CNC Fiber Tube Laser Cutting Machine – E Series

Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine ~ E Series(1000W~6000W)

DPLASER E series professional laser cutter for metal tube is also called tube laser cutting machine, which is used for cutting rectangular tubes, square tubes, oval tubes, round tubes, racetrack-shaped, shaped stretched pipes, H- beams and other metal tube.

CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Tube & Pipe

The CNC fiber tube laser cutting machine is capable of high- speed cutting of rectangular tubes, square tubes, oval tubes, round tubes and profiles such as angle steel and channel steel. It features high speed, high precision, and cost- effectiveness.

The affordable fiber laser cutting machine for metal tube pipe is expertly designed for a diverse range of industries and applications. It excels in metal processing, machinery manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, petroleum machinery, food machinery, decorative advertising, and much more.

Fiber laser tube cutting machine provides exceptional versatility, capable of working with a wide range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper, galvanized pipe, silicon steel tube, electrolytic pipe, titanium alloy, manganese alloy, etc.. It effortlessly handles various shapes and sizes of metal tubes, accommodating diverse project requirements.

  • Horizontal structure for stable operation and high precision
  • Intelligent cutting software for smart cutting capabilities
  • Imported servo motors for improved cutting speed
  • Equipped with automatic material unloading and scrap collection system for large-scale production
  • Highly integrated machine with excellent system performance and long service Life, with automatic lubrication
  • High level of automation, strong anti- interference capability, and fast dynamic response speed
  • Centralized operation for flexible processing, automatic material unloading, and convenient pneumatic chuck clamping
  • Easy maintenance and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Utilizes professional laser tube cutting software with core technology for efficient cutting, ensuring material savings and improved cutting efficiency.

To cut H- beams and channel steel, it is necessary to use professional nesting software and a 3D bevel cutting head.


professional laser tube cutter chuck

Lasers: Raycus/MAX/BWT

  • Superior beam quality
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Constant over the entire power range
  • Modular “plug and play” design
  • Large working area, small focal length
  • Compact, robust and easy to install
  • Efficiency > 30%
  • Integrated coupler or beam switch option
Laser Cutting Head: Osprey

  • The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed, effectively preventing dust contamination of optical components.
  • The laser head utilizes a two-point alignment adjustment and a focus collimator adjustment method. It is driven by an imported motor.
  • The protective lens is installed in a drawer-style fashion, making replacement convenient.
  • With a modular design, high precision, and easy maintenance, this cutting head offers efficient and user-friendly operation.
Servo Drive

Utilizing a bus control method to ensure precise positioning and optimal dynamic response, this guarantees smooth and reliable operation of the automatic positioning mechanism with minimal maintenance. High-power motors drive the X, Y, and Z axes.

Transmission Components

Fast speed, high precision, and strong reliability ensure long and stable operation. Higher speeds with lower noise levels guarantee high accuracy and extended lifespan.

Servo Feeding Device

Servo-controlled material feeding and clamping for cutting, reducing material pulling, and improving efficiency. A single cutting stroke can reach up to 1.2 meters.

Laser Cutting System

FSCUT3000DE is a control system developed for the processing of pipes, supporting high-precision and high-efficiency cutting of square tubes, round tubes, elongated tubes, oval tubes, as well as angle steel and channel steel.

Laser Cutting Power Head

Independently developed for high precision, the power head undergoes multiple tests to quickly clamp and enhance work efficiency. The clamping force is stable, reliable, and adjustable, allowing for fast cutting speeds and excellent accuracy. It is worry-free for cutting profiles, making it widely applicable to both batch and single-item processing enterprises.

Laser Chiller

  • Utilizing water cooling for efficient heat dissipation, it enables low heat emission indoors.
  • Equipped with an efficient plate heat exchanger and patented anti-freezing technology for plate heat exchangers.
  • Various temperature control precision options are available, including ±0.1℃/±1.0℃/±2.5℃, with water circuit system and refrigeration system pressure indicators.
  • Compact in size, easy to operate, energy-efficient, stable in performance, and quality assured.

Automatic Loading and Unloading System(Optional)

Intelligent sorting, efficient feeding
Saving labor cost and improving working efficiency.

  • Semi- automatic Standard Type
    Available with: E6012R,E6012KJ,E6016R,E6022R,E6012,E6022KJ,E6023KF

semi-automatic loading machine standard type

  • Fully Automatic Feeding Machine
    2-grip 6m tube
    Square tube 20mm-170mm
    Rectangular 20mm-170mm
    Round tube 20mm-150mm
    Max. loading weight 3 tons
    Feedable single tube load up to 90KG
    The load can be increased by 45KG for each additional grip
    Available with: E6012R,E6012KJ,E6016R,E6022R,E6012,E6022KJ,E6023KF

fully automatic feeding machine loading machine

CNC fiber tube laser cutting machine samples

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Model Length of pipe Chuck size Laser output power Minimum slit width X/Y positioning accuracy Maximum speed
DP-E6012R Tube Diameter: 10-120x6500mm
Square Tube: 10-120x6500mm
Load Capacity:20KG/m, Full Travel Chuck
120mm 1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W 0.15mm ±0.03mm 130m/min
DP-E6012KJ Tube Diameter: 10-120x6500mm
Square Tube: 10-105x6500mm
Load Capacity: 20KG/m, Full Travel Chuck
120mm 1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W 0.15mm ±0.03mm 130m/min
DP-E6016R Tube Diameter: 10-160x6500mm
Square Tube: 10-160x6500mm
Load Capacity: 20KG/m, Full Travel Chuck
160mm 1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W 0.15mm ±0.03mm 110m/min
DPE-E6022R Tube Diameter: 10-220x6500mm
Square Tube: 10-220x6500mm
Load Capacity: 25KG/m, Full Travel Chuck
220mm 1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W 0.15mm ±0.03mm 110m/min
DPE-E6022KJ Tube Diameter: 10-220x6500mm
Square Tube: 10-150x6500mm
Load Capacity: 25KG/m, Full Travel Chuck
220mm 1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W 0.15mm ±0.03mm 110m/min
DPE-E6023KF Tube Diameter: 10-230x6500mm
Square Tube: 10-230x6500mm
Load Capacity: 25KG/m, Full Travel Chuck
230mm 1000W,1500W,2000W,3000W 0.15mm ±0.03mm 110m/min
DPE-E6035K Tube Diameter: 25-350x6500mm
Square Tube: 25-350x6500mm
Load Capacity: 60KG/m, Two- stroke chucks
350mm 1500W,2000W,3000W,6000W 0.15mm ±0.03mm 90m/min

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