Split CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Desktop Type CO2 Laser Marking Machine

The CO2 laser engraving machine has high stability and an anti-intervention industrial computer system as well as a high precise lifting platform. It can work on a continuous 24 working hours in high stability, high precision, and high speed.

30W Split CO2 Laser Marking Machine with Rotary for Non-Metal Material

Split CO2 laser engraver with rotary is a versatile and powerful tool for businesses that require high-quality and efficient marking on a variety of non-metallic materials. Its combination of laser power, rotary attachment, and user-friendly features makes it a valuable addition to any production or manufacturing environment.

The laser marking equipment is equipped with core optical devices like fiber lasers and scanning galvanometer imported from some internationally prestigious brands. These core optical devices enhance the laser machine’s full performance and stability.

High speed scanning galvanometer
It consists of an X-Y optical scanning head, an electronic drive amplifier and an optical reflective lens.

Laser field lens
In the same pr imary optical system, the additional field lens will reduce the area of the detector. If use the same detector area, it can expand the field of view and increase the incident flux.


  1. Precision & Speed: It offers high marking accuracy and rapid processing speeds while allowing precise control over engraving depth.
  2. Versatility: With substantial laser power, it can engrave and cut a wide range of non-metallic products.
  3. Cost Efficiency: The absence of consumables results in low processing costs.
  4. Durability & Efficiency: The markings are clear, resistant to wear, and provide efficient results in both engraving and cutting operations, all while adhering to environmental and energy-saving standards.
  5. File Compatibility: It supports various file formats like PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPGET, and more, including SHX and TTF fonts for direct use.
  6. Automation: It facilitates automatic coding, enabling the printing of serial numbers, batch numbers, dates, barcodes, QR codes, and automatic sequential numbering.
  7. Graphic Capabilities: The system includes powerful graphic drawing and editing functions for directly marking color images, as well as converting color images to grayscale.

Sample Display:



Technical Parameters

Laser Power30W
Laser Wavelength10600nm
Beam QualityM2<1.5
Laser Frequency5kHz-20kHz
Engraving Depth≤0.8mm
Engraving Speed≤15000mm/s
Engraving Range110*110mm (optional 70*70mm-300*300mm )
Total Power≤0.6KW
Dimensions102cm*80cm*116cm( L*W*H )
Electricity DemandAc220V±5%.50HZ.5Amp
Weightabout 120kg
Repetition Accuracy±0.01mm

Application Video