Large Format Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1200mm*1200mm Large Format Laser Engraving Machine

Large format laser marking & engraving machine suitable for large format laser marking of various metal or non-metal products, widely used in the interior of lift doors, bathroom industry, glass mirrors and many other areas of graphic and text.

Large format fiber laser marking machine is an advanced industrial tool designed for precise and efficient marking, engraving, or etching of various materials using fiber laser technology. This specialized machine offers a larger working area compared to standard laser marking machines, allowing it to handle bigger workpieces or multiple items in a single setup. The laser etching system adopts a gantry structure, ensuring stable operation. The large working platform not only accommodates the overall processing of large materials but also supports multi-material splicing for marking.


  • Consistent laser power output and excellent spot quality.
  • Rapid marking speed enabled by a dynamic, large-format 3D oscillator.
  • The fully enclosed optical pathway ensures stability, reliability, and hassle-free maintenance.
  • Exceptionally long operational lifespan exceeding 100,000 hours.
  • Environmentally friendly with no emissions, noise, or need for consumables.
  • Power consumption as low as 5-10% compared to traditional models.
  • Remarkable precision with an ultra-high resolution of 2540 dpi.
  • Intuitive operational procedures for equipment stability.
  • Specially designed control software is compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, and other software for seamless output.
  • Capable of processing various file formats including BMP, JPG, DXF, PLT, AI, and more.
  • Automated generation of diverse elements like serial numbers, production dates, one-dimensional codes, and two-dimensional codes.

Large format laser marking machine is widely for stainless steel marking, carbon steel marking, iron marking, aluminum marking, copper marking, brass marking, anodized and coated materials marking, etc., and non-metallic such as nylon marking, ABS/PVC/PC board marking, hard plastics marking, rubber marking, resin marking, ceramic marking etc. In the industries of doors and windows, lift door interiors, glass mirrors, IC products and electric appliance.

Technical Parameters

Model specificationsYLP-100M7-P30-600
Central wavelength1064nm
Laser power100W
Beam qualityM2<1.5
Repetition frequency1-4000KHz
Pulse width2~350ns
Spot diameter7±0.5mm
Security levelClass IV
Marking speed≤15000mm
Repetition accuracy±0.001mm
Minimum characters0.15mm
Minimum marker line width32um
Range of markers800x800mm-1200x1200mm
Cooling methodsWater-cooled (water-cooled for the mirror system, air-cooled for the laser)
System protection levelIP54
Operating environment requirementsAmbient temperature 10-35℃, relative humidity 30%≤RH≤85%, no oil mist, no condensation
Power requirementsAC220V±5%,50HZ/60HZ,5Amp
Overall power consumption<1.6KW
Complete machine weightApprox. 250~300kg (without packaging)
Overall machine dimensions(L*W*H:mm)1550*800*2060
(Actual to order by marking range)


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