Drive Screw Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Wire Rod Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

It is equipped with servo motor drive and is cost-effective. Besides, this laser cutting machine also has the characteristics of good beam pattern, high efficiency, low cost, safety, stability and easy operation. The fully enclosed protective cover design improves the safety.


Double Drive Linear Ultra Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal

DPE-0606 drive screw precision laser cutting machine adopt gantry type structure, linear motor, guide rails adopt fully enclosed protection, reduce dust pollution.
Double-side drive with linear motor, high precision, high acceleration, fast speed.

Laser processing is a non-contact flexible processing, not affected by the shape of the workpiece, can process arbitrary graphic. For variety of metal foil, mainly used for silver foil, copper foil; mainly used in jewelry, glasses and other industries.

Dedicated laser control system, powerful, simple operation, beginners can quickly master.

Product Features:

  • Imported high precision screw transmission system, which ensure its long-term using and precision.
  • Imported Japanese servo motor and driver system.
  • Full enclosure protection design.
  • Adopted with automatic feeding device.
  • American IIV company’s reflect mirror and focus lens, which prolong the lifetime of the spare parts.
  • For water chiller, we use both CW5000 for single head, and CW5200 for double head laser machine.
  • All the machine are use red pointer and auto focus system.
  • All the machine have LCD offline control system + USB port.
  • High-speed , High-precision , High-reliability
  • Easy and convenient to operate

Applicable Industry:
Widely used in precision metal products industry, such as optical frame, electronics, jewelry, manufacturing plant, advertising company, automotivand other industries etc.

Samples Display:

precision laser cutting machine

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Drive Screw Precision Laser Cutting Machine


ModelCutting rangeMaximum accelerationLaser Power(Optional lasers: MAX, IPG, RAYCUS)Minimum slit widthX/Y positioning accuracyMaximum operating speedDimensions (mm)Weight

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