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The Applications of Coil Laser Cutting

Laser coil cutting technology, as an outstanding innovation, is becoming the focus of the manufacturing industry. This article will delve into what are coil laser cutting used for, guiding you to explore the significant benefits of coil fed laser cutting machine for industrial production. We will analyze the composition and efficient workflow of coil fed laser cutting systems, as well as explore their applications in various industries. Whether you are a professional in the manufacturing industry or a reader interested in new technologies, you will find a comprehensive understanding of laser coil cutting technology.

Advantages of Coil Fed Laser Cutting

The traditional plate processing method is to use an unwinding machine to uncoil and level the plates, then feed them to a shearing machine to cut the metal plates into a certain length. Finally, the materials are manually transported to the laser cutting machine for cutting and unloading.

Why Use Coil Laser Cutting Machine?

With coil fed laser blanking production line, you can eliminate the need for multiple processes, uncoiling and leveling automatically cut the material, and all processes are completed on a single device. Coil and sheet fed laser cutting system mainly consists of CAD/CAM programming system, automatic uncoiling, leveling system, servo automatic feeding, laser cutting system, can be automated production, greatly improving the production power, reduce the labor burden, reduce costs, with high power, high precision, easy to operate and so on.

Components of Laser Cutting Machine for Coil and Sheet Fed

Unwinding Machine: Used to unroll the web material from the reel and transfer it to the subsequent work unit. It usually consists of a large reel, a tensioning device and a conveyor to ensure a smooth and continuous supply of the web material to the leveler.

Leveler: Used to straighten and level the web material to ensure cut quality. By means of rollers and tensioning devices, the coils are stretched and leveled to eliminate wrinkles or flexures on the surface of the coils.

Feeder: Feeds the leveled coil into the laser cutting machine for cutting. A variety of types can be used, such as roller feeder, clamping feeder, robotic arm feeder, etc., according to the needs of the selection of the appropriate transmission method to ensure that the coil material accurately into the laser cutting area.

Laser Cutting Machine: Used for laser cutting of rolled material. The laser generates a high-energy laser beam through the laser, and the laser cutting head cuts and processes the rolled material. The cutting head can be adjusted as needed to control the cutting depth and speed to achieve the desired cutting shape and size.

components of laser cutting machine for coil

Automated Typesetting: The cutting control system has built-in automatic layout function, which can flexibly mix the production according to the temporary demand of spare parts.

Flexible Processing: support for design files into the processing program, the ability to produce a variety of different products, flexible processing of various shapes of parts, to adapt to changes in production requirements.

Synchronized Uncoiling and Feeding Cutting: The laser cutting machine is designed to automate the entire process, including loading, uncoiling, leveling, cutting and unloading, to achieve synchronized feeding during cutting. This process can efficiently complete a large number of jobs in a short period of time, and is particularly suitable for production environments that require high precision and productivity.

Cutting of Various Metals: Compatible with conventional steel, AHSS, aluminum, and even pre-finished and painted coils, providing a wide range of applicability.

High Precision: Adoption of laser cutting technology significantly improves cutting precision, realizing flexible production, laser material placement, and one-shot forming without post-processing. The high quality of cutting surface avoids tiny cracks and ensures product quality.

Applications of Coil Laser Cutting

Coil fed laser blanking line, a multi-functional integrated and highly automated production solution, is particularly suitable for industries that require high-volume processing of multiple varieties and large-size sheet metal, such as kitchenware, HVAC, lighting, metal doors, chassis cabinets and so on.

Applicable raw materials: cold rolled coil sheet, hot rolled coil sheet, stainless steel coil sheet, aluminum, low carbon steel, high strength steel, etc., applicable to 3mm within the metal coil processing, repeatable positioning accuracy of up to ± 0.02mm.

metal coil sheet

Automobile: The surface of aluminum alloy is very sensitive, easy to aluminum chips and surface scratches and other problems during processing. Automatic coil fed laser sheet cutting machine with its high precision and intelligent features stand out, can ensure that in the aluminum alloy processing process to achieve burr-free cutting, no aluminum chips, and to maintain the high quality of the aluminum surface. For high-strength steels used in the automotive industry, laser blanking systems can easily accommodate all forms of processing.

Kitchenware: Some kitchen equipment (e.g. knives) begin as laser-cut blanks that are later shaped, sharpened and polished into blades.

Elevator Manufacturing: In the elevator manufacturing industry, coil laser cutting systems are used to cut a variety of metal materials, such as steel sheets and aluminum alloys, to make elevator housings and structural components.

Home Appliances: Metal coils are widely used to make housings and components for electrical and electronic equipment. Its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity makes it ideal for manufacturing critical components such as wires, connectors and heat sinks. In addition, metal coils are used to manufacture battery housings, TV screen back sheets, and many other applications.

Display Shelving: Shelving structures are cut to various shapes as per design requirements to ensure accuracy and stability. This provides high-quality, customized options for the production of display shelves, adapted to the needs of different product displays and showcases.

Metal Products: The coil laser cutting system is widely used to cut various metal materials, such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel. It can accurately cut complex shapes and sizes, providing a high degree of flexibility in the production of metal products.

Labels and Tags: The coil laser cutting system can efficiently cut metal coils to produce labels and tags that meet design requirements. The system’s high-precision cutting ensures that fonts and patterns are clearly visible, while avoiding burrs and irregular edges, improving the texture and quality of labels and signs.

Furniture: Metal coils can also be used to make window and door frames, anodized aluminum profiles, and more.

Textile Industry: The textile industry will use these laser coil cutting machines. These machines can be used to help process some of the more complex designs in textiles, synthetics and fabrics.

applications of coil laser cutting

If you are looking to streamline your production line and reduce costs, a coil fed laser cutter is an ideal choice.

Fiber laser coil cutter can uncoil, feed, cut and unload multiple materials at one time. The cutting speed is fast, the cutting precision is high and the cutting quality is good. It also has a set of automated production line, which is conducive to saving labor and increasing productivity.

CNC coil fed laser blanking line

Line Highlights

Continuous strip feeding (no reverse motion)

Linear motor to drive the fiber laser beam to a large area for fast and precise cutting

Standby cutting mode available for cutting very precise parts

Synchronized slat conveyor transports burr-free blanks to the automatic pick-up position

Coil Feed Line

Single or double sided spreader

Coil loading system

Precision Straightener or Corrective Leveler

With more than 10 years in the laser industry, we offer the most specialized laser technology in the world.

Laser Cutting

1.5~3 kW fiber lasers with water cooling and dust extraction.

Customizable cutting table sizes for continuous cutting processes and standby mode for very precise part cutting.

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in utilizing laser cutting to meet your flexible coil production needs, we can support you with responsive consulting services.

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