3D Laser Marking Machine for Surface Texturing

3D Laser Texture Etching Machine for Surface

3D laser engraving machine for surface texturing is a specialized device used to mold etching, irregular surface marking, handicraft embossing; different depth marking one-time processing.

3D Laser Marking Machine for Surface Texturing

3D laser engraving machine for surface texturing is a specialized device used to apply three-dimensional textures onto the surface of various materials. It utilizes laser technology for marking and engraving purposes, but with a specific focus on creating textured patterns and designs.

This machine utilizes a laser beam to selectively remove material from the surface of the target object, resulting in a three-dimensional relief or texture. By precisely controlling the laser parameters and scanning patterns, it can generate intricate and detailed textures that enhance the appearance and tactile qualities of the marked surface.

1. The 3D laser relief machine, also known as a laser texture etching machine, is designed with a 600*600 working platform to cater to various production requirements.

2. It offers customizable marking ranges of 100*100, 200*200, 350*350, 400*400, and 500*500, allowing flexibility for different sizes of products.

3. To ensure a clean production environment, the machine is equipped with a smoking system that effectively eliminates smoke and fumes.

4. The galvanometer technology featured in the machine automatically adjusts the focal length, ensuring precise and accurate results.

5. The software operating interface of the machine is user-friendly, making it easy for operators to navigate and control the machine’s functionality.


1. Fiber Laser Technology: The machine utilizes fiber laser technology, which offers high precision and allows for fine detailing in the relief designs.

2. 3D Relief Carving: It is specifically designed to create three-dimensional relief designs on materials like metals, plastics, wood, and more. The machine can carve out intricate patterns and textures, adding depth and dimension to the surface.

3. High Speed and Accuracy: With its advanced fiber laser technology, the machine offers fast and precise engraving capabilities, ensuring high-quality results in a short amount of time.

4. User-Friendly Software Interface: The machine is equipped with user-friendly software that allows operators to easily design and control the relief carving process. It enables the import of 3D models and provides tools for editing and optimizing the designs.

5. Versatility: The 3D fiber laser engraving machine relief machine can be used in various industries, including art and sculpture, jewelry making, sign making, and more. It allows for the creation of customized and unique relief designs on different materials and surfaces.


3D fiber laser engraving machine is a type of laser engraving system that utilizes fiber laser technology to create three-dimensional engravings on various materials. Fiber lasers are known for their high precision, speed, and ability to engrave complex designs. These machines are commonly used in industries such as jewelry making, metalworking, and advertise board.



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