What are the Advantages of Enclosed Laser Cutter & Engraver?

The laser cutting process, which uses an invisible beam instead of a traditional mechanical blade, offers several advantages: high precision, fast cutting speeds, no limitation on cutting patterns, automatic nesting that saves material, smooth cut edges, and low processing costs. These features make it a viable alternative to or replacement for traditional metal cutting equipment. Fiber laser cutting machines for cutting sheet metal come in two types: full enclosed metal laser cutter and open type laser cutting machine. The primary difference between these two types is that the enclosed machine has a metal cover, while the open machine does not. The working tables of open and closed laser cutting machines can generally be selected from single cutting tables and exchange tables.

Enclosed laser cutting systems use a closed design that effectively isolates the cutting area from the external environment.

Reducing Laser Hazards

Enclosed fiber laser cutting machine can maximize the separation of the laser from the operator. Once all parameters are set and the sample cutting meets the standards, the side doors of the cutting machine can be closed for fully enclosed cutting, preventing laser damage to the human body.

The enclosed design completely isolates the processing structure, materials, and transmission devices from the operator, minimizing the risk of accidents. Additionally, CNC enclosed laser cutting machines are equipped with protective glass to prevent laser radiation, allowing for observation of the cutting process while reducing eye damage from the laser.

Reducing Spark and Smoke Diffusion

Laser cutting is a thermal process that generates a significant amount of sparks and smoke. The enclosed chamber of these machines helps contain the smoke and dust. They are typically equipped with built-in filtration systems to optimize smoke management during laser cutting, making the process more environmentally friendly.

High Efficiency and Stability

Dapeng Laser’s surrounded fiber laser cutting machine employs advanced laser technology and precise mechanical structures to achieve efficient and stable cutting results, enhancing production efficiency.

Easy Operation

Dapeng Laser equipment is equipped with an intelligent operating system with a user-friendly interface, making it simple and convenient to use. The high level of automation reduces manual intervention and improves cutting quality.

Energy Saving and Environmentally Friendly

Dapeng Laser’s full cover laser cutting machine uses advanced energy-saving technology, reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution, meeting the requirements of modern green production.

Noise Reduction

The enclosed metal case of the machine helps to reduce noise levels, creating a quieter work environment.

Optimize Structure

The full-enclosed fiber laser cutting machine can also be configured with dual loading tables. The front half performs cutting within the enclosed structure, while the rear half handles loading. This seamless integration of cutting and loading improves efficiency. The distinct separation between the cutting and loading areas enhances safety.

enclosed laser cutting machine for metal

Different Applications of Enclosed Laser Cutting Machine for Metal

High power enclosed fiber laser cutting machine can be professionally applied to process and cut carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, silicon steel, manganese steel, aluminum alloy, yellow, copper plate, silicon steel and other metal materials (processing thickness and material related to the laser source).

Widely used in: kitchen appliances, sheet metal chassis cabinets, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware, advertising signs, auto parts, display equipment, various metal products, sheet metal cutting and processing industries.

enclosed laser cutting machine for metal

Fully enclosed exchange table laser cutting machine is to have two working tables, work in exchange for processing, a table cutting, the other table can be at the same time for loading and unloading work, to be cut after the processing of the table and the other table exchange, the laser cutting machine can continue to process, without waiting for feeding and loading, greatly saving standby time, improve work efficiency. DAPENG Laser’s high-efficiency switch table fiber laser cutting machine, the exchange table change time is less than 15 seconds, the power up to 20,000W is suitable for cutting medium and thick metal plate.

Advantages of the Double Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1. Efficient production

The quick change of workpieces on the table can effectively improve the production efficiency, especially suitable for mass production scenarios.

2. Workpiece protection

When cutting large thin plates, a single platform can cause the workpiece to vibrate due to slits or grooves, thus affecting cutting accuracy and workpiece quality. The exchange platform can effectively support the workpiece to avoid vibration and protect the workpiece.

3. Simple and easy to use

The exchange platform is easy to operate, only need to set up the cutting program and workpiece number, can automatically complete the cutting, workpiece replacement and other operations, without manual intervention, improve the use of efficiency.

The difference between the single platform laser cutting and the exchange platform is the way of changing workpiece. The exchange platform has significant advantages in terms of productivity and ease of use, which is especially suitable for mass production scenarios.

exchange table laser cutting machine

Compared with the exchange table, the advantages of single table fiber laser cutting machine mainly lie in space saving and cost reduction. A single worktable does not need to occupy more than one processing table bed, only one workpiece is processed and then put into the next workpiece, so it occupies relatively less space.

The advantages of the single platform are suitable for space constraints, or the need for small batch processing. For example, furniture manufacturing, small and medium metal processing company.

Double Table VS. Single Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet

Operation: Single platform laser cutting machine has only one working table, which needs to be changed manually after completing the cutting of a batch of materials. Dual table laser cutting machine, has two working tables, one for cutting and the other for loading new materials to realize continuous production. Exchange platform laser cutting machine can perform two different cutting tasks at the same time, which is more flexible. While single table laser cutting machine needs to manually change the working table, cutting flexibility is relatively poor.

Work efficiency: Double platform laser cutting machine can work at the same time, greatly improving the cutting efficiency. While the single platform laser cutting machine in the replacement of materials need to stop, cutting efficiency is relatively low.

Equipment structure: Double platform fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with an exchange worktable, when one worktable is cut, the other worktable can be cut and feed at the same time. After the cutting table is processed, it can be interchanged with the other table to continue processing without waiting for cutting and feeding.

double table vs. single table

How to Choose the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Worktable

There are both advantages and disadvantages in comparing the exchange table and the single table. In the actual production process, the choice of which laser cutting machine, according to the different production needs to choose.

The dual-table fiber laser cutting machine enables seamless switching during the cutting process. While one table is being cut, the other can simultaneously load or unload materials, significantly reducing downtime. For factories requiring bulk production, this efficient, continuous workflow is highly appealing. When dealing with bulk processing, opting for a pallet exchange system is essential as it boosts productivity and reduces costs.

If you have limited space in the production plant, need to save space or need to process small batches, you should choose a single table. Because it takes up less space and is also ideal for small batch processing. The high price-performance ratio of the single table laser cutting machine is its unique advantage over the competition. However, the material needs to be changed manually after each cut, which may seem slightly inefficient in mass production.


The CNC fully enclosed laser cutting machine, known for its safety and environmental friendliness, is widely favored. However, if your budget is on the lower side, an open-type fiber laser cutting machine can still meet your processing needs; select the appropriate machine based on your actual budget. Dapeng laser offers you high-quality industrial laser cutting machine to cater to your diverse sheet and tube cutting requirements. We have a dedicated team to provide professional installation services and address any operational issues you might encounter, ensuring a smooth and efficient cutting experience tailored to your specific needs.

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