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How to Choose the Right Laser Welder?

Laser welding machines have become a common and important welding tool for both industrial and personal use. It can effectively weld thin-walled and precision parts in a variety of different forms, including spot, stack, butt and seal welding. There are many different types of laser welding machines due to differences in working methods and applications. This article is buying guide for laser welding machines, we will introduce various types of laser welding equipment to help you choose the right laser welding machine for your business.

How to Choose the Right Laser Welder?

We first need to gain an in-depth understanding of the basics of laser welding machines as well as their common classifications and application areas. In terms of basics, this includes the working principle of the laser welding machine, the type of light source (e.g. fiber laser, CO2 laser, etc.), as well as the materials and technical parameters involved in the welding process. We also need to consider the specific use of laser welders in different industries and applications in order to more fully assess their suitability and performance characteristics.

Laser Generator

Fiber laser welder: Fiber laser welding machine is ideal for processing metal parts. In addition, it offers excellent reliability and efficiency. Fiber laser welding machines are mainly used for joining and beating most metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, copper, brass and their alloys.

CO2 laser welding machines: They use carbon dioxide gas as the laser medium and are suitable for welding thicker materials, especially plastics, ceramics and certain metals.

YAG laser welding machines: Nd:YAG lasers have a large spot, narrow pulse, and a wide processing range. Nd:YAG lasers are less energy efficient than fiber laser welders and CO2 lasers. The efficiency of this laser ranges from 3-4%, which is lower than C02 lasers (7-10%) and fiber lasers (25-30%). It has excellent performance in welding stainless steel and aluminum.

fiber laser welder


Manual laser welding machine needs operator to control the welding process, suitable for small business processing and manufacturing, can be used for small batch irregular workpiece welding. Handheld laser welding machine is connected to the laser head by a 10-meter long imported optical fiber, which can weld at a long distance for large and not easy to move products.

Because of the fiber optic transmission, the laser energy is more concentrated, 3000W power can weld through more than 6mm stainless steel metal. Realize spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding, and complete the complex plane straight line, arc and any trajectory welding.

Semi-automatic laser welding machine realizes high efficiency and precision of the welding process by integrating manual operation and automation technology. Compared with handheld laser welding machines, semi-automatic machines introduce more automation elements to improve productivity and weld quality. Compared to fully automated laser welding machines, semi-automated equipment retains a certain degree of manual operation flexibility for complex or highly variable welding tasks, making it suitable for medium to large-sized enterprise manufacturing.

Fully automatic laser welding machines utilize a variety of advanced sensing elements such as vision sensors and laser scanners. And with the help of computer software system, it has identification, judgment, real-time detection. Arithmetic, automatic programming, welding parameter storage and automatic generation of welding record files. Welding efficiency is high, suitable for large-scale and high consistency of batch workpiece.

Laser Output Mode

Pulsed Fiber Laser Welding System

Pulsed fiber laser welder utilize pulsed laser technology, which works by emitting a high-energy laser beam in pulses to heat the weld area instantly and then cool it quickly. This system is suitable for applications with low heat input requirements, allowing for precise weld control and a small heat affected zone.

  • Emitting a laser beam in pulses facilitates controlled heating and minimizes material distortion.
  • Fiber pulsed lasers produce pulsed output of very short duration, typically in the picosecond, femtosecond or even sub-femtosecond range.
  • The very short pulse duration produces very high peak power and is suitable for single-point fixation of continuous and thin pieces of material to form circular weld joints.
  • Particularly suitable for metals that are light in nature and thin in thickness.
pulsed fiber laser welding system

CW Fiber Laser Welder

Continuous wave fiber laser welding machines use continuous laser technology, which operates on the principle that the laser beam is emitted continuously rather than in pulses. These systems are suitable for applications requiring high power and high welding speeds, enabling deeper weld penetration and higher productivity.

  • Continuous fiber lasers produce a continuous, stable laser output, i.e., the laser beam is continuously output at a constant power with no visible pulses.
  • Provides fast, efficient welding for thicker materials or applications requiring high power.
  • Primarily used for welding thick metal workpieces and is particularly effective on refractory metals.
  • Using continuous lasers on metal parts that are too thin may result in damage to the part.
  • Expensive but saves money and labor in the long run.
continuous wave fiber laser welding machines

Laser Welding Machine Parameters You Should Pay Attention To

  1. Focus on performance indicators such as laser power, frequency, and wavelength based on the type and thickness of the material you need to weld and the location of the weld, which will affect weld quality and efficiency.
  2. Some laser welding machines are equipped with intelligent control systems, which can realize automated welding and improve productivity.
  3. In addition, portable handheld laser welding machines are more flexible and convenient, and can meet a variety of construction needs.

Different materials and metal may require different welding parameters. Therefore, it is best to refer to the instruction manual of the corresponding welding machine or go through training on the use of the machine and equipment, and make appropriate parameter adjustments and optimization in practice before carrying out the welding operation.

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Consider the price and cost-effectiveness of laser welding machines comprehensively according to your budget. The price of laser welding machines varies according to the customization of machine parts of different brands and models.

The after-sales service of the laser welding machine provider is also very important. It is recommended to judge the cost-effectiveness of the equipment by reading user reviews and understanding the after-sales service to get the best buying experience. Professional manufacturers usually have professional technical teams and perfect after-sales service systems, which can provide more guaranteed product quality and after-sales support. Product stability and reliability is also a major advantage of regular manufacturers.

