Three-Axis Five-Sided UV Laser Marking Machine

Three-Axis Five-Sided UV Laser Marking Machine

The three-axis five-sided UV laser marking system offers multifunction, precision, and automation, making it a valuable tool in modern manufacturing and production processes.

Three-Axis Five-Sided UV Laser Marking Machine for Glass

The UV laser marking machine is an advanced laser marking equipment capable of precise and versatile marking on various objects.

  1. Three-Axis: The machine has three axes of movement, typically the X, Y, and Z axes. This allows for precise positioning and movement in three-dimensional space, enabling accurate marking on objects of different shapes and sizes.
  2. Five-Sided: “Five-Sided” means the machine can mark on five different sides of an object, including the top, bottom, and three lateral sides. This capability is beneficial when marking objects with complex geometries or requiring multiple markings from different angles.
  3. UV Laser: The machine uses a UV (Ultraviolet) laser as the marking source. UV lasers have shorter wavelengths compared to other laser types, enabling high precision and finer marking results. They are in super precise marking and engraving tasks. It is especially well-suited for applications in food and pharmaceutical packaging material marking, micro punching, high-speed glass division, and intricate graphics cutting on silicon wafers.

Since it operates as a cold light source, there is no heat effect during the laser marking and cutting processes. As a result, the output is exceptionally precise, smooth, and sharp, ensuring top-notch quality in the final product.

The 3-Axis UV laser marking machine offers versatility, precision, and automation, making it a valuable tool in modern manufacturing and production processes. It can be used to mark a wide range of materials with fine patterns, text, 2D codes, barcodes and other markings for product marking, tracking, anti-counterfeiting and aesthetic decoration purposes. With the high precision of a UV laser and the flexibility of multi-axis motion, this equipment is valuable in demanding manufacturing and processing industries.

1. The UV laser offers a high-quality light beam, resulting in a small focal point for ultra-fine marking and engraving.
2. It operates at high speed with exceptional efficiency, enhancing productivity in various applications.
3. Its versatility stems from the fact that most materials can absorb UV laser, making it widely applicable.
4. The UV laser is eco-friendly and energy-efficient, as it has low energy consumption and requires no consumables.
5. Being a cold light source, it causes no heat effect during the marking process, eliminating any concerns of material burning.

1. Ideal for marking on coated silicon solar panels and removing surface films from objects.
2. Suitable for marking on mobile protection films, LCD screens, optic devices, automobile glass, and more.
3. It is also well-suited for marking non-metal materials or coated surfaces, such as hardware, ceramics, glasses, clocks, PCs, electronic devices, PCBs, control panels, nameplates, and plastic materials, among others.

Technical Parameters

Laser Power:3W,5W,7W,10W
Standard Marking Area:100mmx100mm
Marking Speed:≤7000mm/s
Minimum Line Width0.012mm
Min. Character size0.15mm
Marking Depth0~0.5mm
Location precision≤0.01mm
Resetting positioning accuracy0.003mm
Electrical Requirements:Ac220V±10%.50HZ.10Amp
Cooling modeAir cooled
Scan HeadHigh Precision Digital Scan Head
Unit Power<1kw
Operational Temp Range10-40ºC
Operational Humidity Range5%-75%, Non-condensing
Dimensions:900x650x1650 mm
Net Weight150KG


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