On The Fly CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Fiber CO2 fly laser marker adopts the most advanced closed continuous CO2 laser device, which is especially suitable for laser cutting, carving and marking. The high speed galvanometer scanning system has the advantages of high marking accuracy and fast processing speed.

Online Fly CO2 Laser Engraver

CO2 laser marking machine adopts CO2 RF laser generator and high speed galvo scanner system. With high quality optic devices, high stability laser generator,full automatic control system. The machine system working with high precision and fast speed. This automation flying laser marking machine can equip with your production line to reach at high speed marking application.


  • High precision marking, fast speed and random control of carving depth;
  • High laser power, suitable for engraving and cutting of a variety of non-metallic products;
  • No consumables, low processing cost, laser operating life of up to 20000-30000 hours;
  • Clear marking, not easy to wear, high efficiency in engraving and cutting, environmental protection and energy saving;
  • Support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPGET, etc., can directly use SHX, TTF fonts;
  • Support automatic coding, printing serial number, batch number, date, barcode, QR code, etc.
  • Powerful graphics rendering and editing capabilities.

Engraving a variety of non-metallic materials, wood, leather, acrylic, glass, papercard and other nonmetal materials. Used in packing industry, electronic components, wood carvings and other products serial number,serial number, random number,bar code,2d barcode and various patterns and text.


Technical Parameters

Power30W,60W optional
Laser wavelength10.64um
Power adjustment range10-100%
Repetition frequency≤20KHz
Marking linear depth≤3mm
Minimum line width0.1mm
Min. Character size0.4mm
Repetition accuracy±0.01mm
Max. Liner marking speed7000mm/s
Marking formatPLT, DXF, character, bar code, two-dimensional code, date, serial number
SoftwareScreen touch system
Standard marking area100×100mm
Power consumed<1.2KW
Electrical demand220V, 10%/50Hz/4A
Cooling modeAir-cooling
Laser module life15000 hours
Usage environmentClean, no shaking

Application Video


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