Choose the Best Laser Welder Machine for Your Business

Industrial laser welding machines are designed and manufactured slightly differently for each different area of application. Understanding what makes a laser welding machine unique to each niche application can help determine its performance requirements and specifications for a particular industry or application. Factors such as material type, type of weld, accuracy, and productivity must be considered when applying laser welding in different industries. Individualized adaptation helps to improve the effectiveness of laser welding technology in each industry to ensure that the laser welding machine is perfectly matched to the user’s welding needs.

Handheld fiber laser welding machine adopts integrated design, good interactive control system, and better shape of weld seam. Usually beautiful appearance, compact and flexible, more convenient to move and transport, especially suitable for workpiece welding such as kitchen utensils, doors, windows, guardrails, stairs and elevators, advertising racks, sheet metal, pipelines, equipment parts and so on.

fiber handheld laser welding machine

4 in 1 handheld fiber laser welding machine is an industrial laser equipment, integrating four key functions of laser welding, weld channel cleaning, laser cutting and laser cleaning. Humanized design eliminates the need to purchase multiple laser machines to complete these different laser processing jobs.

The laser welding equipment adopts advanced fiber laser welding technology to achieve high-precision and high-efficiency welding to ensure the quality and stability of the weld.

Its integrated weld channel cleaning equipment is able to clean the weld seam immediately after the welding is completed, removing impurities and oxides and improving the welding quality.

Meanwhile, with laser cutting function, it can cut directly after welding is completed, realizing an integrated production process and improving production efficiency.

Laser cleaning technology, can efficiently clean the surface of the workpiece and maintain the surface cleanliness. Handheld design makes operation convenient and flexible, suitable for welding, cutting and cleaning of various complex shapes and large workpieces.

YAG Fiber Transmission Laser Welding System

Fiber delivery laser welding machine, consists of xenon lamp pumping, imported ceramic reflective cavity and Nd:YAG crystal rod. Optional current feedback and energy feedback system. Split chiller automatically cools according to the set temperature of the system to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

Laser energy feedback control laser power supply, avoiding the effect of xenon lamp aging on laser power, more stable output than the current feedback type equipment, pulse waveform can be arbitrarily set up to 16 segments, semiconductor red light indication positioning, can meet the welding of different materials metal. Through the internal flexible optical combination to realize the time division energy multi-station simultaneous welding. Apply to 3C, lithium battery, medical equipment and other precision welding.

Jewelry laser welding machine keeps the raw material fine and beautiful. With the continuous change of market demand, jewelry laser welding machine due to accurate precision. Mainly for the gold and silver jewelry and micro, small parts and other irregular objects and design a laser spot welding machine. Can be used for gold and silver jewelry, cell phone charging interface, clocks and watches, electronic components to fill holes, spot weld sandholes, weld inlay mouth.

Mould laser welding machine is the pain through the instantaneous generation of high thermal energy down special welding wire fused to the mold of the broken position, and the original substrate firmly fused, after welding by EDM, grinding and other processing into a glossy surface, so as to repair the mold. Not only the heat-affected area is small, low oxidation rate, more will not appear sand holes, air holes and other phenomena, for the repair of the mold after the combination of non-convex, more will not lead to mold deformation. Mainly used for cell phones, digital products, automobiles and motorcycles and other mold manufacturing and molding industry mold repair, but also for manual welding.

Arm Type Laser Welder for Mould Die Repair

Arm type mold laser welding machine utilizes a unique overhead arm structure, offering high flexibility and precision in mold welding. Equipped with a suspended laser welding head, this machine achieves precise welding for molds of various shapes and sizes through a precise control system in three-dimensional space. Its advantages lie in the efficient laser welding technology and advanced automation control system, enhancing production efficiency, reducing operational complexity, and providing an ideal solution for the mold manufacturing industry.

The galvanometer laser welding machine focuses the laser light on the processed parts by means of a high-speed scanning galvanometer for welding. Compared to conventional automatic welding machines, galvanometer welding machines control the laser direction through the galvanometer to form different patterns, and can be used to weld microelectronic components, integrated circuit leads, and other precision parts. Its features include high efficiency and high frequency spot welding, but it requires high power supply. It is widely used in 3C electronics, circuit boards, motors, lithium batteries, capacitors, hard disks, micro-motors, sensors and other fields.

automated fiber laser welding system

Robots laser welding systems are automated systems that utilize laser technology to perform efficient and precise welding tasks. Equipped with a laser welding head and a computerized control system, these robots are used in a wide range of manufacturing applications, and are particularly suited to welding complex shapes or large batches. It combines the high energy density and welding precision of laser technology with the flexibility of a robotic system to increase productivity and provide a reliable automated welding solution for modern manufacturing.

robots laser welding systems

By understanding the types of laser welding machines and choosing the right laser welder machine for your business, you can increase productivity, improve weld quality, and reduce costs. This not only helps you meet your customers’ needs, but also differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace.

Final word, we hope this article has provided you with clear guidance and insight for choosing the right laser welding machine. In the manufacturing journey ahead, choosing a customized laser welding solution will breathe new life into your business. We look forward to providing you with more laser welding solutions and helping you achieve greater success in the laser welding field.

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