Online Flying Visual Positioning Laser Marking Machine

CCD Visual Positioning Automatic Fiber CO2 UV Online Flying Laser Marking Machines

Laser marking machine with CCD visual positioning system can accurately recognize the position and direction of the marked object. Combined with the conveyor belt, it can realize high quality, high speed assembly line marking, identifying and marking multiple products at one time. It greatly improves the marking efficiency and saves a lot of labor. CCD Visual positioning automatic laser marking machine is especially suitable for marking on product which is not easy to be positioned by hand, such as: electronic components, circuit boards, resistors, metal buttons, pens and power plug.

Online Flying Visual Positioning Laser Marking Machine

Visual positioning automatic laser marking machine is a specialized type of laser engraving machine that is designed for high-speed flying production lines. The CCD vision laser marking system realizes efficient and accurate marking of products by integrating vision positioning technology. The core lies in templating and storing the product features as a standard reference. In the actual processing, the CCD camera captures the product image and compares it with the pre-stored template, and the computer quickly completes the position identification and calibration, thus guiding the laser head to carry out accurate marking. This process is not limited by the shape of the product, whether it is round, square or complex irregular shapes can be recognized and processed.

Standard laser marking machine can only mark one product at a time, requiring manual feeding, positioning marking and unloading. And DPLASER automatic positioning flying laser marking machine can realize continuous marking, no need manually locate the marking position, just place the product in the scanning range of the CCD camera.

This CCD visual position laser marker is especially suitable for marking on ultra high-precision and valuable parts which is not easy to be positioned by hand, it can identify the shape and marking area of the object in the software. It utilizes a laser beam to mark or engrave on a wide variety of materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and more. The flying visual positioning system allows for precise marking at high speeds, making it ideal for use in industries such as electronics components, power supply, circuit boards, resistors, small capacitors, buttons, pens, etc.

Features of Flying Visual Positioning Laser Marker:

  1. Applicable for flying production marking. Optional fiber, green light machine, CO2, UV light, EP pumping etc. to combine with automatic conveyor belt to meet all customers’ requirements.
  2. Flying marking system achieved automatic assembly line to improve production efficiency.
  3. Compared with traditional ink printing, owns high efficiency, convenient, without materials consumption, non-toxic, without pollution etc. advantages.
  4. Stable performance, applicable for long term operation up to 24 hours.
  5. Compatible with document output by Auto CAD,CorelDRAW etc. multiple software, carry out bar code, two-dimensional code, graph words etc. marking, support PLT,PCX,DXF,BMP etc. document format, direct use SHX,TTF fonts.
  6. System can automatic coded, printing serial number, batch number, date etc. Providing standard network interface, serial port,USB port, meet the requirements of data transmission and equipment extension.

Product Details:

  • Laser Source
    The best quality Wuhan Raycus fiber laser generator, Raycus brand laser source, with a normal working life of 100,000 hours. You can also choose Max or IPG.
  • Galvo Head
    Sino-Galvo scanner head has the good running stability, high positioning accuracy, fast marking speed, strong anti interference ability.
  • F-theta Lens
    CCD visual positioning laser marking system adopts an external camera to shoot and locate the position and angle of the product in real time, so as to mark automatically. It greatly simplifies the design difficulty of feeding system in automatic marking.
  • Control Software
    After the program and parameters been setted, no need to display the objects (to be marked) at the exactly right position, this laser marking machine can recognise the position and get graphics to mark.
  • Conveyor Belt
    Choose the right conveyor belt for your product size.

components of vision positioning laser marking machine


Visual positioning laser marker is especially suitable for marking on product which is not easy to be positioned by hand, such as: food packaging, circuit boards, resistors, metal buttons, pens, power plug, electronic components, capacitors, integrated circuit (IC) cards, small screws and other precision parts, as well as jewelry and other product series with complex appearance and variable dimensions.

ccd vision positioning laser marking machineccd vision positioning laser marking machine


Technical Parameters

Application:Flying Online Vision Positioning Laser Marking
Working Accuracy:0.001mm
Graphic Format Supported:AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, Dst, Dwg, LAS, DXP, CDR
Laser Type:Fiber/UV/CO2 Laser
CNC or Not:Yes
Cooling Mode:Air Cooling
Control Software:EZ CAD
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:DPLASER
Laser Source Brand:MAX, JPT, Raycus, IPG
Control System Brand:EZCAD
Marking Head Brand:Ouya, Scanlab
Marking Area:110mm*110mm
Machinery Test Report:Provided
Video outgoing-inspection:Provided
Mode of Operation:Pulsed
Laser Power:20W,30W,50W,100W
Working area:100mm-400mm (optional)
Power supply:AC 220V+-10% 50/60Hz
Minimum Character size:0.15*0.15mm
Repeatability Accuracy:0.002mm


Laser source typeFiber sourceFiber sourceFiber sourceFiber source
Laser Out Power20W30W50W100W
Laser wavelength1064nm1064nm1064nm1064nm
Laser SourceRaycus/Max/IPGRaycus/Max/IPGRaycus/Max/IPGRaycus/Max/IPG
Optional Marking Area150mm*150mm,180mm*180mm,200mm*200mm,300mm*300mm150mm*150mm,180mm*180mm,200mm*200mm,300mm*300mm150mm*150mm,180mm*180mm,200mm*200mm,300mm*300mm150mm*150mm,180mm*180mm,200mm*200mm,300mm*300mm
Laser frequency<0.6KW<0.6KW<0.6KW<0.6KW
Machine operating temperature0~40℃0~40℃0~40℃0~40℃
Electricity demandAc220V±10%.Ac220V±10%.Ac220V±10%.Ac220V±10%.
Cooling methodAir cooledAir cooledAir cooledAir cooled
Continuous operating time24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours

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