QCW Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Quasi Continuous Wave Automatic Fiber Laser Welding Machine

The machine adopts QCW fiber laser, which can work simultaneously in continuous and high peak power pulse mode to complete the processing requirements of welding, which greatly improves the processing speed and production efficiency.

Raycus MAX IPG Automatic Fiber Laser Welding Machine for Metal Copper Aluminum

The QCW Pulse Automatic Laser Welding Machine adopts QCW fiber laser, which can work simultaneously in continuous and high peak power pulse mode to complete the processing requirements of welding, which greatly improves the processing speed and production efficiency. While compare with traditional welding like high accuracy rate, high speed, depth, strength after welding, especially suitable to mould repair which require polish.

Optional: galvo fiber, three-axis automatic fiber, high-speed spectroscopic double-galvo, high-speed spectroscopic three-galvo, high-speed spectroscopic four-galvo

Three-axis lithium battery laser welding machine, servo motor, large stroke range to meet production needs, high precision and fast speed.

Model features:

The primary focus of the lithium ion battery laser welding machine is on the welding of delicate materials and precision components. It has the capability of performing various welding techniques such as spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, and sealing welding.

★High energy density, low heat input, small amount of thermal deformation, and narrow melting depth in the heat and heat affected zone of the melting zone.

★The cooling rate is high, so that the weld structure can be fine and the joint performance is good.

★ Compared with contact welding, laser welding eliminates the need for electrodes, reducing daily maintenance costs and greatly improving work efficiency.

★The weld is fine, the penetration is large, the taper is small, the precision is high, the appearance is smooth, flat and beautiful.

★ No consumables, small size, flexible processing, low operating and maintenance costs

★The laser is transmitted through the optical fiber and can work with the assembly line or the robot.

EV battery laser welder Application areas:

It is widely used for welding Li-ion battery, automotive, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, ship building, chemical industry, aerospace, aviation, medical endoscopes, precision motors of mobile phones, battery pole pieces, etc.

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75W, 150W, 300W, 450W

Technical Parameters

Product Name: QCW Galvo Scanner Fiber Laser Welding Machine
Max. Output Power: 75W-450W
Usage: Metal Welding
Place of Origin: Shenzhen
Brand Name: DPLaser
Single Pulse Energy: 7.5J-45J
Pulse Width: 0.1-50ms
Wavelength: 1064nm
Focal Spot Diameter: 0.2-2mm
Dimensions: 100*100*172cm
Warranty: 1 Year
Laser Source Brand: MAX
Laser Head Brand: WSX
Servo Motor Brand: Panasonic
Guiderail Brand: HIWIN
Weight (KG): 300 KG
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Marketing Type: Ordinary Product
Warranty of core components: 1.5 years
Core Components: Other
Keywords: QCW Fiber Laser Welder Equipment
Laser wavelength: 1070nm
Laser source: IPG Raycus Max
Positioning: External Universal Fixture
Welding materials: Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Etc
Laser power: 75W /150w/ 300w/450W(Optional)
Cooling method: Water Chiller Hanli
Fiber length: 12m-15m
Optical quality: 0.4, 2.5mm*mrad


Laser source type Fiber source Fiber source Fiber source Fiber source
Laser Out Power 75W 150w 300W 450W
Laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
Laser Source Raycus/Max/IPG Raycus/Max/IPG Raycus/Max/IPG/ Raycus/Max/IPG
Focal spot diameter 0.3-1.5mm 0.3-1.5mm 0.3-1.5mm 0.3-1.5mm
Working Table Scale 1500*1000mm 1500*1000mm 1500*1000mm 1500*1000mm
Observation system CCD monitor CCD monitor CCD monitor CCD monitor
Laser frequency 1-50Hz 1-50Hz 1-50Hz 1-50Hz
Repeatability ±0.01mm ±0.01mm ±0.01mm ±0.01mm
Machine operating temperature 0~40℃ 0~40℃ 0~40℃ 0~40℃
Electricity demand 220V/380V 220V/380V 220V/380V 220V/380V
Cooling method Water Chiller Hanli Water Chiller Hanli Water Chiller Hanli Water Chiller Hanli
Continuous operating time 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours
Weight 300kg 300kg 300kg 300kg
Dimensions 1200*900*1700cm 1200*900*1700cm 1200*900*1700cm 1200*900*1700cm
Single Pulse Energy 80J 80J 100J 120J

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