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High quality fiber keyboard laser engraving machine is designed to meet the marking needs of keyboard manufacturers, ensuring clear typing, durable, and capable of carrying important branding and identification information.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Keyboard

Keyboard laser engraving machine is an industrial laser machine to engrave or mark various types of keyboards with permanent and high-quality markings. Keyboard laser printing machine adopt international advanced fiber laser, ultra-fast scanning galvanometer. It is commonly used in keyboard manufacturing, customization, and branding processes. It offers precise and efficient marking capabilities for a variety of materials commonly used in keyboard construction, such as plastic, metal, and rubber.

Why Use Laser Engrave Keyboard?

The fiber laser marking involves using a high-intensity laser beam to remove material or change its color, creating marks that are highly durable and resistant to fading or wearing off over time. This makes fiber laser marking ideal for keyboards, where the keys undergo constant use and need to withstand heavy typing.

  • This keyboard laser printing machine is specially developed for industries such as computer and laptop keyboard manufacturing, which require large-format inkjet marking. It employs imported laser components that are particularly suitable for engraving inkjet products. Equipped with a left-right moving worktable controlled directly by software automation, it significantly enhances work efficiency.
  • This model is also suitable for various products that require large-format engraving and can be equipped with various laser accessories.


  • The beam quality is excellent, with uniform optical power density and stable output, meeting the demands of mainstream market applications.
  • The digital high-speed scanning galvanometer is compact, fast, highly stable, and performs at an internationally advanced level.
  • Self-developed control board and software offer high cost-effectiveness, easy customization, and maintenance.
  • It is compatible with software such as CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, and Photoshop.
  • Supports formats like PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPGE, and can directly utilize SHX, TTF fonts.
  • Supports automatic encoding, printing serial numbers, batch numbers, dates, barcodes, and automatic skipping for QR codes.

Applicable Material:

1. Metal: Fiber laser engraving machine can mark various metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. These materials are often used for keyboard frames, keycaps bracket, and other components.

2. Plastics: Such as ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and polycarbonate. These materials are commonly used for keycaps and keyboard housing.

3. Coated materials: It can also mark materials with protective coatings, such as anodized aluminum or powder-coated surfaces. These coatings can enhance the durability and aesthetics of the keyboard.

application of laser engraving machine for keyboard

application of laser engraving machine for keyboard

Technical Parameters

Model EP-15BR-JP;YLP- 20-JP;YLP-30-JP
laser power 15W;20W;30W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Output beam quality M²<1.5
Repetition frequency 20-80KHz
Engraving Depth ≤0.1mm
Max. Liner marking speed 15000mm/s
Working area 180*180mm(220*220mm~300*300mm Optional)
Minimum Characters 0.15×0.15mm (F=160)
Minimum line width ≤0.03mm
Power demand Ac220V±10%.50HZ. 5Amp
Total Power ≤0.6KW
Repetition accuracy ±0.01mm
Size 65*88*148mm
Weight 120KG
Cooling method air cooled
Slide stroke 400mm


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