Infrared Picosecond Laser Marking Machine

Infrared Picosecond Laser Marking Machine
The infrared picosecond laser engraving machines use infrared lasers for ultrashort pulses for engraving and marking. It is widely used in micromachining technology, medical device manufacturing, jewelry engraving, semiconductor manufacturing, marking etching, glass processing and materials research to achieve high precision, micron-level processing and minimal thermal impact.

Infrared Picosecond Laser Marking Machine for Medical 

The infrared picosecond laser marking & engraving machine uses laser beams to permanently mark various types of materials on their surfaces. The marking effect is achieved by evaporating surface materials to reveal deeper layers of materials, or by causing chemical and physical changes to the surface materials through the use of light energy to “engrave” traces, or by burning off some materials with light energy, to display etched patterns, texts, codes, and other types of graphics.

Pico-second Laser Engraver Machine
The pico laser machine can create color marking on titanium and black marking on anodized aluminum oxide and stainless steel.

All device identifiers for medical devices, implants, tools, and instruments must be permanently, clearly and accurately marked. This characteristic is important for traceability and transparency of medical products and devices, ensuring that they can be properly tracked and identified throughout their lifecycle. Picosecond laser black marking is widely used in medical implants, surgical instruments and disposable. Therefore, the picosecond laser marking machine is an ideal tool for enhancing quality control, traceability, and safety in the medical industry.

laser sourceLaser Source

  • GXP 1064 Picosecond Infrared Series Laser, with a simple interface, adopts an integrated design, featuring a simple structure and reliable performance. It has a narrow pulse width, high peak power, and is suitable for high-precision industrial applications.
  • Outstanding beam quality (M2 <1.2) supports PSO, Burst, and FFC modes in an integrated design. It has a compact structure and high long-term stability for 24/7 industrial use.
Scanning Mirror

  • ScanQuick3 λ=1064nm Digital Scanning Mirror
  • M-series high-speed scanning mirrors can carry a 10mm spot reflection mirror, with a maximum incident spot diameter of 10mm, used in optical scanning, laser marking, drilling, micro-processing, and the medical industrial sector.
  • This optical scanning system features fast speed, low drift, high positional accuracy, and reliable and stable operation. Its overall performance has reached a leading domestic level, mainly suitable for high-speed and online flight marking of fiber, CO2, UV, and other lasers.
  • Supports international XY2-100 standard protocols.
galvanometer scanning
field lensLens λ=1064nm

  • F-theta scanning lens, also known as a field lens, flat field focusing lens, or linear lens. Its image height equals the focal length multiplied by the scanning angle (y=f *θ). Unlike typical focusing lenses that concentrate the beam at a single point, the scanning lens disperses the laser beam into multiple points over the scanning area or workpiece, creating uniformly sized and focused spots of light throughout the entire marking plane.
Control Software

  • Software Kernel: 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • Laser Support: CO2, YAG, FIBER, etc. It can adjust laser parameters such as current, pulse frequency, and duty cycle according to different laser specifications.
  • IO Control: Added port control functions to easily achieve automation (one input port, two output ports).
  • Multi-language Support: Built-in Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, French, and German. You can easily localize it by translating the language pack.
control software
computer monitorComputer Monitors

  • HKC21.5″ V2210
  • 178 Viewing Angle + Non-flicker+16.7 Million Colors + Low Power Consumption≤0.5W
  • Resolution/Refresh
  • Rate:1920*1080/60Hz
  • Dot Pitch:0.248mm
  • Display Color:16.7M
  • Brightness:220cd/m²
  • Contrast Ratio(DCR):20000000:1
Laser Chiller

  • Water-cooled heat dissipation
  • Double digital tube display
  • Full-power cooling and heating control
  • High-precision temperature control, fluctuations can be controlled within 0.5 ℃
  • Sensor failure self-diagnosis function, water flow alarm function
  • The main board adopts high integration chip, strong anti-interference ability.
  • With anti-freezing function, can protect the machine components in low temperature environment.
  • With universal casters, easy to move
  • Compact size, easy to operate, energy efficient, stable performance.

