casting defects. Quick and precise repair of the pores, slag holes, shrinkage holes, etc. during the casting process.

It has excellent repair effect on defects such as ductile iron, gray iron and stainless steel, and has fast welding repair speed, no color difference or small color difference after welding, and is suitable for the production of factory scale.

Various workpiece parts
This model can perfectly repair shafts, teeth and other workpieces.

Technical Parameters

Laser wavelength1064nm1064nm1064nm
Focusing cavityImported ceramic concentrator cavityImported double lamp gold cavity 140Imported double lamp gold cavity 170
Laser power200W400W600W
Pulse width0.2-20ms(adjustable)0.2-20ms(adjustable)0.2-20ms(adjustable)
Laser frequency1-50HZ1-50HZ1-50HZ
Applicable wire diameter(mm)0.2-0.60.2-0.80.2-1
Spot adjustment range0.3-3mm0.3-3mm0.3-3mm
Cooling modeWater-cooled(1P)Water-cooled(3P)Water-cooled(5P)
Working stroke(mm)X=150 Y=100 Z=150X=300 Y=200X=300 Y=200
Worktable weight150kg (400kg optional)150kg (400kg optional)150kg (400kg optional)
Rated power6.5KW380V,13KW,20A380V,18KW,40A


CabinetDapeng Mold Welding 200W CabinetDapeng Mold Welding 400W CabinetDapeng Mold Laser Patching 600W Cabinet
Laser Power SupplySingle Lamp Single Cabinet General Type Power Supply 6KWDual-lamp dual-box ordinary type electric 12KWDual-lamp three-box general type power supply 18KW
Chiller1.0 P3.0P5.0P
Laser RodsYAG,ø7*145YAGø7*155YAGø8*165
Focusing CavityCeramic spotlight cavityRoc customized gold-plated spotlight chamberRoc customized gold-plated spotlight cavity
Xenon Lampø8*130*270*5ø8*140*280*5ø8*150*290*5
Focusing LensLaser welding focusing lens F=150 (standard)Laser welding focusing lens F=150 (standard)Laser welding focusing lens F=150 (standard)
CCD or Microscope20x magnification20x magnification20x magnification