Laser Drilling Machine for Glass

Laser Marking Machine for Glass Drilling

Laser engraving machine for glass drilling and cutting designed for unreinforced and reinforced glass and other brittle materials drilling applications. Its user-friendly interface ensures easy operation, while non-touch processing guarantees the glass remains undamaged and delivering precision and finesse beyond traditional methods.

Laser Glass Drilling Machine

The laser drilling machine for glass materials offers laser marking with high precision and fine features, and is particularly suited to the handling of hard and brittle glass substrates. The laser presents a number of significant advantages over traditional methods of glass processing, laser machine drilling and sanding glass. Its ease of operation and non-contact processing ensures that the glass is not damaged by external forces, while achieving excellent glass perfection and fineness.

Features of Laser Drilling Machine for Glass 

Laser System:
DP-JP-100-M8 series laser systems utilize a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) structure, supporting independent adjustment of pulse width and pulse frequency. While maintaining the performance of the existing series, the M8 series optimizes pulse peak power and beam quality. It excels in applications with high demands for peak power and brightness, particularly in tasks like glass drilling, where peak power exceeds 50 kW.

laser source

Scanning Galvanometer:
The rear-focused three-dimensional scanning galvanometer finds wide applications in high-end processes such as laser precision marking, laser engraving, laser deep engraving, laser cutting, and laser welding on multi-level, inclined, cylindrical, spherical, and complex 3D surfaces. Laser processing is more than 80% faster than conventional processing. By using a 3-axis galvanometer laser head, it is also possible to change the working focus of the laser inside the material, thus enabling 3D effects to be produced inside glass objects.

Lens (λ=1064nm):
The F-theta scanning lens, also known as a field lens, flat-field focusing lens, or linear lens, disperses the laser beam over the scanning area or workpiece, forming uniformly sized and focused spots across the entire marking plane.

scanning lens

Laser Chiller:
Water cooling system
Dual digital display
Full power cooling, micro-cooling, heating control
High-precision temperature control with fluctuations controlled within 0.5°C
Sensor fault self-diagnosis and water flow alarm functions
Highly integrated chip on the mainboard with strong anti-interference capability
Equipped with antifreeze function for better protection of machine water circuit components in low-temperature environments
Comes with universal wheels for easy mobility
Compact size, user-friendly operation, energy-efficient, stable performance, and quality assurance.

industrial water cooler

Software Features

  • Advanced digital three-axis dynamic focusing technology ensures fast marking speed, high real-time zoom control, and uniform focusing spot. It achieves precise laser marking on curved workpieces without defocusing during processing.
  • User-friendly operation with excellent equipment stability; specialized control software is compatible with various software outputs such as AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, and more.
  • Capable of receiving files in various formats, including BMP, JPG, DXF, PLT, AI, etc.


This laser glass drilling machine can be applied to a wide range of processes such as drilling, cutting and marking. The applications of lasers on glass are wide-ranging and cover everything from purely decorative applications to cutting, drilling and engraving in consumer electronics, LCDs, medical devices, telecommunications and more. Some typical objects include perfume bottles, jars, glasses, jugs, cutlery, frames, mirrors, display cases, monitors, gadgets, and various decorative items.

laser drilling machine for glass samples

Technical Parameters

Model SpecificationYLP-70YG-F10-3DYLP-100M8-F14-3D
Center Wavelength1064nm1064nm
Laser Power>70W>100W
Repetition Frequency100kHz1kHz-4000kHz
Beam QualityM2<1.2M2<1.6
Pulse Width≤11ns6-100ns
Spot Diameter1.5±0.53.0±0.5
Safety LevelClass IVClass IV
Marking Speed≤15000mm Actual marking speed depends on the material.
Minimum Character0.15mm0.15mm
Minimum Marking Line Width32um32um
Marking Range70x70mm110x110mm(optional 70mm/150mm/180mm/220mm)
Cooling MethodWater cooling (laser)Water-cooled (Laser working water temperature range: 30-37°C)
System Protection ClassIP54IP54
Operating Environment RequirementsAmbient temperature 10-40 ℃, relative humidity 30% ≤ RH ≤ 85%, no oil mist, no condensationAmbient temperature 10-40 ℃, relative humidity 30% ≤ RH ≤ 85%, no oil mist, no condensation
Power RequirementAC220V±5%,50HZ/60HZ,5AmpAC220V±5%,50HZ/60HZ,5Amp
Power Consumption<1.6KW<1.6KW
WeightApprox. 140~150kg(without packing)Approx. 140~150kg(without packing)
Overall dimensions (L×W×H: mm)880x650x1450 (size for reference)880x650x1450 (size for reference)


LaserDP-Grace X 1064-70-SPDP-JP-100-M8
Scanning GalvanometerDP-JZ three-dimensional dynamic digital scanning galvanometerDP-ZB three-dimensional dynamic digital scanning galvanometer
Lens70x70mm Wavelength Focusing Quartz Lens70x70mm Wavelength Focusing Quartz Lens
Controlling SoftwareDPEZCAD3 Roc Relief SoftwareDP Roc relief software
ComputerIndustrial Control I5/21.5 inch liquid displayIndustrial control I5/21.5 inch liquid display
Control CabinetDP-MD marble model countertop sheet metal cabinet 950*650DP-YLP model reinforced support sheet metal cabinet 880*650(standard with LED lighting device)
Lifting Mechanism170 type elevation,stroke S=550mm,manual focusing170 type elevation, stroke S=550mm, manual focusing

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