Lithium Battery Laser Welding Machine

The battery application industry is very extensive, such as lithium battery for board, Photovoltaic lithium batteries, lithium batteries for electronic devices.

A single battery needs to be connected with other batteries to form a whole battery pack. Because the aluminum material has high temperature resistance and strong conductivity, the bridge connecting the single battery is made of aluminum.

Normally, we recommend customers to use 1000W or 1500W IPG automatic laser welding machine for welding battery packs.

1000W, 1500W Automatic Fiber Laser Welding System for Welding Battery Pack

The battery laser welder is composed of a continuous fiber laser source and a welding workbench, which can perform precise welding and is suitable for lithium-ion battery pack production lines.

★High energy density, low heat input, small amount of thermal deformation, and narrow melting depth in the heat and heat affected zone of the melting zone.
★The cooling rate is high, so that the weld structure can be fine and the joint performance is good.
★ Compared with contact welding, laser welding eliminates the need for electrodes, reducing daily maintenance costs and greatly improving work efficiency.
★The weld is fine, the penetration is large, the taper is small, the precision is high, the appearance is smooth, flat and beautiful.
★ No consumables, small size, flexible processing, low operating and maintenance costs
★The laser is transmitted through the optical fiber and can work with the assembly line or the robot.

Product Advantages:
The laser welding machine adopts 150-3000 watt fiber laser source, which has high photoelectric conversion efficiency and long life of 100,000 hours. The energy provided by electric energy is 25%-30% converted into laser energy, and the photoelectric conversion rate is many times that of YAG laser.

Application Areas:
It is widely used in the automotive, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment, shipbuilding, chemical industry, aerospace, aviation, power battery and daily necessities industries.