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Benefits of Fiber Laser Cutting Tube

In modern manufacturing, laser cutting technology plays a vital role in the processing of metal tubes. Whether in the aerospace, automotive, construction or furniture industries, there is a growing demand for precision cutting and machining of metal tubing. In this article, we will detail what is a pipe cutter used for and benefits of laser cutting metal tube machines as well as the classification of tube cutters and the industries in which they are used. By gaining a deeper understanding of this technology, we will be able to better grasp the potential of laser cutting in the processing of metal tubes and provide reliable and efficient laser solutions for manufacturers in various industries.

Guide to Understand Laser Tube Cutting

Tube laser cutting is a processing technology that utilizes a laser beam to cut metal pipe. By controlling the energy and focus of the laser beam, the laser cutting technology can generate enough heat on the surface of the pipe to melt, vaporize or evaporate the surface for cutting purposes.

Laser Can Cut Various Shapes of Pipes

Laser cutting has become a widely used manufacturing process around the world. It can be applied to cut pipes, shapes, or channels of different structures.

1. Round tubes:

Laser cutting can be performed around the circumference of round tubes, enabling straight cuts, diagonal cuts, curved cuts, and other shapes.

2. Square or rectangular section pipes:

Fiber laser cutting machines can cut square or rectangular section pipes, creating various angled openings and facilitating the realization of special designs.

3. Elliptical or oval tubes:

Laser cutting technology can adapt to tubes with elliptical or oval cross-sections, meeting precise cutting requirements.

4. Special closed or open pipe:

Laser cutting can process various special closed or open profiles, such as tracks, slots, and other custom shapes.

5. Various types of joints, locators, and connectors:

Laser cutting technology can produce various types of joints, locators, and connectors, catering to specific connection needs.

laser cut various shapes of pipes

These are just some examples of the types of pipes that can be cut using laser, but not limited to them. Fiber laser tube cutting machines offer high flexibility and versatility, allowing for the processing of complex shapes. Additionally, they can cut square and rectangular cross-section pipes without the need for special equipment, enhancing convenience and efficiency in manufacturing. Its broad application makes laser cutting machine highly promising in the field of tube processing.

Advantages of Laser Tube Cutting Machines

1. High precision:

Laser tube cutting machines utilize a laser beam for cutting, offering highly focused and small heat-affected zones, enabling extremely precise cutting. They can handle complex geometries and intricate details while maintaining high cutting quality.

2. High speed:

Laser pipe cutter operate at fast cutting speeds, allowing for the completion of a large volume of cutting tasks within a short period. Compared to traditional mechanical cutting methods, laser cutting achieves faster speeds, thereby enhancing production efficiency.

3. Material adaptability:

Metal pipe laser cutting machine can accommodate various types of metal tubes, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and more. They can also handle tubes of different sizes and shapes, including round, square, and rectangular tubes.

4. Flexibility:

Tube laser cutting machine offer high flexibility, enabling multiple cutting forms such as straight cutting, curved cutting, laser perforation, and laser slotting. By adjusting cutting parameters, they can meet diverse cutting requirements.

5. Automation level:

Some laser tube cutting machines feature high automation levels, equipped with automatic loading systems and material feeding devices. This enables fully automated cutting operations, reducing manual intervention and improving production efficiency.

What Are the Different Types of Laser Cutters for Pipe?

Classified according to their processing capabilities, laser tube cutters for cutting, punching and grooving a wide range of tube types.

According to the size of the pipe diameter

Large laser tube cutting machine:

Large laser tube cutting machine is suitable for processing larger diameter tubes. Generally speaking, its chuck diameter needs to be more than 220mm, can meet the needs of processing larger diameter tubes.

Medium-sized laser tube cutting machine:

Medium-sized laser tube cutting machine is suitable for processing medium diameter pipe. Its chuck diameter is generally between 120mm and 220mm, can handle the diameter of the pipe in this range.

Small Laser Tube Cutter:

The small laser tube cutter is suitable for processing smaller diameter tubes. For cutting tubes up to 60mm, small laser tube cutters are a cost-effective option.

Classified according to the degree of automation

Fully automated pipe laser cutter:

Fully automated laser tube cutting machines have fully automated loading and feeding functions. This kind of machine is usually equipped with automatic loading system and automatic feeding device, which can realize continuous and efficient cutting operation, reduce manual intervention and improve production efficiency.

Semi-automatic laser tube cutting machine:

Semi-automatic laser tube cutting machine usually requires manual intervention in the feeding process, but the feeding is automatic. This machine requires the operator to place the pipe to be processed in the cutting area when feeding, and then start the machine for cutting operation.

Manual feeding tube laser cutting machine:

Manual feeding laser tube cutting machine requires the operator to manually feed and feed. The operator needs to manually place the tube to be processed in the cutting area and start and operate the machine.

Different laser cutters may also have specific features and additional options, such as automatic feed, rotary clamps, etc., which can be selected based on actual needs. You need to choose the right pipe laser cutting machine for your industry by taking into account the diameter size of the pipe to be cut, the thickness of the pipe wall, the cutting process required and the daily processing volume.

