Double-Track Fiber Laser Marking Machine

20W flying laser marking machine is widely used in metal molds, the processing crafts, medical drugs, a single product pipeline operations.

Fiber Online Flying Laser Marking Machine

Compared with traditional inkjet printers, laser marking equiment have less consumables, no pollution, no noise, energy saving and environmental protection, simple operation, stable performance, long service life, and low maintenance costs. This machine can be used for marking a large number of identical products on the fly during production.  Dual rail greatly increase work efficiency.

What is fly laser marking?
Mark on the fly is continuous marking on moving parts. The parts are loaded onto a production line and automatically marked on that moving belt. This type of marking is used for continuous manufacturing processes. It can cooperate with robot arm or automatic loading and unloading device to realize fully automatic production line.

The flying online fiber laser marking machine is suitable for working for the mass marking of the production line. It is suitable for laser marking serial numbers, date, logo on food and beverage packaging, leather, building materials, lighting, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, kitchen and bathroom hardware, mobile phone watch casings, medical equipment, pipes, cables, plastics, cables and other industries.

Flying Laser Marking Engraving Machine Advantages:

  1. Using high-power multi-mode laser diode as the pump source, mirror-doped double-clad fiber as the laser medium, the beam is transmitted by the fiber, and the high-speed movement of the beam is controlled by the X and Y scanning mirrors (the speed is 3 times that of the traditional marking machine) above).
  2. Compatible with CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Photoshop and other software files.
  3. Support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPGE, etc., and can use SHX and TTF fonts directly.
  4. Support automatic coding, printing serial number, batch number, date, barcode, QR code, etc.


Technical Parameters

Application:Laser Marking Machine
Working Accuracy:0.001mm
Graphic Format Supported:AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, Dst, Dwg, LAS, DXP, CDR
Laser Type:Fiber Laser
CNC or Not:Yes
Cooling Mode:Air Cooling
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:DP Laser
Laser Source Brand:MAX, JPT, Raycus, IPG
Control System Brand:EZCAD
Marking Head Brand:Ouya, Scanlab
Weight (KG):about 150 KG
Marking Area:110mm*110mm
Machinery Test Report:Provided
Video outgoing-inspection:Provided
Mode of Operation:Pulsed
Feature:Deep marking
Product name:Laser Marking Machine
Function:Metal & Non Metal Marking Logo
Laser Power:20W
Working area:100mm-300mm (optional)
Marking material:Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Metal & Non Metal
Power supply:AC 220V+-10% 50/60Hz


Laser Wavelength1064nm
Beam QualityM²<1.5
Laser Frequency20kHz-80kHz
Minimum Line Width0.03mm (F=160)
Minimum Characters0.15×0.15mm (F=160)
Engraving Depth≤0.8mm
Engraving Speed≤15000mm/s
Engraving Range110*110mm (optional 70*70mm-300*300mm )
Total Power≤0.6KW
Electricity DemandAc220V±5%.50HZ.5Amp
Repetition Accuracy±0.01mm (F=160)

Application Industries & Materials

Electronic components:resistance, capacitance, chips, printed circuit boards, computer keyboard etc.
Apparatus and meter:logo,medal, precision equipment etc.
Hardware tools:knives, kitchen hardware, measuring tools, cutting tools etc.
Mechanical components:pistons, bearings, gears, shafts, clutch, standard parts, motors, etc.
Daily necessities:cosmetics, labels, crafts, gifts, zipper, key holder, glasses, LED light etc.
Digital electronic:computer, laptop, digital camera, mobile phone case, keyboard and accessories etc.
Jewelry:rings, necklace, earrings, bracelet engraving etc.
Medical:medical device, surgical instruments, medical packaging etc.
Packing:dishware ,food, beverages, smoking and alcohol, plastic packing bag etc.
Metals:gold, silver, brass, Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, iron, Lithium, carbon steel, mild steel, spring steel, copper, magnesium, zinc, galvanized sheet, rare metal and alloy steel, special surface treatment (aluminum anodized, plating surface, surface oxygen breaking of aluminum and magnesium alloy) etc.
Nonmetals:rubber, resin, nylon, plastics(PET,HDPE,PP, ABS,PC,PPS,PVC) etc.

Application Video