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How to Use Laser Engraving Laptop Keyboard

When using a computer, the keyboard and its letters are the parts that get damaged the fastest. The symbols on the keyboard keys quickly wear off, becoming hard to read and making it difficult to use. By choosing laser engraving machine for keyboard, you can give your computer a permanent and high-quality appearance.

A keyboard laser marking machine, also known as a laser engraving machine, replaces traditional methods such as manual printing, dye sublimation, inkjet printing, and etching. The laser marking machine uses a high-energy-density laser beam to locally irradiate the keycap surface. This causes the keycap material to rapidly vaporize or change color, exposing deeper material or triggering a chemical and physical reaction in the surface material, thereby engraving marks. By burning off parts of the material with the laser, the desired text and pattern can be displayed.

Why Use Laser Engraving Laptop Keyboard?

Laser keyboard marking can add layouts in different languages, change the design of symbols and letters, and add more personalized patterns to the keyboard. Compared to traditional methods, laser engraving machines offer several advantages:

Printing Speed: Laser marking operates much faster, achieving speeds 3 to 5 times quicker than other methods.

Precision Craftsmanship: The laser marking process is precise, capable of making accurate marks on small and complex surfaces like keyboards and keys.

Clear and Prominent Marking: Laser marking produces highly clear and contrasting marks, making them easy to read and visually appealing.

Strong Wear Resistance: Laser marking creates permanent marks by altering the material’s surface structure, ensuring they do not wear off due to friction or over time.

Long-lasting Marks: Laser marks maintain long-term stability, remaining clear even in harsh environments, which ensures traceability and brand recognition.

why use laser engraving laptop keyboard

In addition to keyboard laser marking, laser engraving machines are also used for marking ICs, automotive panels, medical devices, mobile phone components, and more. Keyboard laser marking machines are widely applied across various materials and industries:

Inks and Paints: Used for mobile phone battery labels, panels, keys, and small household accessories, providing durable and clear markings.

Ceramics and EP Materials: Suitable for electronic component packaging such as ICs, meeting precise marking requirements.

Plastic Products: Commonly used on appliance housings and electronic products to engrave serial numbers, logos, and other information.

Metal and Coated Surfaces: Applicable to stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and surface-treated metal parts, used in hardware, household items, appliances, and mobile phone casing identification.

Precise Keyboard Marking: Produces fine markings on keyboards and keys, demonstrating high-precision engraving effects.

When it comes to deep engraving of metals, the mopa laser marker may not have an advantage because of its low single pulse energy. However, in terms of fine effect, MOPA laser marking machine is superior to general laser marking machine. Therefore, when choosing mopa laser engraving keyboard for pc, customers need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this type of equipment first.

Since Mopa laser marking machines have short pulses and lower pulse energy, the material is subjected to less heat and the heat affected zone area is reduced. It is well suited for fine marking processes on metals and many plastics, such as laser blackening of digital product parts, mobile phone back covers, iPads, aluminum blackening, mobile phone buttons, plastic translucent buttons and so on. It performs well in fine marking, especially in areas with high requirements for precision and finesse.

mopa laser marking machine

Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Keyboard

  • It features high photoelectric conversion efficiency, compact size, low energy consumption, maintenance-free operation, no consumables, and low operating costs.
  • Imported lasers ensure stable equipment performance.
  • Equipped with high-precision high-speed scanning, it achieves fast marking speed with clear and complete lines.
  • Capable of marking on products made of various materials, including metal, silicone, plastic, and more.

Applications of Fiber Laser Marking Machine

It can be used for engraving metals and some non-metal materials, especially suitable for fields requiring high precision and surface smoothness. Widely applied in industries such as electronic components, integrated circuits, electrical circuits, mobile communication, hardware products, knives, kitchenware, tool accessories, precision instruments, eyewear, clocks, computer keyboards, jewelry, automotive parts, plastic buttons, sanitary ware, PVC pipes, medical equipment, and packaging bottles, covering areas like jewelry, sanitary ware, food packaging, electronic hardware, and more.

The computers have become indispensable devices, and the accompanying mouse and keyboard often require many characters and trademarks to be marked. The UV laser marking machine is a type of laser marking device that utilizes a 355nm UV laser and employs third-order cavity doubling technology. Compared to infrared lasers, UV lasers produce extremely small spots and have minimal heat-affected zones, making them suitable for ultra-fine marking and engraving. They are capable of marking ultra-fine details and special materials, making them more suitable for engraving delicate products than ordinary laser marking machines, meeting the high demands of customers for marking effects.

The UV laser marking machine has significant structural advantages and fine marking capabilities, with a deviation rate reaching the micron level and an extremely fast marking speed. Due to the use of cold laser marking, there is minimal heat impact. It can quickly engrave logos, characters, numbers, QR codes, anti-counterfeiting codes, etc., on mouse and keyboard surfaces, with markings that are durable, abrasion-resistant, fade-resistant, and do not peel off. There is no need for consumables, and there is no pollution, avoiding the high costs and environmental pollution associated with ink printing. Therefore, many customers choose to use UV laser marking machines for marking keyboards and mouse.

Application Areas

UV laser marking machines are mainly used for ultra-fine processing in high-end markets, such as marking the surfaces of packaging bottles for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food products made of high molecular materials; marking and scribing flexible PCB boards; processing micro-holes and blind holes on silicon wafers; marking QR codes on LCD glass; perforating glassware surfaces; marking coatings on metal surfaces; marking plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, etc. Through the application of UV laser marking machines, production efficiency can be improved, marking effects are superior, and the probability of heat affecting materials is extremely low, demonstrating a significant advancement in laser technology.

uv laser marking machine for keyboard printing

How to Choose a Laser Engraving Machine for Keyboard

For metals and hard plastics: Fiber laser technology is the ideal choice, offering high precision, durability, and fast processing performance, making it suitable for manufacturing dense keyboards.

For softer materials: UV laser technology is best suited for precise marking on soft plastics and silicone, with minimal heat generation.

Material versatility: Ensures engravers can work with various materials such as plastic, metal, and silicone, allowing for clear and long-lasting marks on keyboards.

We recommend using the MOPA fiber laser marking machine to mark ABS keyboards and mac keyboards because it provides fine control over laser energy, resulting in high-contrast and durable marks while minimizing heat impact to prevent plastic deformation or burning. The MOPA laser marking machine also offers various marking effects, is environmentally friendly, and highly efficient, making it ideal for mass production.

The keyboard laser engraving machine comes with a 12 months warranty. During this period, if any parts are damaged, we provide free replacement parts and cover the shipping costs without the need to return the old parts. Beyond the warranty period, you can still contact our service center or sales, and we will assist in resolving any issues within 12 hours. We offer free online training and lifelong after-sales service.

Dapeng Laser is a leading manufacturer of fiber laser machines and has been at the forefront of the laser industry for over a decade, never disappointing our customers. We also offer fiber laser cutting machines, fiber laser cleaning machines, and welding machines.

Conclusion: With the development of laser engraving technology, its application in keyboard customization is increasingly gaining attention. Through keyboard laser engraving, we can achieve multilingual layout printing on keyboard keycaps, providing users with more personalized choices. Whether it’s English, Chinese, Spanish, or other languages, laser engraving technology can accurately print on keyboard keycaps, providing users with a more convenient operating experience. With the continuous advancement of laser technology, we believe that the field of keyboard customization will usher in more innovation and development, bringing users more diverse choices.

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