Fiber Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning System 2rd

The portable handheld laser cleaner has a lightweight portable handheld design and weighs only 35 kg. Used for mold cleaning, paint stripping, removing rust, oil, coatings, oxides, etc. with a wide range of industrial applications.

Portable Fiber Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

The DPLASER industrial laser cleaning system are available with optional power outputs of 100W, 200W, 300W, and 500W, utilizing pulsed fiber laser technology for metal sheet paint removal, rust removal, weld cleaning, mold oil removal, castings paint removal and parts cleaning. They are capable of achieving highly precise cleaning on both metal and non-metal surfaces. The new model of metal laser cleaning machine features a compact and portable handheld design, facilitating easy mobility across various usage scenarios. Industrial fiber laser cleaning machines are widely employed in applications that demand high-precision treatment, such as rust removal, paint stripping, oil removal, film removal, and oxidation coating removal, meeting the requirement for zero damage to materials.

Portable Design: Our handheld pulse laser cleaning machine is designed for easy transportation and handling in various work environments.

Precision Cleaning: The portable laser cleaning machine can efficiently and precisely remove surface rust, oil stains, coatings, paints, graffiti, and other contaminants.

Non-Destructive Cleaning: Unlike traditional cleaning methods, the laser technology in our cleaning machine ensures surface protection during the cleaning process, preserving the integrity of the substrate.

Wide Application: Laser cleaning machines have various applications, such as building maintenance, parts manufacturing, electronic equipment, automotive manufacturing, etc.

Environmentally Friendly: Laser cleaning is safe and environmentally friendly.

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine Features

  • The second generations laser cleaning machine boasts integrated design and flexible adjustable parameters.
  • Dapeng Laser self-developed, it is lightweight, portable, and easily maneuvers for cleaning large irregular workpieces.
  • It offers non-contact cleaning with no consumables, damage, or chemical pollution.
  • With broad material adaptability, it efficiently applies to various industrial processing scenarios.
  • The user-friendly interface provides intuitive, adjustable parameters for easy operation.

The fiber laser cleaner is suitable for cleaning metal or non-metal surfaces, efficiently removing rust, oxides, paint, coatings, and oil from workpiece surfaces. It finds applications in electronics, PCBs, mechanical part restoration, mold cleaning, and automotive components.

Ø High cleaning degree
Ø Precise positioning of the cleaning
Ø Non-contact cleaning and protection of brittle surfaces
Ø Effective removal of micron-sized contamination particles
Ø Environmentally friendly, no consumables required

handheld laser cleaning machine samples

laser cleaning machine industrial applications

Technical Parameters

1Center wavelength (nm)1060—1080
2Laser power (w)100/200/300/500/1000 optional
3Fiber length (m)5
4Gun head weight (kg)2
5Cooling methodWater cooling & air cooling (depending on requirements)
6Operating environmentAmbient temperature 10-35℃, relative humidity 30%≦RH≦85%, no condensation
7Power requirements220V±5%, 50Hz
8Overall power(kw)2
9Machine weight (kg)±20150
10Security LevelClass IV
11Overall power protection levelIP54


1CabinetDapeng customization1 set
2LaserMAX 100W1 set
3Cleaning HeadDapeng customization1 set
4Control SystemDapeng customization1 set
5Protective LensesStandard2 pieces
6Protection GoggleStandard1 set
7QBH Protective CaseStandard1 set
8Gas Tube10*6.5*3M1 piece

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