Steps of Laser Cutting Tube

Preparation: Mount the tube to the laser cutting machine and ensure that the tube is held steady. This can be done with clamps, chucks or other fixtures. The laser cutter will also need to be programmed as needed to set the pattern and size of the cut.

Focusing: The laser beam passes through a focusing device such as a lens to focus it on the surface of the tube. By adjusting the position and focal length of the focusing lens, it ensures that the energy of the laser beam is strongest in the cutting area, thus enabling accurate cutting.

Cutting: Start the laser cutter and the laser beam starts cutting. The laser beam moves back and forth across the surface of the pipe, converting light energy into thermal energy that heats and melts the pipe. The high energy of the laser beam vaporizes, melts and fuses the pipe wall, resulting in a cut. The cutting speed and power can be adjusted according to the material and thickness of the tube.

Finishing: After cutting is complete, a finishing step may be required. This includes removing burrs from the cut edges, minimizing residual distortion and improving cut quality. Common finishing methods include deburring, grinding, polishing and cleaning.

steps of laser cutting tube

The Best Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

DPLASER developed metal pipe and sheet metal laser cutting machine can meet the user for round pipe, square pipe cutting and steel plate shaped processing, can be realized at the same time the pipe and sheet material interchangeable cutting method.

best tube laser cutting machine

DPLASER Q series Fiber laser tube and plate integrated cutting machine has the advantages of stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving, and high cost performance. Professionally cut square tubes, round tubes, rectangular tubes, D-shaped tubes and hexagonal tubes and other types of tubes. Suitable for square pipe 20*20, 100*100mm, round pipe Φ20-Φ150mm, pipe wall thickness 0.5-5mm carbon steel pipe, 0.5-3mm stainless steel pipe; cutting 0.5~16mm carbon steel plate, 0.5~8mm stainless steel plate, 0.5~6mm brass , 0.5~4mm red copper and galvanized sheet, electrolytic sheet, silicon steel and other metal materials. Appropriate thicknesses and materials are determined by laser and process parameters.

professional laser cutting machine for tube


1. Standard with Raycus fiber laser (another can be equipped with IPG or MAX) low operating and maintenance costs, to achieve long-term return on investment and income maximization.

2. Table two-dimensional movement, to ensure that the laser output beam quality is excellent.

3. Cutting special X-Y working platform, servo-driven, ball screw and guide rail transmission.

4. Convenient editing and modification of the cutting path through the special control software with friendly interface.

5. Compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw and other cutting special software.

6. Modify the processing program in the software at any time to achieve the ideal cutting graphics.

Applicable materials:

Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and other metal tubes, for a variety of high hard and easy to brittle alloy materials with excellent processing results.

Application industry:

Metal processing: fiber laser cutting machine can be widely used in metal plate cutting, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials. It can be used to manufacture automobile parts, hydraulic cylinder piston rings, gears, wheel ship components, advertising signs, decorative crafts and so on.

Hardware products: such as ovens, kettles, rice cookers, kitchen cabinet pulls, bathroom fittings, sinks and so on.

Machinery manufacturing: the equipment can be used to cut mechanical parts and structural parts, such as steel plates, gears, guide rails, etc… It can improve the cutting precision and efficiency and speed up the production cycle.

Electronics industry: Laser cutting machine for metal sheet & tube has a wide range of applications in the electronics industry, which can be used to cut circuit boards, connectors, electronic components and so on.

Building and decoration: Fiber laser cutting machine can be used to cut building decoration materials such as door and window frames, security net coverings, metal railings, etc. It can realize complex pattern and pattern cutting.

laser tube cutting machine application

How to Choose the Right Tube Laser Cutting Machine?

1. Processing needs: First of all, you need to understand your processing needs in detail, including the type of material to be cut, the range of pipe diameters, processing accuracy requirements, and production batch size and so on. According to these needs to determine the required machine models and specifications.

Q: How to choose the right power? Is it that the higher the power, the better?

A:Generally according to the wall thickness and material of the pipe fittings to select the appropriate power.

Wall thickness <10 mm, 3000W of laser can meet.

If the wall thickness is about 20 mm, it is recommended to choose 6000W.

Wall thickness>20mm, it is recommended to choose 12000W.

If beveling and tube cutting is required, it is recommended to increase the power. It is recommended to follow the common recommendations of the equipment, please provide your samples or product information so that manufacturers can better provide advice.

2. Technical specifications: Understand the key technical specifications of the laser pipe cutting machine, such as power, cutting speed, table size, accuracy, etc… According to the processing needs and budget, choose the technical parameters that match the needs.

3. Price and performance comparison: according to the selected brand and model, compare the price and performance of machines offered by different manufacturers. Pay attention to the differences between the configuration, performance and service of the comparison machine to ensure that you get the maximum value for money.


How to cut your metal pipe in the most efficient way? We’ll answer each of your factory’s part design questions and help you accurately shape complex geometries and intricate designs. Why use a laser pipe cutter? It is easy to fabricating tubular metal structures, manufacturing products, or designing tubular building components with clean, accurate cuts.

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