3d laser welding

What is 3D Laser Welding?

As economies and industrial landscapes continuously evolve towards advanced technologies, sectors like aviation, high-speed rail, automotive, and renewable energy have been experiencing exponential growth, driving an escalating demand for highly efficient, precise, and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. In these progressive industries, there is a pressing need to tackle the complexities inherent in large size sheet metal components featuring intricate profiles, curved surfaces, and challenging materials that are difficult to manipulate using conventional methods. It is against this backdrop that the advent of 3D automatic laser welding has emerged as a pivotal solution, tailor-made to address these sector-specific requirements.

3D laser welding is a precise welding process that uses a laser beam to weld workpieces in three-dimensional space. Compared to traditional flat laser welding, 3d laser welding machine fills the gap in high-tech industries for high-quality welding of complex structures and special materials with its advantages of high efficiency and precision. 3d robotic laser welding integrates high-performance laser welding system, flexible robotic arms, precise three-dimensional scanning technology, and intelligent control systems to achieve three-dimensional welding of metal components of various shapes and thicknesses.

In three-dimensional laser welding, the laser beam is focused to create a high-energy density heat source on the surface of the workpiece, causing localized melting and fusion with other workpiece components. By controlling the movement trajectory and focal point position of the laser beam, precise welding can be achieved in three-dimensional space.

3D laser welding systems are capable of handling complex production processing requirements, providing high-speed operation, high precision, and high-quality results to meet the needs of various industries such as sheet metal processing plants, hardware processing, kitchenware, automobiles, electronic devices, artworks, small toys, lighting fixtures, woodworking saw blades, electrical equipment high-voltage switch cabinets, various metal products, textile equipment, grain and oil machinery, eyeglass frame manufacturing, and instrument equipment.

advantages of 3d laser welding

Advantages of 3D Laser Welding

By integrating a high-power and stable laser generating device, precise control and efficient energy utilization are ensured during welding, facilitating fast and uniform melting of different metal parts. Moreover, the flexible six-axis robotic arm system allows real-time adjustment of laser beam position and angle in three-dimensional space, effectively handling welding challenges on complex curved surfaces and deep cavity structures. Advanced intelligent control algorithms enable accurate tracking and adaptation to workpiece geometry changes, ensuring weld seam consistency and integrity.

Multi-angle Welding: Laser welding robots can achieve multi-angle welding for complex workpieces. Before starting work, programming is required, including setting parameters such as the swing range, type, and frequency of the welding torch. Through real-time interfaces, laser welding robots can be connected to scanner optical configurations, controls, and optical sensors, enabling application in more complex scenarios.

Enhanced Production Efficiency: Traditional welding is affected by welding environment and human factors, slowing down the process and hindering proper production planning. High levels of automation in Lush Smart Welding Robots allow for continuous operation and long welding tasks, thereby boosting production efficiency.

Superior Welding Results: 3D laser welding is up to 10 times faster than traditional MIG welding and 40 times faster than traditional TIG welding, reducing labor costs. It can manufacture higher-quality products at lower costs, with lower electricity consumption and consumables usage, ensuring stable welding quality.

High Precision: Laser welding is inherently more precise than traditional welding. When combined with advanced 3D vision systems, welding precision can exponentially increase even for large-scale and multi-pass parts.

Reduced Labor Costs: Welding robots equipped with auxiliary equipment can automatically flip plate elements and perform repetitive production tasks, reducing labor costs.

Compared to traditional 2D laser welding, although 3D laser welding may be slightly less accurate in absolute terms, it is able to overcome complex 3D geometries that cannot be handled by 2D welding, and is particularly suited to applications that require refined, distortion-free welding. 3D laser welding technology controls the manipulator’s path of action through pre-programmed 3D routines and supports independent offline programming and virtual simulation, allowing engineers to visually preview and optimize weld paths before they are actually operated.

3D Automatic Laser Welding Machine

Three-dimensional automatic laser welding machine, mainly suitable for mass production. It can realize spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, seal welding and other welding processes for thin-walled materials and precision parts. It has the advantages of wide range of application, high precision and high speed.

