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How to Improve Metal Laser Cutting Efficiency

Metal laser cutting technology is emerging as one of the preferred processing methods in today’s manufacturing industry. However, as the market becomes more competitive and customer demands increase, it is vital to improve laser cutting efficiency. This article looks at how to improve laser cutting efficiency. Whether you are considering investing in laser cutting equipment or are an experienced professional who already owns a cutting machine, this article will provide you with practical advice and tips to help you achieve greater productivity and quality in metal processing.

How Can Laser Cutting Control Systems Improve Cutting Efficiency?

Several features have been developed in the laser cutting software and by integrating these features, it enhance metal laser cutting efficiency on different workpieces and materials.

Automatic Focusing

Laser equipment requires the focus of the laser beam to be focused at different locations on the workpiece cross-section when cutting different materials. The autofocus function ensures that the focus is always optimized when cutting on different material surfaces to obtain the best cut quality.

How to adjust auto focus of fiber Laser cutting machine? By installing a variable curvature reflector before the beam enters the focusing lens, the autofocus is able to change the focus position in real time for optimal cut quality.

Automatic focusing can significantly improve the processing efficiency of the laser cutting machine, thick plate piercing time is greatly reduced. Processing different materials, different thickness of the workpiece, the machine can automatically adjust the focus to the most suitable position quickly.

automatic focusing


The Leapfrog function allows the cutting head to jump quickly over the surface of the workpiece to reduce the travel time of the cutting path, thus increasing the overall cutting speed. This feature drastically reduces the time it takes for the cutting head to rise, pan, and fall, allowing the laser cutting head to move quickly and inevitably make laser cutting more efficient.

laser cutting leapfrog

Automatic Edge Finding

With the synergy of camera positioning vision systems and cutting software, laser cutting machines are able to automatically track and compensate for sheet metal while ensuring precise and efficient cutting. This functionality is crucial for enhancing laser cutting efficiency, as it can perceive the inclination angle and origin of the workpiece, automatically adjusting the cutting program to find the optimal positioning angle and location, thereby achieving rapid and precise cutting while minimizing material waste.


When laser cutting thicker sheets, each contour cutting process involves two stages: piercing and cutting. The pre-piercing feature rapidly penetrates the material with concentrated laser energy before cutting begins, reducing the starting time of cutting and enhancing production efficiency.


The bridging feature maintains the integrity of the workpiece structure during cutting by leaving connections between cutting paths to prevent deformation or collapse of the workpiece. Bridging connects parts to the surrounding material, and mature programming software can automatically add an appropriate number of bridges based on the length of the contour. It can also differentiate between internal and external contours to determine whether bridges are needed.

Common Edge Cutting

Common edge cutting is an optimization method for cutting paths, simultaneously cutting adjacent edges of workpieces to reduce cutting time and increase production efficiency. Common edge cutting relies on intelligent automatic programming software.

laser cutting machine efficiency

How to Improve the Cutting Speed of Laser Cutting Machine?

a. Plan the optimal cutting path

Reasonably planning cutting paths can reduce the laser head’s idle movement during cutting, saving time and improving efficiency. Using shortest path or optimized path planning algorithms can minimize unnecessary stops and movements.

b. Adjusting to the optimal cutting parameters

The setup of cutting parameters during laser cutting is one of the factors affecting cutting efficiency. Incorrect parameter settings may affect cutting quality, accuracy, and cutting rate. To achieve the best cutting efficiency, it’s essential to perform cutting tests with the same material in advance, repeatedly fine-tuning to find the optimal cutting settings.

c. Setting acceleration

Acceleration refers to the time it takes for the machine to reach normal cutting speed from its initial speed. When cutting different patterns, the machine undergoes a process of constant starting, stopping, and stopping again. If the acceleration setting is too low, the machine’s cutting speed will be reduced.

d. Appropriate cutting power and material thickness

Different materials require different power and speed settings. Laser cutting is suitable for thin sheets, with noticeable cutting effects in carbon steel below 12mm and stainless steel below 6mm, ensuring both quality and efficiency. For instance, when the material thickness is <1mm, the material cut is extremely smooth.

e. Replacing optical lenses

Laser primarily emits from the laser source, then passes through the cutting head for focusing to achieve cutting effects. After prolonged use, dust can contaminate the optical lenses, significantly reducing the laser’s transmittance and cutting efficiency.

f. Regular maintenance of components

Fiber laser cutting machines require maintenance after periods of use. Due to the numerous components and many wearing parts, timely replacement and maintenance can significantly improve cutting efficiency and effectively reduce equipment failure rates.

How Does a Laser Cutter Cut Pipes Efficiently?

professional laser cutting machine for pipe

CNC System

Automated Cutting System with No Need for Drawing Conversion

Automatic Part Marking and Classification, Generating Material List

Reduces Manual Unpacking Time, Enhancing Production Efficiency

Pipe Cutting Intelligent System, One-Click Nesting

Efficient Nesting with a Single Click, Intelligent Layout and Cutting

3D Pipe Nesting Software, Cutting Process Database, Automatically Generated Report Records

Easy Operation, Convenient and Efficient, Enhances Quality and Efficiency

Various Pipe Cutting Needs

Multiple Pipe Types Including Round Pipes, Square Pipes, I-Beams, H-Beams, etc.

Cutting Off, Multi-Angle Bevel Cutting, Piercing, Intersecting Holes

Integrated Compatible Cutting Significantly Improves Efficiency and Shortens Lead Time

Automatic Feeding, One-Stop Workflow

Can Be Equipped with Automatic Feeding Device to Reduce Labor Intensity

Easy Loading, Batch Processing in One Step

Safe and Convenient, Effectively Saves Labor Costs

Precision Cutting, One-Time Shaping

With Precision Calibration and Compensation Functions

Ensures Accuracy of Dynamic Cutting Dimensions, Enhances Cutting Precision

metal pipe laser cutting machine

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