Automatic 3D Laser Tube Cutting Machine

3D 5 Axis Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine

CNC 3D laser cutting machine is a industrial laser equipment used for precision cutting of three-dimensional metal tubes. It combines the capabilities of a laser cutting machine with the ability to cut tubes in multiple axes, enabling complex and intricate cuts on curved, bent, or angled tubes.

Automatic Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Tube

The automatic 3D laser tube cutting machine is an advanced piece of equipment designed specifically for the precise cutting of three-dimensional metal tubes. This cutting-edge machine utilizes laser technology to achieve accurate and intricate cuts on tubes with complex shapes and contours.

The five axis high speed laser tube cutting technology is an excellent choice for industries that deal with intricate and complex three-dimensional tubes. Its advanced features, precision cutting capabilities, and automation support contribute to increased efficiency, productivity, and high-quality final products.


  • 3D tube laser cutting system offers a comprehensive solution by replacing multiple traditional methods simultaneously. It is for stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, plastic, depending on the specific capabilities of the 3D tube cutting machine, it may be able to cut other materials as well.
  • The technology offers exceptional flexibility, precision, and top-quality cutting, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It can process open profiles, flat steel, and profiles of various shapes.
  • High Precision: Utilizing a front-pull material structure and incorporating alignment functions, the perforation accuracy can reach +0.05mm.
  • Fast Cutting Speed: Designed for cutting and perforating medium and small-sized pipes, the machine boasts a stable structure and operates at 1.5 times the speed of traditional general-purpose pipe cutting machines.
  • Small Waste Material Area, Material Savings, and Reduced Post-processing: The machine employs a simple and unique front-pull material feeding method with added alignment capabilities. It ensures that the machine produces waste material of no more than 40mm during normal cutting operations, reducing material wastage and eliminating the need for post-processing of waste material.
  • Quick Loading: The loading time is only 2.5 seconds. Simply hoist 6-meter raw materials in batches onto the material rack to achieve the entire automated process: automatic loading → automatic feeding → automatic arrangement → automatic cutting → automatic unloading.


  1. Laser Cutting Technology: The machine employs laser cutting technology, typically utilizing a fiber laser source. Fiber lasers offer high power, efficiency, and excellent beam quality, making them suitable for cutting various metal materials.
  2. Three-Dimensional Cutting: Unlike traditional flatbed laser cutters that operate in two dimensions, the three-dimensional laser tube cutting machine can cut tubes along multiple axes, including X, Y, and Z axes. This allows for complex cuts on curved, bent, or angled tubes, opening up possibilities for intricate designs and precise fitting.
  3. Tube Manipulation: The machine is equipped with advanced CNC systems and robotic arms that can manipulate the tubes in different orientations and positions. It can rotate, tilt, and position the tube accurately, ensuring precise cutting in all directions.
  4. CAD/CAM Software Integration: Three-dimensional laser tube cutting machines are typically integrated with sophisticated CAD/CAM software. This software allows users to create or import 3D models, define cutting paths, and generate machine instructions. The software also optimizes the cutting process for efficiency and accuracy.
  5. Automatic Loading and Unloading: Many automatic three-dimensional laser tube cutting machines have integrated automatic loading and unloading systems. This enables continuous operation and reduces the need for manual intervention. Tubes can be loaded into the machine, cut automatically, and unloaded without interruption.
  6. Real-Time Monitoring and Control: These machines often have monitoring systems that provide real-time feedback on the cutting process. This allows operators to monitor cutting progress, adjust parameters if needed, and ensure quality control.
  7. Material Compatibility: The machine can cut a wide range of metal materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and more. It is suitable for various applications, such as automotive, aerospace, architecture, furniture, and other industries that require precise tube cutting.
Lasers: MAX/BWT

  • Superior beam quality
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Constant over the entire power range
  • Modular “plug and play” design
  • Large working area, small focal length
  • Compact, robust and easy to install
  • Efficiency > 30%
  • Integrated coupler or beam switch option
Laser Cutting Head: Osprey

  • The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed, effectively preventing dust contamination of optical components.
  • The laser head utilizes a two-point alignment adjustment and a focus collimator adjustment method. It is driven by an imported motor.
  • The protective lens is installed in a drawer-style fashion, making replacement convenient.
  • With a modular design, high precision, and easy maintenance, this cutting head offers efficient and user-friendly operation.
Servo Drive

Utilizing a bus control method to ensure precise positioning and optimal dynamic response, this guarantees smooth and reliable operation of the automatic positioning mechanism with minimal maintenance. High-power motors drive the X, Y, and Z axes.

