Automatic Loading Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Automatic Loading and Unloading Laser Cutting Machine

Auto loading laser cutting machine for round pipe is a high-efficiency cutting equipment that combines computer control, precision mechanical transmission, and thermal cutting. The good design man-machine interface makes the operation more convenient and simple. It adopts one-piece modular design, which makes it easy to install and easy to move.

Automatic Round Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Automatic loading laser tube cutting machine adopt unique upper automatic feeding structure of machine, reduce the occupation of space.


1. The size of the processed pipeis φ 10- φ 70, of which φ 16- φ 65 belongs to automatic feeding. φ 10 and φ 70 belong to manual feeding and self cutting.
2. Standard feeding 6 meters, can also roll feeding.
3. The standard cutting length is 1.6m, which can also Support customization according to the customer’s needs.
4. Pipe cutting accuracy 0.2mm.
5. The system belongs to the research and development of Dapeng laser.
6. The length of cutting tail can be selected automatically.
7. It can be equipped with any laser. Except for the feeding part, the other lasers are all integrated and easy to install.
8. Manual and automatic integration.


  • Fast cutting speed, high efficiency, safe operation and stable performance.
  • The spot quality is good, the deformation is small, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful.
  • Imported servo motor and guide rail, high cutting precision.
  • Professional software for various graphics or texts real-time processing, flexible, simple and convenient operation.

Automatic Feeding Tube Laser Cutting Machine Samples:


It can process most metal materials, such as stainless tube, carbon tube, galvanized tube. Widely used in metal processing, kitchen utensils, decorative materials, cabinets and other industries.

Automatic unloading tube laser cutting machine

Technical Parameters

ModelMaximum processing tube diameterLaser powerPower supply rated voltageMaximum cutting lengthAutomatic feeding pipe diameter rangeMaximum feeding speedMaximum speed head of colletCutting accuracy