YAG Current Feedback Laser Welding Machine

YAG Fiber Laser Welding Machine

The fiber transmission current feedback laser welding machine is widely used in the precision welding of optical communication devices, IT, medical treatment, electronics, batteries, fiber couplers, picture tube electron guns, metal parts, mobile phone vibration motors, precision parts of clocks and watches, car lights and so on.

Fiber Transmission Current Feedback Laser Welding Machine for Precision Welding

The YAG fiber transmission laser welding machine adopt fiber laser device as the laser generator, whole machine free of maintenance, no consumables, strong welding effect and more fine weld seam. With good beam quality, good laser spot, strong penetration and fiber transmission, an excellent non-contact, long-distance, precision spot welder is produced.

The current feedback technology can make the laser output energy has a good repeatability, in simple words, is to ensure that the output of laser energy is stable, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of products. The fiber laser in the current feedback fiber transmission laser welding machine, after the optical fiber output collimation and focusing, can weld the welding parts in multiple or multi-points, which has the advantages of good beam quality, even and small spot, convenient installation and movement, etc.

This YAG fiber laser welding machines can meet the needs of users in different industries according to the matching shape and workbench on the production site and the automation work,widely used for seam welding,stainless steel,alloy ,brass,galvanized sheet high precision welding. It can weld a wide range of metal incuding the sainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanied plate etc.


  • High aspect ratio, thin line weld width, minimal heat-affected zone, zero deformation, and fast welding speed
  • Smooth and clean weld with or without simple process after welding
  • High weld strength, no porosity, eliminates the impurities of the base metal
  • The microstructure can be refined after welding, weld strength is at least equal to or exceeds base metal strength
  • Tiny laser spot can be precisely positioned and easily automated
  • Suitable dissimilar metal welding
  • Excellent for spot welding, butt welding, overlap sealing welding

Welding Head:

1. This welding head is suitable for 500W and below power band.
2. Special optimization and upgrading for specific use environment to achieve reliable and stable operation for a long time in daily industrial manufacturing.
3. With excellent welding quality and speed, it realizes seamless connection and deep integration with the system to further improve the production and processing efficiency.
4. The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed to avoid contamination of the optical lens.
5. It can be used for all kinds of lasers with QCW fiber connector.

Maximum Effective RangeField Lens Adaptation
Collimating Focal LengthF150
Vertical Focus Range±1.5mm
Applicable Power25W~500W
Effective Aperture20mm

– Mobile phone and other electrical metal pieces
– Electronic components
– Small sheet metal
– Medical device
– MOLD repair
– Military manufacturing
– Advanced instrumentation

current feedback laser welding samples

Technical Parameters

Laser Wavelength1064nm
Laser Power150W/300W/500W optional
Rated Power6.5KW/12KW/18KW
Focusing CavityImported gold-plated spotlight chamber
Pulse Width0.2-20ms(adjustable)
Laser Frequency1-100HZ
Spot Adjustment Range0.3-3mm
Cooling ModeWater-cooled (2P/3P/5P)
Scanning Range (mm)100*100
Table Load150kg (400kg optional)
Control SystemBLS
Computerized Industrial Control MachineSpecialized industrial controller for laser welding
Energy Feedback ModeCurrent feedback



Component Name150W300W500W
CabinetFiber optic transmission vibroseis welder cabinet 150WFiber optic transmission vibroseis welder cabinet 300WFiber optic transmission vibroseis welder cabinet 500W
Laser Power SupplySingle lamp common type power supply 6KWSingle lamp common type power supply 12KWSingle lamp common type power supply 18KW
Laser RodYAGø7*145YAGø7*155YAGø8*165
Focusing CavitySingle-lamp gold-plated laser cavitySingle-lamp gold-plated laser cavitySingle-lamp gold-plated laser cavity
Xenon Lampø8*130*270*5ø8*140*280ø8*150*290*5
Vibrating Mirror Field MirrorF=160(standard)F=160(standard)F=160(standard)
Red light indicator12V power supply, 1.2mm spot/3 meters12V power supply, 1.2mm spot/3 meters12V power supply, 1.2mm spot/3 meters
Bench WorkstationCustomizedCustomizedCustomized

Application Video