Follow up CO₂ Laser Cutting Machine

Follow-up  Glass Tube CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

During the cutting process, the laser can change the speed instantaneously according to the needs of curves and straight lines.


Fully Enclosed CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Non-Metallic

The follow up CO2 laser cutting machine is equipped with a follow up laser head that can be used to cut or engrave non-metallic materials of many shapes. It automatically adapts to surface fluctuations by adjusting the distance between the laser head and the surface of the cut material to ensure that the distance and focal length between the laser head and the object remain constant, thus effectively completing the cutting or engraving of non-flat objects. Its cutting effectiveness on uneven materials is superior, and it adeptly resolves the challenge of laser cutting specific non-metallic materials with unique shapes.

Follow up Laser Head

  • Curved surface cutting
  • Irregular shape cutting

It is designed to realize the hollowing and carving of different height workpiece, high bearing capacity. Professional rotating fixture can be selected for the engraving and processing of cylindrical products.


  1. Suitable for non-metal plates.
  2. High precision: imported servo motor with imported ball screw drive, greatly improve the cutting accuracy, equipment response speed.
  3. Good stability: the use of precision ball screw drive mechanism and optimized CNC system control, to meet the precision parts processing, dynamic stability performance.
  4. Good quality of cutting section: mechanical following cutting head system, the cutting head always follows the material and keeps the position of cutting point unchanged, which ensures smooth cutting section without reworking. It can adapt to flat or curved plate cutting.
  5. Adopt sealed CO2 laser tube, easy to operate, stable laser device and low maintenance cost.


CO2 follower laser cutting machine is mainly used in manufacturing, clothing, crafts and other non-metallic acrylic, rubber, plastic, organic glass, bamboo and wood products, crystal, jade, etc. Follow-up laser cutting machines are commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, signage, and fashion. They offer numerous advantages over traditional cutting methods, including high precision, speed, versatility, and the ability to handle complex designs and patterns.

Technical Parameters

laser Power60W/80W/100W/130W/300W/400W/600W (customizable)
Laser wavelength10640nm
XY motion platformVarious configurations are available, such as: 600mm×400mm; 1000mm×600mm; 1300mm×900mm; 2500mm×1300mm
Transfer MethodDouble drive straight
Repetition Accuracy≦0.05mm
Cutting accuracy±0.05mm
Cutting speed10m~20m/min(Depends configuration)
Power DemandAC220V/50HZ
Cooling MethodWater cooling
Optimum Environmental Requirementstemperature 0~40°C, humidity 5%~80%
DimensionsVaries based on model and XY axis travel

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