Fully Enclosed UV Laser Marking Machine

Fully Surrounded UV Laser Marking Machine for Non-metals

5W UV Laser Marking Machine ultraviolet has a tiny focus beam spot, widely used in the high-end market of ultra-precision laser processing, marking effect is more fine.

5W UV Laser Engraving Machine for Plastic Security Seal QR Code

Enclosed UV Laser Marking Machine is specifically designed for marking and engraving glass & plastic material. The machine is equipped UV light source that is effective in producing precise and permanent markings. The enclosed design of the machine enhances its safety and minimizes the risk of laser radiation exposure.

Its non-contact process, which creates minimal stress and damage to the surface. Its versatility and precision make it ideal for a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronic component, medical, and packaging. This 5W Fully surrounded UV laser marking system is the perfect solution for your security seal and plastic code marking.

UV Laser Engraver Features:

  • Excellent beam quality and very narrow pulse width
  • Thermal effect is very small when marking, the material is uneasy to deform
  • High reliability, stability and security
  • High-performance digital galvanometer scanner ensures the marking speed and precision
  • Visual location, auto-focus and rotating marking function is optional

UV Laser Marking & Engraving Machine Applications:

  1. Electronic components, mobile chargers, electric wire and communication products.
  2. Instrument appliance, hardware machinery, measuring tools.
  3. Food, beverage and cosmetics industry.
  4. Glass, crystal products, arts and crafts of surface and internal thin film etching, ceramic cutting or engraving.
  5. polymer material, majority of the metal and non-metallic materials for surface processing and coating film processing.

Enclosed UV Laser Marking Machine Application

High speed Enclosed UV Laser Machine Marking Details:

Technical Parameters

Max marking depth<0.5mm (depend on the material)
Marking area300mx300mm
Focal distance420mm(±2mm) Adjustable
Marking speed800CH/S (Adjustable)
Minimum characterEnglish: 0.12 x 0.12mm
Minimum line width0.01mm
Laser Wavelength355nm
Pulse repetition frequency20kHz-80kHz
Laser output power>5W
Pulse Width<20ns@40kHz
Power stability≤3%rms
Quality of Laser BeamTEM00(M2≤1.2)
Beam Diameter≤10mm
Working MaterialNd:YVO4
Laser Security ClassificationCIassIV
Cooling Mode:Air cooled
Operating Temperature/Humidity10-35℃/ <65%
Electrical Requirements:110/220V,50/60Hz
Unit power consumption<0.75KW
High speed scan GalvanometerSCANQUIK
Laser genertor & Power supply device355nm/5W
Laser marking cards & softwareEzCAD
Red light aiming systemInclude
Computer control systemWINDOWS 10
F-theta lensF420mm/300mm

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