Advertising Laser Welding Machine

300W 500W Advertisement Laser Welder

Automatic advertising laser welding machine is applied to the rapid and precise welding of various metal, stainless steel characters, LED luminous characters, LOGO signs, signs, advertising words and other products. Developed independently by our company, this product offers exceptional features such as profound welding capabilities, customizable spot size, and remarkable strength.

Automatic Advertising Letter Laser Welding Machine

Advertising laser welding machine is designed for advertising letters manufacturing industry. Advertising fiber laser welding machine can be used to weld LED luminous letters, LOGO signs, signage, advertising words and other products with fast and precise welding. Suitable for thin metal materials, including carbon steel/stainless steel/aluminum/galvanized plate, etc.


1.Customized laser welding machine for advertising making industry. Adopting Dapeng developed adjustable optimization technology, it has the advantages of welding depth, adjustable spot size and high intensity.

①Large worktable, long optical path.

②Welding energy is adjustable, suitable for welding large plates in depth and reducing the cost of thin metal plate materials.

③The X and Y electronically controlled light path adjustment device (300*200mm) is easy to operate and improves the welding efficiency.

④Specially designed telephoto lens F=200mm.

2. High-definition CCD monitoring, liquid crystal display panel and special placement to realize instant identification of welding parts.

3. Small heat-affected zone, no deformation of the working surface.

4. Welding surface without protrusion, no need to grind and polish, save time and labor, beautiful and solid.

5. Easy and fast installation, easy to use.

LCD Touch Screen Controller

Adopting built-in control system with touch screen ensures high sensitivity and easy parameter configuration. According to different materials, users can flexibly configure various parameters such as current, frequency, pulse, etc. and save them conveniently.

Red Light Pointer

Quickly find the welding position with high precision and faster laser positioning.

CCD Monitoring System

Can visualize the welding details that are hard to detect by human eyes, and easily adjust the spot size and welding spot position.

Industrial Chiller

Ensures that the machine is maintained in good working condition. The operator can easily change the temperature parameters through the chiller panel, which includes the air conditioning system. (300W-2P, 500W-3P)

Xenon Lamp

The laser is powered by a leading brand of xenon lamp.

Work Table

Extra-large work table is easy to operate and improves welding efficiency.

Laser Welding Head

Suitable for laser welding with a power of 600W or below, our system undergoes special optimization and upgrades tailored to specific usage environments, ensuring reliable and stable operation over extended periods in daily industrial settings. With outstanding welding quality and speed, it seamlessly integrates with systems for enhanced production efficiency. The modular design facilitates quick on-site repairs, enabling customers to swiftly restore capacity and achieve uninterrupted 24-hour production. Our localized service and maintenance further reduce user costs.

Vertical focus range±1.5mm
Collimating focal lengthF150
Effective aperture20mm
Applicable power25W-600W

advertisement laser welding machine samples

advertisement laser welding machine samples

Technical Parameters

Laser wavelength1064nm1064nm
Focusing cavityImported double lamp gold cavity 170Imported double lamp gold cavity 170
Laser power300W500W
Pulse width0.2-20ms(adjustable)0.2-20ms(adjustable)
Laser frequency1-50HZ1-50HZ
Applicable wire diameter (mm)0.2-10.2-1
Spot adjustment range0.3-3mm0.3-3mm
Cooling modeWater-cooled (2P)Water-cooled (3P)
Working stroke (mm)X=300 Y=200X=300 Y=200
Worktable weight150kg (400kg optional)150kg (400kg optional)
Rated power380V,18KW,40A380V,18KW,40A


CabinetDapeng advertising welding 300W cabinetDapeng advertising 500W spot welder cabinet
Laser Power SupplySingle light single box common type power supply 9KWDual-lamp dual box general type power supply 12KW
Laser RodsYAGø7*145YAGø7*155
Focusing CavitySingle-lamp ceramic spotlight chamberDouble lamp gold-plated laser cavity
Xenon Lampø8*130*270*5ø8*140*280
Focusing MirrorLaser welding focusing lens F=150 (standard)Laser welding focusing lens F=150 (standard)
CCD/Red Light Indicator20x magnification12V power supply, 1.2mm spot/3 meters


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