Two-Axis Three-Sided Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Two-Axis Three-Sided Industrial Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The 2-axis 3-side laser marking machine is a special model for laser marking of mobile phone middle case, with automatic lifting and lowering of the secondary rotary axis, engraving the plating layer of the mobile phone middle case, so that the position is accurate and no breakpoints.

Two-Axis Three-Sided Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Automated two-axis three-side laser marker use laser technology with two axes (usually X and Y) of movement and the ability to mark three different sides of the target object.

This equipment is suitable for laser marking tasks that require high volume, high precision and high efficiency. It automatically positions and marks the surface of the workpiece without the need for manual adjustment or repositioning. The automation features allow the machine to be seamlessly integrated in production lines, increasing productivity and reducing labour costs and operational errors.

Two-axis probably means the machine can move along two directions, usually the X and Y axes, allowing it to position the laser beam accurately on the target material’s surface.

Three-sided imply that the machine has access to mark three sides of a product or component without the need for manual repositioning. This could be beneficial in industries where multiple markings are required on different sides of an object.

This  automatic laser marking machine would be a sophisticated and efficient system used for marking applications that demand precise positioning and accessibility from multiple angles.

Fiber laser marking machines are used to create permanent marks, engravings, or codes on various materials, such as metals, plastics, ceramics, and more. Fiber lasers are a type of laser commonly used for marking applications due to their high precision, speed, and reliability.

Product Advantages

  • Marking software is powerful, compatible with CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other software files ;●Support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPGE, etc.;.
  • Support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPGE, etc., and can directly use SHX, TTF font; ●Support automatic coding, printing serial number, batch number, date, and so on.
  • Support automatic coding, printing serial number, batch number, date, barcode, 2D code auto skip number, etc.

Application Areas
Mobile phone industry

Technical Parameters

Model YLP-20/30/50
Laser Power: 20W,30W,50W
Wavelenth: 1064nm
Standard Marking Area: 100mm×100mm
Optional Marking Area: 150mm×150mm,200mm×200mm,300mm×300mm
Marking Speed: ≤7000mm/s
Minimum Line Width 0.02mm
Minimum letter character: 0.2×0.2mm
Marking Depth 0~0.5mm
Location precision ≤0.01mm
Resetting positioning accuracy 0.002
Beam Quality M2:1.2~1.8
Electrical Requirements: Ac220V±10%.50HZ.10Amp
Cooling mode Air cooled
Scan Head High Precision Digital Scan Head
Unit Power <0.5kw
Operational Temp Range 10-40C
Operational Humidity Range 5%-75%, Non-condensing
Dimensions: 880×650×1500 mm
Net Weight 130KG


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