Why the UV Laser Marking Machine is Expensive?

On the market, the price of fiber laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine is cheap, long service life, easy maintenance, low environmental requirements, so why the UV laser marking machine price is so expensive? Is it shorter service life and more careful maintenance?

Ultraviolet laser marking machine structure and fiber laser marking machine structure is the same, by ultraviolet laser, galvanometer, lens, industrial computer, control card, table housing, electronic control devices, power supply, red light, foot, mirror and other components.

So the price of ultraviolet laser marking machine is several times the price of fiber laser marking machine? Optical devices of fiber laser marking machine and ultraviolet laser marking machine are not universal. The wavelength of ultraviolet laser is 355nm, and the wavelength of optical fiber laser is 1064nm. The wavelength of ultraviolet laser is the wavelength after frequency doubling based on the wavelength of 1064nm through technology. As a result, the price of ultraviolet laser is several times the price of fiber laser.

UV laser marking machine galvanometer, lens compared with fiber laser marking machine coating thickness and material is different, so it can not be universal, UV laser marking machine galvanometer, lens is more expensive, of course, on the market conventional galvanometer, lens two kinds of equipment price difference is not big, the main price difference in the UV laser and fiber laser.

On the other hand, UV laser marking machine has relatively high requirements for the environment, especially water cooled laser, need to maintain a constant temperature, so there are higher requirements for accessories. Ultraviolet laser due to the small focus spot, and processing heat affected area is small, so it can be ultrafine marking, special material marking, marking effect is the preferred product of customers with higher requirements. UV laser in addition to copper material, suitable for processing more extensive materials. Not only the beam quality is good, the focusing spot is smaller, and the hyperfine marking can be realized. A wider range of applications; The thermal affected area is very small, so there will be no thermal effect and no material burning problem.

The UV laser marking machine is expensive, mainly reflected in the high cost of UV laser, and later labor costs are larger. It is mainly to see the price fluctuations of UV laser manufacturers and decided. Therefore, the price trend of UV laser marking machine is also determined by the development of the UV laser manufacturers and the of market applications.