Film Laser Cutting Machine

Thin Film CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

CO2 film laser cutting machine, capable of cutting various types of film materials with high precision and producing aesthetically pleasing edge effects. Mainly used for precision cutting of non-metallic film materials such as PET, acrylic, aramid fiber, leather, paper, wood, rubber, aramid, plastics, etc.

High Precision Film Laser Cutting Machine

Thin film co2 laser cutting machine is a specialized tool used for cutting thin films. It utilizes laser technology to precisely cut through various types of film materials, including non-metallic films like PET, acrylic, polyethylene, polyurethane, polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, biaxially oriented polypropylene, and composite films.

Conventional punch cutting and tool cutting have difficulties in handling small lots and products with high precision requirements, as they require high tooling development costs. Therefore, protection film laser cutting machines are widely used in all kinds of non-metallic film processing fields due to their unique advantages such as simple operation, high degree of automation, high processing efficiency, precise cutting and better edge effect.

Thin films are widely used in various industries, mainly divided into two categories: non-metallic films and metallic films. Non-metallic films include single-material films such as PET, LED, PE, PU, PC, PVC, ABS, BOPP, as well as composite films.

Traditional punching and knife cutting methods face challenges in processing small batches and high-precision products due to high mold development costs. Therefore, film laser cutting machines for non-metallic, with their unique advantages such as simple operation, high automation, efficient processing, precise cutting, and superior edge effects, are widely applied in the processing of various non-metallic films.

CO2 Laser Cutting Machines for Film Features

  • High-precision positioning: positioning accuracy up to 0.05mm, repeat positioning accuracy up to 0.03mm, ensure accurate cutting.
  • Fast cutting: cutting speed up to 20m/min, improve production efficiency.
  • Smooth cutting surface: no burrs on the cutting surface, excellent quality. Non-contact cutting, low heat impact, usually without secondary processing.
  • No damage to the workpiece: the laser cutting head does not touch the surface of the material, avoiding scratches to the workpiece.
  • Independent of the shape of the workpiece: Flexible processing, can cope with any pattern and tube shape.
  • Wide material applicability: Applicable to most non-metallic thin film materials.
  • Save mold investment: No need for molds, reducing product development time and production costs.
  • Material saving: Optimized cutting of whole plate material through computer programming, maximizing material utilization.


CO2 thin film laser cutting machine is suitable for fine processing of many kinds of non-metallic thin film materials:

  • Electronics industry: for cutting PET film to make electronic components, circuit boards, etc.
  • Packaging industry: for cutting BOPP, PVC and other materials to make customized bags, foam boards and so on.
  • Advertising industry: for cutting acrylic film to make billboards, signs, display racks, etc.
  • Automotive industry: for cutting automotive interior materials, such as leather, PVC film, etc., to customize automotive seat covers, interior parts, etc.
  • Clothing industry: for cutting PU film, textiles and other materials, customized clothing, leather accessories and so on.
  • Construction industry: for cutting heat insulation film, decorative film, etc., customized building decoration materials.
  • Medical industry: suitable for cutting medical plastic film, PE film, etc., manufacturing medical equipment, packaging, etc.
  • Craft production: for cutting wood, leather, acrylic and other materials, making crafts, models and other fine processing.

film laser cutting machine application

Technical Parameters

Laser power30W
Positioning accuracy±0.05mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracy±0.03mm
Cutting size530mm×300mm
Maximum cutting speed≦20m/min
Input voltageAC220V 50Hz
Overall power2.0KW
Machine size1000mm×1250mm×1350mm
CharacteristicsPrecision cross module, high cutting accuracy
Installation environmentTemperature 15~35°C, optimum 25°C
Humidity 5-85% no condensation
No dust, no fumes, no corrosive gases. Isolated voltage regulator and good grounding are required.


Accessory nameBrandSpecification
Custom cabinetDapeng customizationDapeng
LaserAmerican SYNRADSYNRAD (air-cooled)
GalvanometerDapeng customizationCO2-12mm high speed digital laser scanning head
Field lensDapeng customizationStandard 100*100mm (optional 150/180/210)
Sports platformDapeng customizationStroke 530*300 or 300*250mm, servo motor
SoftwareEzcadYAR touch screen card/YAR wire flight card/Ezcad
Computer monitorAOCComputer monitor-AOC


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