3d automatic laser welding machine

1. Equipped with a professional welding system controller, the controller has a user-friendly interface and simple and clear operation logic, which enables both novices and skilled workers to quickly master the welding system and realize precise welding of any pattern from simple to complex.

2. The design adopts a modular structure concept, which makes the equipment highly flexible and expandable, allowing users to quickly install or replace a variety of accessories and laser processing head components to cope with different welding application scenarios.

3. With excellent beam quality, the 3D 5-Axis laser welding machine is able to achieve ultra-high speeds while ensuring that the weld seam is both strong and aesthetically pleasing, providing users with a highly efficient and high-quality total welding solution. The integrated CCD camera monitoring system further enhances visualization, allowing operators to observe the welding process in real time and achieve accurate positioning down to the micron level.

4. Through the multi-axis linkage technology, the equipment can move flexibly in three-dimensional space, perfectly responding to the needs of all kinds of complex curved workpieces of precision laser processing, especially suitable for the application of high standards, high precision research and experimental projects.

5. Whether it is a complex three-dimensional weld structure, or all kinds of small devices spot welding operations, and even the thickness of only 1mm or less thin plate welding, the machine can easily complete the task.

6. The laser welding machine has excellent electro-optical conversion efficiency, low energy consumption, long-term operation can significantly reduce the user’s processing costs, to achieve maximum economic benefits.

7. Based on strong reliability design, the automatic 3d laser welder supports 24-hour uninterrupted and stable operation, fully meets the continuous operation requirements of industrialized mass production, and guarantees the production schedule and output quality.

8. At the automation level, the equipment is easy to realize simple automation configuration, for customers with mass production needs, automation solutions can be customized according to the actual production process, helping enterprises to improve production capacity and achieve the goal of intelligent manufacturing.

According to the laser power, the laser welding speed ranges from 1 to 10 meters per minute. However, the speed is influenced by actual equipment configuration and processing materials. The processing thickness is related to laser power and processing materials. Generally, the higher the laser power, the thicker the thickness that the laser welding machine can weld.

The 5-axis automatic laser welding machine for metal is suitable for precision welding of various workpieces and mass welding processing of various metal materials. It can weld flat, circular, three-dimensional products, and precision welding processing of non-standard customized production lines. It is applied in industries such as electronic components, automotive parts, instrumentation, precision machinery, communication equipment, and medical devices.

automatic fiber laser welding machine

Best Applications for Automated Laser Welding Solutions

The 3D robot laser welding machine is mainly used for processing 3D metal workpieces, such as automobile doors and windows, exhaust pipe ducts and other shaped workpieces. It uses 3D programming to edit the laser welding path, supports offline programming and simulation, and can observe the welding path. Compared with two-dimensional cutting, its accuracy is slightly lower, but it can complete the laser processing of three-dimensional shaped parts.

Automotive Manufacturing: Various types of sheet metal components involved in the automotive manufacturing process, such as hoods, trunk lids, radiator grills, bumpers, wings, doors, as well as chassis components such as beams, control arms, and rear axles, typically require 3D cutting operations during production, which includes but is not limited to accurate trimming and precision punching processes.

Electrical Manufacturing: Accurately cutting a variety of holes, complex geometries and grooves in stamped parts such as precision electrical housings, but also significantly improves overall productivity and machining accuracy, ensuring consistency and high quality standards of the parts.

Medical Devices: In medical devices and implant manufacturing, 3D laser welding machines in particular have demonstrated their excellent performance by being equipped with a 5-axis linkage welding system, which is capable of carrying out extremely precise welding operations on small and complex structures. This refinement greatly improves the quality and performance of medical device products, meeting stringent safety and functionality requirements.

Electrical Boxes and Metal Shells: Welded and molded metal boxes have been fully automated in the production line through the introduction of 3D laser welding technology. This move not only dramatically increases welding speed and reduces errors caused by manual intervention, but also ensures the consistency and firmness of the welded parts, which strongly promotes the improvement of welding quality.

Pipe Processing: Rapidly cutting bevel welds or saddle welds on pipes, realizing efficient welding process, improving productivity and welding quality, applicable to pipe manufacturing and welding industry.

applications for automated laser welding solutions

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