Automatic Loading and Unloading Laser Marking Machine

Automatic Loading & Unloading Fiber Laser Marking System

Laser marking loading and unloading system combines advanced automate loading and unloading station, laser marking technology, and precision control to achieve consistent and high-quality markings on a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and more.

Automatic Loading and Unloading Laser Marking Machine

The standard laser marking system can be optionally equipped with an independent block parts automatic loading and unloading system. This automatic laser marking machine utilizes a Weilun touch screen as the user interface, incorporates servo motors, screw guide rails, and cylinders for precise actuation. It offers intermittent feeding capability and can significantly reduce labor requirements, making it ideal for the automated loading and unloading of materials during the marking process.

Loading Mechanism: This component is responsible for placing raw workpieces onto the marking station. It can consist of conveyors and other automated systems that accurately position the workpiece for laser marking.

Unloading Mechanism: After the marking process is complete, the unloading mechanism removes the marked workpieces from the marking station and may place them onto another conveyor or storage area.

Control System: The control system manages the entire process, coordinating the loading, marking, and unloading actions. It ensures precise positioning, laser parameters, and synchronization of movements.

Vision System: Cameras or sensors may be integrated to detect and align the workpieces accurately, ensuring consistent and precise laser marking even if the workpieces have irregular shapes or positions.

Software Interface: An intuitive software interface allows operators to program and customize marking patterns, text, graphics, and other parameters.


  • Employing a fiber laser for output, our system boasts high electro-optical conversion efficiency, excellent beam quality, compact dimensions, and maintenance-free operation.
  • Exuding remarkable stability, a high pulse frequency, and uniform engraving lines, our system creates intricate patterns with fine detail and achieves substantial engraving depths.
  • The marking range can be readily adjusted to align with specific accuracy demands at any given moment.
  • Achieving swift marking speeds, our system confidently meets rigorous standards of excellence.

Benefits of an Automatic Loading & Unloading Fiber Laser Marking Machine

  • Increased Efficiency: Automation can lead to reduced labor costs and increased production efficiency.
  • Consistency: Automated systems ensure consistent and precise markings across a large volume of workpieces, minimizing errors.
  • Improved Quality: Laser marking offers high-quality, permanent markings that resist wear, corrosion, and fading.
  • Flexibility: The system can be programmed for different marking patterns, alphanumeric characters, barcodes, logos, and more.
  • Integration: Such systems can be integrated into existing production lines or workflows.

Technical Parameters

Laser power20W
Laser wavelength1064nm
Beam qualityM²<1.5
Laser frequency20-80KHz
Minimum line width0.03mm (F=160)
Minimum characterLetter or number:0.15×0.15mm (F=160)
Carving depth≤0.8mm
Engraving speed≤15000mm/s
Lettering range110*110mm (optional70*70mm-300*300mm)
Total power≤0.6KW
Dimensions113cm*78cm*148cm (L*W”H)
Electricity demandAc220V15%.50HZ.5Amp
Repetition Accuracy±0.01mm (F=160)


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