Transmission Components

Fast speed, high precision, and strong reliability ensure long and stable operation. Higher speeds with lower noise levels guarantee high accuracy and extended lifespan.

Servo Feeding Device

Servo-controlled material feeding and clamping for cutting, reducing material pulling, and improving efficiency. A single cutting stroke can reach up to 1.2 meters.

Laser Cutting System

The software is designed for the bus system of a single chuck feeding pipe cutting machine. Compared to other pipe cutting systems in the market, it has advantages such as improved cutting efficiency, support for various bevel processing, and ensuring cutting stability.

Laser Cutting Power Head

Independently developed for high precision, the power head undergoes multiple tests to quickly clamp and enhance work efficiency. The clamping force is stable, reliable, and adjustable, allowing for fast cutting speeds and excellent accuracy. It is worry-free for cutting profiles, making it widely applicable to both batch and single-item processing enterprises.

Laser Chiller

  • Utilizing water cooling for efficient heat dissipation, it enables low heat emission indoors.
  • Equipped with an efficient plate heat exchanger and patented anti-freezing technology for plate heat exchangers.
  • Various temperature control precision options are available, including ±0.1℃/±1.0℃/±2.5℃, with water circuit system and refrigeration system pressure indicators.
  • Compact in size, easy to operate, energy-efficient, stable in performance, and quality assured.


With 3D technology, a wide variety of shapes can be cut on pipes, allowing for greater flexibility and design possibilities.

1. Curves and Arcs: 3D tube cutting technology enables the creation of smooth curves and arcs along the length of the tube. This can range from gentle bends to more complex and intricate curves.

2. Angle Cuts: Tubes can be precisely cut at various angles, including bevel cuts, chamfer cuts, and mitered cuts. This allows for connections, joints, or specific assembly requirements.

3. Holes and Slots: 3D tube cutting can create different sizes and shapes of holes and slots along the tube surface. These openings can be used for various purposes, including for fittings, connections, or ventilation.

4. Notches and Tabs: Notches and tabs can be cut into tubes to facilitate seamless connections and secure assembly. These features ensure proper alignment and stability when joining multiple tubes together.

5. Intricate Patterns: 3D tube cutting technology enables the creation of intricate and detailed patterns. This can include logos, text, decorative designs, or any custom pattern for branding or aesthetic purposes.

6. Curved or Straight Cuts: The technology allows for precise straight-line cuts as well as complex curved cuts along the length or across the tube. This versatility makes it possible to achieve a wide range of shapes and designs.

It’s important to note that the actual shapes that can be cut on tubes with 3D laser cutting machine are not limited to the examples provided above.

automatic 3D laser tube cutting machine

3D laser tube cutting machine samples


Main ParametersFive-axis laser tube cutting machine
Cutting pipe lengthUnlimited length
Cutting pipe diameterΦ6-Φ86
Tail material≤50MM
X-axis travel0-1300M
Y-axis travel±50MM
Z-axis travel0-100MM
Cutting accuracy±0.05M
Positional accuracy±0.1MM
Pulling accuracy±0.1MM(single)
Cutting width0.1-0.2M
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.03M
Maximum A-axis speed170r/min
Maximum X-axis speed80M/min
Maximum Y-axis speed500MM/S
Maximum Z-axis speed500MM/S
Loading methodServo
Weight of the machine950KG
Supply voltage380V
Rated power4700W(without laser, chiller)
Actual load ratio45%
Floor space2400*1250*2050

Technical Parameters

ModelMaximum processing tube diameterAutomatic loading length range (mm)Laser powerPower supply rated voltageMaximum feeding speedMaximum speed head of colletCutting accuracy
DPE-D90ARound tube: 15-89; Square Tube: 15×15~63×634000-65001500W,2000W,3000W220V60m/min120rpm/min0.25mm

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