Advantages of Infrared Picosecond Laser Marking System

The picosecond laser marking machine can replace the nanosecond UV laser marker, CO2 laser marker, fiber laser marker, and MOPA laser marker. The DPLASER picosecond laser marker has numerous advantages:

Stable Performance

  • Homemade seed source (40000hrs lifespan)
  • Proven solid-state amplifier technology
  • Import of core components


  • All-in-one machine design
  • Burst pulse editing function
  • Support PSO function
  • Data monitoring and analysis
  • Power fast switching function

Low Maintenance Cost

  • Modular design, can be maintained separately
  • Quick after-sales response, on-site maintenance, low cost


  • Superior beam quality (M2<1.2), support PSO, Burst, FFC mode, integrated design, compact structure, high long-term working stability.
  • 24/7 industrial application, GXP 1064 picosecond infrared series laser.
  • Integrated design, simple structure, reliable performance.
  • Narrow pulse width, high peak power, focus on micro-nano processing field.
  • The operation is simple and user-friendly, and the equipment has good stability; the special control software is compatible with Auto CAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop and other software output.
  • Can receive various BMP, JPG, DXF, PLT, AI and other format files.
  • Automatically generate various serial numbers, production dates, barcodes, and QR codes.
  • Support flying marking and rotating marking.

Marking Glass – comparison of infrared picosecond and ultraviolet nanosecond

infrared picosecond vs. ultraviolet nanosecond

Picosecond Laser Marking Application:

The picosecond laser can mark a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic, and glass, enabling it to be used for a variety of medical applications.

  • Cutting and drilling of brittle materials, frosted glass surface (glass, sapphire and ceramics)
  • LCD, OLED screen cutting
  • Glassware marked scale – Home Appliance Industry
  • Blackening of battery cell, anti-electrolyte corrosion – New Energy Industry
  • Laser black marking on medical metal – Medical Equipment
  • Acrylic inner carving – Decoration
  • Jade deep carving, 3D relief carving – Crafts
  • Marking of wafers – Semiconductor
  • Aluminum oxide blackening – Metal Processing
  • Ceramic dial scale for smart watch – Smart Wearable
  • Infrared picosecond laser marking for black aluminum oxide – Food Packaging

infrared picosecond laser marking machine application

Widely used in integrated circuit chips, moulds, microelectronics, industrial bearings, clocks, aerospace devices, auto parts, wires and cables, medical equipment, and many other fields of graphics and text marking, mass production line operations.

Technical Parameters

Center Wavelength1064nm1064nm
Laser Power>30W>10W
Repeat Frequency100kHz~2MHz
Beam QualityM²<1.3
Pulse Width<15ps
Spot Diameter1.2±0.2
Marking Speed≤15000mm; The actual marking speed depends on the material
Minimum Character0.15mm
Minimum Marker Line Width32um
Mark Range110x110mm(optional 70mm/150mm/180mm/220mm)
Cooling Methodwater cooling
System Protection LevelIP54
Operating Environment RequirementsAmbient temperature 10~35℃ relative humidity 30%≤RH≤85%, no oil mist, no condensation
Power RequirementsAC220V±5%,50HZ/60HZ,5Amp
Overall Power Consumption<1.6KW
Total WeightAbout 140~150kg (excluding packaging)
Dimensions Mm (Length×Width×Height)650×950×1500(dimensions for reference)


Optical SystemLaserInfrared Picosecond DP-Gxp-1064-30W/DP-GL-1064-10W optional1
Galvo ScanningScanQuick 3 λ=1064nm1
Lens110x110mm Wavelength Focusing Quartz Lens1
Control SystemControlling SoftwareEzcad / Dapenglaser1
ComputerIndustrial Control I3/21.5-inch Liquid Display1
Mechanical SystemControl CabinetSheet Metal Cabinet 950*650 mm1
Lifting Mechanism170 Type Lift, Stroke S=550mm, Manual Focus1

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